30Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I'm newly out as bi to my friends and family and I'm trying to find a place to start dating women and since WLW bars seem thin on the ground in the area, this seems like the best option. So, hello! I'm a beginner but not shy so come say hello.

I'm of a liberal political bent and an unashamed intersectional feminist. I'm someone who will eat on a date and possibly order dessert. If I ask "what do you want to do?" then I really want to hear your answer. I'm heavily involved in fandom(and if you know what that is you probably know the other passwords :D) and it's probably my biggest hobby but I'm open to new things.

I am really, honestly bi but I'm not looking to be a third for a MF couple or a second to your primary poly relationship - that's not what I'm here for. I don't believe in games. If you have have something to say - for good or for ill to say, say it and I'll do the same. It saves everyone a lot of time and energy.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a graduate student at GSU pursing a masters in Social Work. I'm not sure where in the field I want to work but I know I want to do something.

Farther from the real world, I'm a freelance writer available for the commission and execution of articles, interviews, reviews, essays, fiction and any other forms of literary composition that may or may have yet imaged. At the moment I review TV and movies. Most recently represented my site at Comic-Con International in San Diego. and also following avenues. I write articles and conduct interviews with interesting people about ''stuff Lori, things''. I graduated from with a BA writing and a minor composed of other classes that didn’t start before noon; including The Slavic Vampire, The History of the Deep South in Film, and Sexuality in Antiquity - all of which have already been more useful in real life than Algebra.
I’m really good at
Communication - writing or talking I cant seem to shut up.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically I've been told I have a nice smile. People dont usually comment on my décolletage until we know each other a little better. The first thing people notice about me personality wise is the strength of my conviction and my willingness to be open with myself with fairly quickly. Also I'm very talkative.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Bob Segar, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, The Joy Formidable, Linkin Park, The Joy Formidable, Green Day, Blink-182, Matt and Kim, Ingrid Michaelson, Lily Allen, Kate Nash, The Blackout, The Electric Six, Peaches, She Wants Revenge, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Evans Blue, Rise Against, Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga, Madonna, AFI, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Anberlin, Chevelle, Journey, Beyonce, Ke$ha, The Editors, Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Say Anything, Muse, The Blow, The Strokes, Nine Inch Nails, Beach Boys, Rob Zombie, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, Disturbed, Elton John, Queen, Everclear, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mack, Matchbox 20, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Supremes, System of a Down, Korn, Foo Fighters

Movies: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1&2, Grindhouse, Fight Club, Snatch, Rockn'Rolla, Penelope, The Girl Next Door, The Road to El Dorado, The Emperors New Groove, High Fidelity, Sandlot, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Sunset Boulevard, The Little Mermaid, Kontroll, The Princess Bride, Buying the Cow, Casablanca, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Mummy, Sucker Punch, Sin City, X-Men First Class, Star Trek Reboot, The Fast and the Furious, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Pitch Black, Star Wars(the original, unfucked with trilogy), Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Serenity, The Fifth Element, Robocop, Terminator, Escape from New York, Iron Man, Dune, Twelve Monkeys, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Donnie Darko, Inception, The Green Mile, Groundhog Day, Zombieland, Nightmare Before Christmas

Shows: Fringe, Dexter, So You Think You Can Dance, Alphas, The Big Bang Theory, Suits, Entourage, Farscape, How I Met Your Mother, Firefly, Grey's Anatomy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Supernatural, The Venture Bros, Archer, Spirited, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, True Blood, The Borgias, Top Chef(all versions), Star Trek: TOS, That 70s Show, Raising Hope, The Middle Man, South Park
Six things I could never do without
something to write with, something to read, someone to talk to, something to eat, something to drink, something surprising
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future - where I'll be, how I'll get there
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm either out on my own exploring the town or at home watching TV/movies, hanging out online because my best friends are have migrated to either the west coast, London, or Australia which makes for interesting conversation but a terrible night out. Despite living in Atlanta for awhile I don't know the area very well so I'm open to exploring. I'm open to suggestions. So maybe I'm waiting for you to ask me out.

OH! This isnt Friday specific but it is an evening thing. I am not into 99.9% of sports, but if its hockey season, I'm probably somewhere trying to coerce a bartender to turn on the Penguins[goPens!]/Stars/Kings/anyone except the %^&*ing Flyers] vs Whoever game. My nights during hockey season are a valiant quest to find a place where I can drink and enjoy men beating the crap out of each other on ice simultaneously. Yes I know its the South. Yes I know the rest of the crowd doesn't care about hockey. But please turn it on, barkeep? P.S. Loving an opposing team isn't a turn off, insulting Sidney Crosby is.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still love Britney Spears. The 11 year old girl deep in my heart refuses to apologize for this, even if my adult self is horrified.
You should message me if
You should message me if you know that muppets can be more than funny thanks to Farscape but still love Kermit and Gonzo, if you can love Quentin Tarantino movies but still take him with a grain of salt, if you wave your hand like a Jedi at automatic doors, if you appreciated Lost for the characters more than the mystery, if you know the Black Parade is dead and want to sit Under the Cork Tree then go to the Misty Mountain Top on the Dark Side of the Moon, you've seen at least one episode of every episode of every version of Star Trek(even if you didnt like it all), if you have ever waited in line for 8 or more hours to be on the barricade at a concert, if you've traveled somewhere far away and learned something new, if you're not intimidated by a strong woman, if you love Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, if you can name a comicbook not produced by Marvel or DC, if you agree that vampires shouldn't f*cking sparkle, if you can suit up and be legen-wait for it-dary, if you can make your own happiness, if you know brains and heart matter more than beauty any day.
The two of us