34Eastwood, United States
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My self-summary
Cliff's Notes: ex-farmer musical and visual artist that owns an artist collective with a college education seeks brightminded individuals to make life more interesting through non-monogamous relationships that will never make babies. Currently in one committed nonmonogamous relationship and a side thing here and there. I regularly travel and would love to know some lovers along my path as well!

Unabridged: I moved to Portland after a childhood on a rural organic veggie farm in northern California ( Humboldt- if you know the area, we actually grew vegetables) and a young adulthood along the border in San Diego. I did the whole college thing down there, have a degree in don't use much. I am committed to never making more humans, and hence had a vasectomy a couple years ago.

I practice non-monogamy. Currently I am regularly seeing one person that lives in Portland, and am very honest about my life with those that share it with me; sometimes my partners know each other, one time they were dating as well. I always discuss what the rules may be between myself and my partners and do not make or accept rules I intend to not follow.

I have changed a lot as a person since I started this profile many years back. I feel the name I picked for it, "attempting Life", no longer applies as it did- then I felt like I was trying to live without actually succeeding, now I feel that I continuously succeed at creating a very fulfilling existence that I will be able to look back at from my death bed ( assuming I die in a bed, rather than from an exploding helicopter or somesuch) and say "damn, that was awesome."

Veramente, non uso il mio italiano sufficente per fare questo in un manerisma inteligente. Ma, si parli meglio d'io, vorrei molto avere l'opportunita practicare con voi. Cucino un po di pasta fresca (non compro la pasta, uso uova y farina, faccio tutto da niente), compro un po di vino (si vorriste), ed facceremo una bella cena! Si vorriste parlare, sarei fare quello con vuoi!
What I’m doing with my life
I am remodeling the house 10+ artistic friends and I live in.

I play music with a few different groups and hope one of them will do some touring soon.

I try to find some time for drawing. I also would like to go out dancing more, especially of the ballroom/ salsa/ tango/ waltz variety.

As far as work? Lots of random things but mainly letting science stab me with needles and see what happens.
I’m really good at
I play the accordion and dance, sometimes simultaneously. I give good massages due to having taken a bit of classes for such ( 6 months schooling) and just liking to touch people. I'm good at talking to crazy people. That also relates to my being a good landlord to an artistic collective.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have nice eyes and arms, and also sport excessive body hair. Also, I often look like a pirate. At first, this was unintentional. Part of that is the utility belt I wear religiously; I NEED my tools.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like good things. I don't have favorites. I prefer books with action, movies with plot, music with vibrant instrumentation, and food that is not sweet and is spicy.
Six things I could never do without
Here's some things I LIKE to have: good, fresh food, an artistic means of self expression and people that wanna see or participate in that, a comfortable place to sleep, a reason to get out of bed, someone(s) that is a good reason to not get out of bed, an accordion that sounds nice, a pad of paper and something to mark on it with, a nice bike, something I don't understand and someone that understands it and likes explaining things, a metal locking suitcasefull of cash and alternate identities, the ability to help people that are worth helping and make them like who I am

che' quasi niente que non posso esistere sensa, ma che molte cose che non vorrei esistere per troppo tempo sensa.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My brain is like a blender on eternal frappe': lots of thoughts constantly mix through and not one sits in the middle for too long.

I often am thinking about ways to make my house better.

Also, I worry about overpopulation and overpollution, and what could be done on a morally conscious level to bring that down some. Currently for me, that means never EVER creating a kid. Not that I'm against raising one eventually, just not mine. I am in the process of getting a solar array installed on my house. I'm partly freegan, so that helps reduce my environmental footprint as well. I also ride my bike and public transit to get places as much as makes sense.
On a typical Friday night I am
Regardless of what day of the week it is, I enjoy social interaction in open, somewhat unpredictable settings. Often this involves music, always adventure, never a deadset plan. This goes for any day I don't have too much that needs to happen, don't have to wake before eleven the following, and have a cohort and direction to head.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Let's retitle this "Things that I'm willing to tell everyone that might make them not like me, and if they don't, good riddance."

1. I do the freegan thing. This means I get some of my groceries out of dumpsters, and then make delicious meals based on what I can find. Still buy some stuff ( I've only found alcohol in the dumpster six or twenty times so far). I do this both because I am in touch with the fact that I don't make much money and would rather spend it on fun things that I cannot find in dumpsters, as well as lower carbon footprint. Plus, I don't have to feel guilty about eating fillet mignon if it was going to go to waste.

2. I will never be able to make a baby with you. I had a vasectomy in 2013. In my opinion, there are simply too many other mouths on the planet already; making more people seems selfish and mean; in my opinion the likelihood of an economic, environmental, and social collapse during the lifespan of anyone created now is high. If you really feel the need to be a parent, please consider adoption!! I am, in the longterm scheme of things.

4. I like the concept of and often practice non-monogamy. I will not limit myself from the possibility of relationships with others unless I think there is a highly probable chance that I would want to spend a loooooong, infinitish time dating you.

5. I am a type 1 diabetic. This affects my ability to participate in some activities, such as hallucinogenic recreational drugs or hiking for months without coming in to society.
You should message me if
one ( or more) of the following applies:
1. You're a woman/ someone female-bodied and think we might hit it off ( I have dated several alt-gendered people, but have never been into someone who did not have a vagina).
2. You want to play some music- I'm usually down to jam.
3. You want to be paid in booze to help me construct my house.
4. You want to give me lots and lots of money for no apparent reason or some reason I might be all right with.
5. You want to complain about having read such a long profile and ask for that time in your life back in the form of massages or a song.
The two of us