34Kelowna, Canada
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My self-summary
Who actually reads these things.....

So I woke up one day bored of my job, my surroundings, in need of a change, a new challenge, to reignite my life.
In a short few weeks I quit my job, broke my lease, turned 30 :-p, said good bye to a ton of friends and family, and booked my flight across the country.

I've spent the last 9 and a half years living, studying and working in and around the Toronto area.

Born and lived in Poland for 5 years,
Lived in Germany for just over one,
Raised in South Africa for 15 years of my life,
Then the Toronto thing,
Alberta for 2 years and now in beautiful BC!!!

I consider myself a true gentleman, very respectful - I'd open doors for you, carry your purse if needed :-p
I believe in equality in a relationship, I don't at all mind cooking :-)
communication is VERY important,
I'm dead honest - gets me into trouble at times,
compassionate, I have a BIG heart,
caring, too caring sometimes! lol,
I'm thoughtful, selfless and believe that the small things really do matter in a relationship.
I'm loyal and trustworthy, I'd stick up for you and protect you.
I'm European so will hug you even on our 1st meeting! :-) I'm a cuddler and am very sensual so will pay lots of attention to you, constantly hugging, holding, kissing. I don't do it to all girls, only the one I'm with.

Profile pic was takenot last month, it's the latest one of me.
I’m really good at
I was a math nerd at school, still kinda am :-p
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing laundry! lol
The two of us