26 Anchorage, United States
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My self-summary
Laid back, nerdy, caring, shy at first, passionate, outgoing, and trustworthy.
This self-summary is pretty much always a work in progress.

I grew up by the beach in sunny San Diego and Alaska is still very new to me. I've been here since the end of October and I can't wait to experience the summer I've been hearing so many great things about. I moved up for my job, which is working air traffic, even though I have a degree in criminology and was playing in a band full-time prior to landing this gig. I love to travel and my favorite city in the world is Paris. Ever been?? I would argue that baseball is at least 100 times better than football on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I love cute animals and can't figure out why so many people dislike cats (If you're a dog person, don't freak out. I like dogs too). Just a heads up, I don't do Netflix so chances are I haven't seen your favorite tv show. I enjoy the outdoors and would love to meet someone who does as well. I tend to get lazy and comfortable hanging out at home, so I could always use the extra motivation to get out there and actually live. If you enjoy hiking and/or camping, let's go!

I'm 26 and single with a great job, a good head on my shoulders, and I love new experiences. I would very much like to meet someone who's fun and worthwhile to share my new experiences with.
If you've read this far, why not say hello? :)
What I’m doing with my life
Air Traffic Control. Currently in the beginning stages of a 2-3 year training program at my new facility. For now, I work a rotating schedule and my weekends are Friday-Saturday. Are you free? Let's go out and do something fun!
I’m really good at
Playing the drums. Memorizing lyrics to songs. Counting the number of freight cars on really long trains when driving through vast landscapes :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I mostly enjoy reading sports and travel mags, and occasionally spend too much time reading about all sorts of random fun things on Wikipedia. If I had to name a few excellent books I've read... The Things They Carried, A Short History of Nearly Everything, and Shame of the Nation.

Movies... The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Birdman, Silver Linings Playbook, Avatar, Speed Racer, Whiplash, Almost Famous, Bull Durham, Lost in Translation, October Sky, 500 Days of Summer... to name a few. I also enjoy documentaries and silly comedies.

Shows... Don't watch a lot of tv, but if I turn on the tube and Impractical Jokers is on, I'll watch it all night long. Avatar: The Last Airbender was an amazing show back in the day. I loved Parks and Recreation.

Music... Put on some 80s or 90s pop and I'll be very happy. I also dig classic rock and some older blues/country stuff. While there are definitely some exceptions, I generally think almost all newer music is garbage.

Food... Seafood, French, and Italian. And bread...lots of bread.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Geography. Where to go. What to do. Maybe I'm too lazy. Is it spring yet? A.k.a. baseball season. Going back to Paris.
You should message me if
...you agree with more than half of these things:

you're a sweetheart
you're attractive
you're generally happy with your life
you're educated
you like real music made by real instruments
you like sports
you enjoy being outdoors
You have an open mind
you have a sense of humor
you like romantic comedies
you enjoy hanging out with nice guys, like me :)