51Madison, United States
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My self-summary
Thanks for checking out my profile. This part is looooong, but if you read it you just might get an idea of me beyond "I like sunsets." and cookie-cutter stuff like that.

If you're checkin' me out I strongly suggest you click through to my pictures and read their captions. They show much about me and could be a bit confusing without context.

Concerning the flying side-kick picture posted: I joke that I am proficient in "ha lee wuud kung fu" but I'm not a martial artist nor do I espouse violence. The image is relevant to my personality though, as I do appreciate and aspire to kinetic style, and, I suppose, grace.

I am an easy going man who is fascinated by the human condition and awed and enthused by the beauty and complex interconnectivity of this thing we call existence. Many have told me my strong points are my sense of humor, my personality, my intellect, and my perceptiveness. I am also exceedingly loyal and honest—occasionally to my own detriment—and perhaps above all I look for and deeply appreciate these qualities in those close to me.

I see many kinds of humor within the serious to the absurd, and I love to ferret it out with, or for, others. This has frequently been known to result in the mirthful detachment of some associated posteriors.

I love camping, picnicking, canoeing or perhaps mostly just rambling around and exploring in the outdoors. Conversely, I appreciate what the big city has to offer, especially when it provides for culinary/cultural experiences I've not had before.

I enjoy and respect socially concocted notions such as fashion, etiquette, and tradition. But I'm perhaps a bit too independent to be unquestioningly bound by them or to take them inordinately seriously—unless respect for others calls for it.

I was raised by a feminist artist. This has made what I hold as its very positive mark in my creed.

I eschew crappy food that pretends not to be crappy. A fast food hamburger is not terribly pretentious. But some store bought cheesecake with a name like "Artisan Ovens" and a three finger ingredients list, is indeed.

I am interested in, and like to prepare high quality food. But as implied, occasional lower quality food is by no means beneath me, unless I happen to be devouring it.

I do have discerning tastes regarding many things beyond food, but I am not a snob nor do I need those tastes to be constantly fulfilled.

I would not call myself very materialistic.

When I hang with someone, and we be groovin' on each other, I find that our time together is often like a series of little adventures.

Perhaps adventure awaits?
What I’m doing with my life
In 2008 I traversed, exclusively on foot, 3600 miles from coast to coast across the united states. This took me 13 months.

I did so because I wanted to connect with all kinds of people, both face to face and via a website I set up.

My main objective was to talk with, and to encourage conversation amongst said folks about what might be defined as the evolution of the human perspective, or in other words, the growth of how we as human beings see the self... the other... our civilization... and the natural world.

It has been hard to get to the following, due to some of the life situations I've been dealing with, though things seem to be settling down a bit. So in getting to the point here, my present larger life-goal is to improve (vastly) the website associated with my walk, and to write a book about my journey, the concepts that compelled me, and the people and situations I found myself immersed in.
I’m really good at
Let's see... The following is mostly based on hearsay.

I am apparently a pretty fair conversationalist. I'm good at understanding people and situations. I've been told I can be pretty dang entertaining. I am a pretty innovative thinker and problem solver. It's been said very often that I'm a good dancer. I am a fairly decent singer. I am presently a damn loyal friend, brother, and son. I have a prodigious capacity for loyalty to a mate, although obviously this remains currently untapped. I have a fairly high level of physical prowess, and I am also "really good" at enjoying that.

I am also very good at being appreciative for whatever skills etc. that, by whatever means, I have woken into this life with. I do not really take credit for such things. Instead, I have much gratitude for them. And this is connected to my humility which, paradoxically I suppose, I guess I'm saying I'm pretty good at too.
The first things people usually notice about me
My nickname could be "Slim". Incidentally, the option "Thin" under my profile details was, I suppose, the available "Body type" that most closely describes me. But I suggest "slim, but muscular" would be closer to the mark.

And again—hearsay:

That I'm a fairly eloquent and oft times humorously animated speaker.

Though often a deadpan humorist as well.

That I can be pretty observant.

I've been called "zen" numerous times, I think because I tend to be fairly centered.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh man, I don't really have any real favorites and not a lot of what I've liked is coming to mind....

I liked Monty Python's Meaning of Life though I'm by no means a huge Python fan in general. I liked The Fast Runner; Brazil; Fargo; No Country for Old Men, V for Vendetta.

My movie tastes run the gamut really, but I can't stomach an abundance of pretentious schlock. Action movies, and well done horror, are somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me but I'm not one at all for a lot of highly realistic type violence as spectacle.

The Simpsons (older stuff); The Wire; Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul.

The Clash; Bowie; Nick Cave; Radiohead; old blues and jazz and big band.

I like pretty much all kinds of food. Well... maybe not too much organ-y stuff.
Six things I could never do without
My Swiss Army knife. I use it alla time.
Pocket light. Ditto. Yeah—trappings of a nerd, but also perhaps where my nerdy-ness ends.
I really dig always having a fairly good quality camera via my phone.
And also steady and ready access to the world's most exhaustive encyclopedia and record and demonstration of the human condition—the wondernet—compliments of my phone also. I like knowledge and quirk. Wait—am I waxing nerdy again?
And companionship and love—really high on my list actually.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Human relationships and behavior, and the elusive human hearts of our greatest issues, from the interpersonal to the international.
On a typical Friday night I am
No such thing really.
I could be doing any number of things on my perpetually renewing "to do" list. I could be having or cooking dinner and/or perhaps watching a movie with a friend or few. I could be reading a book. I could be dancing, or playing pool, or sharing in a drink, or wandering in the woods or the streets in the moonlight, or standing 'round a fire, to name a few things.
You should message me if
Firstly you are open-minded and have enough courage to take a chance and actually reach out in light of something appealing you may have seen or read here.

I of course appreciate a partner who holds values similar to mine, but also who is possessed of a few twists and turns that can surprise, delight, and provide for perspective and straight-up education.

If you want more of what I resonate with, read on.

I myself am by no means perfect nor am I looking for a perfect person. This life can be any combination of pursuing, achieving, and losing ground on who we want to be. But someone who is comprised of or sincerely aspires to any of the following certainly gets my notice.

You are fit or trim, adventurous, independently minded and strong, yet also engaged with and appreciative of your femininity.

You understand all are helplessly bound by a reasonable amount of human fallibility, and have the ability to at once honor and forgive this in your partner and, very importantly, in yourself.

You can be spontaneous, and you lack an extreme amount of reservation.

You are enthusiastic about outdoor things like camping and picnics and adventures.

Your relative inclinations tend to be the opposite of prudish.

You tend to be the opposite of irritable—the alternative being, for me, one of the most unpleasant aspects of a person to experience.

You believe what fulfills a relationship is not image, status nor material things.

You sincerely, earnestly strive to be honest, not only with your partner but with yourself.

You value straight communication and will not hold something important back because it is difficult to broach.

When it seems your partner can't see the forest for the trees, you aim to make your response respectful and caring.

Well hell ladies, if you're down this far what are you waiting for? Let's do a little back and forth!
The two of us