28Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Man, basically I'm awesome, duhhh. hahaha :P
Except when it comes to making conversation on thing thing.....
I loathe texting..... Really want to get to know a person? Pick up the phone.
Maybe I'm a little old school though.
-Don't talk about it, be about it.
[You control your own happiness]
-I try to see the good in every situation, despite the bad.
-I have no kids, my Lil' Bear is my furry child, you can find us at the dog park often.
-***I really desire someone who is active and wants to workout and live an active and healthy lifestyle together.***
-I'm down to try new things at least once.
Life is too short to take it seriously, chill out and enjoy the wild ride. :)
-Just looking for someone who enjoys the roller coaster ride that life is and can laugh with each other along the way.
-I don't put up with disrespect,
[I know what I want out of life and I won't settle for less.]
-I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.
-Want to be an asshole? Don't think I won't call you out, I don't put up with disrespect.
-I'm an all or nothin' type gal.
-I enjoy a variety of things from shopping (I'm a female, what did you expect :P) to festivals, concerts, outdoor activities [camping/jogging/cookouts/swimming, etc]
-Always love to try new restaurants and new places.
-I love to travel! Always enjoy a good random weekend getaway or road trip.
I'm mostly spontaneous when it comes to most plans and things... It makes life interesting and less planned out ;)
-I survive on sarcasm.
-I'm too honest for my own good sometimes.
-I don't "need" you, if I'm talking to you, or desiring your attention once met and a connection is made then it is out of a want and I genuinely enjoy your time.
-I'm not into the bar scene much anymore
-I believe what goes around comes around, in some way shape or form.
-I really don't care about gossip or what so and so did, unless it directly affects me and typically just listen to be nice, I don't have time for my nose to be in other people's drama.
What I’m doing with my life
Work hard, play hard.
You should message me if
- Honesty is your best policy
- Work hard, play hard is your motto.
- You want nothing more then to spend your life having a good time, laughing and yet taking care of business at the same time. And you know how to correctly balance the two.
- You like to smile. Nothing is better then a smile.
- You don't take life too seriously and you just let it flow.
The two of us