30 Fulton, United States
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My self-summary


if you can form a solid opinion based on little to no input, you're doing it wrong.

"you're clever. how's that workin out for ya?"

i talk too much, wanna talk about it?

when theres a fork in the road
and youre not sure which way to go
take a breath and take a chance
and you just hope for the best
and if it wasn't worth the risk
well then you'll have to ask yourself
what it comes down to in the end
was if you really wanted this
in a song as old as time
we're all filling in the lead
to that old harmony line
a different take on each track
just makes things harder to find
and when you break it all down
to the blacks and the whites
theres still just so much gray
oh who could ever be right
and when you step into the light
and you are blinded by its power
dont be fooled by what is bright
i've seen evil in the daytime
good deeds done in the dead of night
in this war we're always waging
in the backs of our mind
we only win when we all choose
to stand and fight

my colors always bleed through
its like i become see through
every time i catch her eyes
so afraid of what this leads to
that i could never make due
that nothing ever comes out right
that everything she wants
is everything im not
if you only had one chance
would you let the moment pass
would you struggle for the words to say
to fit the perfect role you'd play
or would you stand up and act
and do the questions that you ask
serve any greater task?
do you hide behind a mask these days
or plainly give it all away
you cant take anything back

I'm awesome.
Basic psychology teaches that "blatant outright statements regarding our own values are usually false", so I guess this is my attempt to thwart the authority of psychology textbooks everywhere.
I'm not a fashion accessory, or a political statement.
Life has taught me that I do not process social situations in the same manner as most people.
I don't think I'm as intelligent as people think I am, but I know enough to know that no one really knows anything at all.
I don't believe in any religion, but i do see it's appeal, and it's inherent value in society.
the world disgusts me more every day - i am ashamed to be a human being.
i am a student of human character..
and we all suck at life.
my ego hates me for not dragging it into dark booze-soaked dungeons to prey on the weak-willed and intoxicated.

I am not going to take your side because it would help my chances of sleeping with you.
Sex is not a bargaining chip.
If you are wrong, I will tell you so. I am not big on first impressions- they change 11 times in the first 6 seconds- and if you are, I was done with you before you hoisted yourself onto that pedestal. I wear my issues on my sleeve, and I hate guessing games. i am open with how i feel, and i feel things strongly.

im not hung up on some ghost from the past
i just know of this sandstorm
no love can outlast
time is a trickster
a teller of lies
there's a reason why clocks are all hands and no eyes
What I’m doing with my life
Making music, building gadgets and learning how to answer the question: "where do we go from here?"
I’m really good at
understanding and interpreting complex systems (people are not included in this, people are simple. [**side note for the humorless, don't take things so seriously...seriously, smile :} ] ) - music, electronics, programming and design all fall in line behind the social sciences (esp. anthropology)

I'm really bad at: Way more than i'm good at. :p
The first things people usually notice about me
im impulsive and honest to a fault - "for every good reason to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, The Beat Poets, Plato, William Shakespeare, Malcom Gladwell, Orson Scott Card, Seth Godin, Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzche, etc.

LOTR, The Matrix, Star Wars, Pi, Requiem For A Dream, A Scanner Darkly, Superhero/Comic Book movies

House, Dexter, Misfits, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Heroes

band of horses, grizzly bear, run on sentence, foxy shazam, something corporate, linkin park, dubfx, skrillex, bob dylan, mewithoutyou, kevin devine, manchester orchestra, bayside, silverstein, this list could go on forever, but i'm more interested in what i haven't heard yet.

Nothin beats a home-cooked meal.
The six things I could never do without
the internet, mtn dew, MJ, my guitar, cooler ranch doritos and photoshop
I spend a lot of time thinking about
nothing in particular and how it relates to everything in fine detail. and why i still have trouble being myself around people i find attractive or interesting.
On a typical Friday night I am
tinkering in my laboratory...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i can be very "reactive" and impulsive in times of uncertainty, sometimes my perceptiveness gets the better of me and i make the wrong call.. but i understand this about me, and i do want to quiet those thoughts
You should message me if
you can take a joke. you dont make all of your important decisions based on magazine articles, you are actually interested in getting to know me, and not just feeding your worthless ego, you dont take yourself too seriously, and you realize that noone is perfect.