33Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I am an ENTJ, bellydancer, sommeliere, historical fiction writer, and artist herder. If it's ensemble improvised anything, I'm down. I am a rational anarchist and a foodie-centric hippie. I am a non-monogamist, gender non-conforming, and other pithy abbreviations.

I am in a primary relationship with MobiusGeil. I am / we are DTF other experienced non monogamists who are capable of accurately stating their needs and acting like a real friend, together or separately.

Thou art god and I am god and all that groks is god.
What I’m doing with my life
Bellydancing and doing environmental theatre with the Cirque du Nuit. Learning to climb a lollipop lyra, lifting heavy, and getting more tattoos.

I live abroad for several months at a time and try to suck less at other languages. Sometimes I dabble in my former lives as a fiction editor, a somm or a musician.

I want to learn to sail a tall ship.
I’m really good at
Attempting to usurp space-time coordinates already inhabited by furniture. Being snarky on the internet: How To Write To Women On Okcupid
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a social gravitational force approaching that of a singularity. For nerds, anyway.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Social manifestos disguised as scifi. (Joan Vinge, Robert Heinlein.) Anthropology, ecology, and history nonfic. (Jared Diamond, Michael Pollan.) Historical fiction (Sharon Kay Penman.)

Food: I've got my veggie and meat CSAs set up in New York, but still need to find foodie bars and a favoured specialty shop.

Former Chicago answer: I get the majority of my food from Farmer Tom's, Cedar Valley Sustainable, and Provenance. Honorable mention: Jam, Rootstock, Owen&Engine, Longman&Eagle, Telegraph, The Bristol, the Barrelhouse Flat, and oyster happy hour at Shaw's.
Six things I could never do without
People to communicate with by any medium (verbal, visual, physical, or musical.) The kick comes from people, buddy boy.

That's the only thing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a giant crush on Zevran. What, it's too much to ask for a smartass bisexual elf assassin philanderer?
You should message me if
You are not trying to have sex with me but want to do stuff together like dance, acro, cooking, jogging, knitting, eating, and tormenting the cat.

You are interested in my primary/us together and he is interested back. Message him too, I do not speak for him.

I take very few solo sexual partners. The ones I do take are usually male-presenting individuals who fit the following descriptions:

* Slim, fit, and pretty with angular features, a full compliment of hair on top of your head and minimal-to-none on your body. See: MobiusGeil, bltoaster, foolishfromspace, the Warwick University Rowing Team Calendar
* Smart, well-socialized, and not shy. Professional performers usually fit this bill.
*Possessing a disciplined, purposeful vocabulary of movement. Physical actors, circus performers, ballerinos. Bonus points for musical fluency: I brake for collegiate a capella, tenors, and marching percussion.

I've realized recently I am a "Manhattan type" as far as working artists go. It takes a certain minimum level of hustle, drive, and commercialism to make it as a professional artist in the city, as well as a high level of competence in your discipline. I'm finding I have a lot in common with others who've been sorted by this mechanism, and it's kind of a relief to not have to explain things to each other.

I used to be a "Brooklyn type" in my early 20s, when I ran a big ol' DIY art collective/hippie commune, and I still hold affection for that life... but full time performing artists managing to stay afloat in the city please step to the front of the line.
The two of us