33 Northfleet, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
just a local village person
What I’m doing with my life
i am a vegetable farmer mainly specializing in sweet potatoes and aubergines living in a large circular structure built from rocks earth and chicken turd with other vegetable farmers who are equally experts in growing their respective vegetables
I’m really good at
growing vegetables
The first things people usually notice about me
mucky hands
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
pop-up books


and any movies shows and music i can clap my hands and stomp one of my feet along to
I spend a lot of time thinking about
potential invaders
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm lactose intolerant and would ideally like to meet someone also allergic to milk and dairy and also doesn't use them

my dad is chinese - my mum is goan - both of my parents were born in africa

i've been arrested a number of times .. stealing sexual assault causing a public disturbance etc (i'm practically silent)

i've been locked in a mental health hospital (i'm autistic)

i have almost no vices (alcohol smoking drugs gambling etc etc) or sophisticated hobbies but i get satisfaction from many things

a lifelong hobby since primary school that i used to do to an extreme was writing small low level computer games and other software but i don't like computers anymore (the computer industry) and i think there are more important things to do

my main laptop is almost a decade old

i have several laptops all the same basic hardware model number as my main one with some slightly different components

i have no desire to drive a car own a credit card watch tv

i haven't slept on a physical bed for over 5 years

i have had short hair long hair worn uniforms walked around like a stinking tramp lived in cities lived in forests

i wear glasses to see properly and they are also polarized sunglasses (and my glasses are one of the oldest objects i own)

i have a serious ocd regarding keeping my hands clean and i wear gloves everywhere

i like to sew and i made the gloves i wear (i used to make them out of leather and they lasted but vegetarian materials don't last and they always look messed up now shortly after repairing them)

i hardly ever go outside (someone would eventually probably run me over with their car and kill me anyway)

i used to ride a motorbike (as a commuter (through rain and snow)) and i have been crashed into by car drivers a number of times and also went down through my own mistake and riding skill limitation

currently i have one set of clothes that i got cheap but they are a good quality pair of clothes so it is apparent that people obviously think i'm rich or pretentious or something

i have had easily over 30 persistent 'nicknames' none of which i chose myself with varying levels of offensiveness many related to famous people some i have never heard of but it is apparent that i look like a musician which i am not and don't really care to be associated with because i don't think i am cool and i am actually a geek

i have a treadmill which i run on naked (if i were a hampster that would be my largest heaviest most expensive running wheel toy in my home)
You should message me if
i would like to meet someone i can relate to..

second-generation-britain-born non-white-mixed-race

no particular physical or mental inabilities

not from a particularly rich or poor background or in a particularly rich or poor situation right now

someone who has been through some serious bullshit due to others' insecurities and has some broken bones

and not attracted to cities such as london and everything else that implies

my heart is broken now..

i have always been a totally 'happy go lucky' simple straightforward harmless person..

for example laughing and joking in the school playground then walking to the train station alone sometimes and people throwing things from their moving cars at me then totally forgetting that silly stuff the next day

but i have seen too much bullshit now

i never see anything as personal against me or the people i love - i just know that they are fundamentally internally flawed and evil as a result if their external situation doesn't make up for it

i don't want to hurt anyone but to be honest i think the world would be better simply without them if they just disappeared

i know girls tend to get flooded with messages and i am not exactly the boy next door so maybe it's best if you contact me first i don't know

i could pick up normal girls for sex in real life if i wanted to do that sort of thing (they actually come up to me especially young girls with babies) and i am not lonely or interested in random chat so you should only contact me if you think i would be good for you and you are close to within what i asked

in the end it would be nice to have someone to spend some time with just doing quiet stuff or to just comfortably be together doing our own things quietly