47 Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
I think I'm a pretty good guy. My exes still like me so that must count for something. I'm not a drama guy. I'm laid back. There's a time and place for freaking out and it's usually "life and death" situations. They don't happen that often. I don't think that I do well on first impressions. It takes a few meetings to really get to know me. I try not to come on too strong when I first meet people, but I probably go too much the other way. I seem to have a bit of a heart. Being a jerk seems like it would be so much easier. I cry like a baby when my pets die. I'm pretty sarcastic and I love a good, quality insult(especially when it's aimed at me!). There's nothing like laughing at yourself that puts things in perspective. Not sure if my humour has any boundaries either, although I like to get a good feel for the audience to avoid offending. I like a good, healthy debate. The key is not to take things personally. Debating with emotional people is no fun. Nobody likes to argue(OK, crazy people do). I can be stubborn and I'm usually never wrong. 😉 Once or twice a year I will be found to have been incorrect on a minor technicality and it is usually celebrated by others. I'm not a robot. I'm good with money. Always have been. I work in a job that was supposed to be temporary until I figured out what I was really going to do with my life. It's done well by me and it has great benefits, but it doesn't define me. I've been able to do a lot of travelling and I'm financially secure. My ex and I built a house before we divorced and, with the real estate market in Vancouver, I guess it was a good time to break up. I own my home @Main and Broadway area. It's nice. I like it. I have plenty of space. My car's paid for too, if that counts for anything. Just trying to say that you shouldn't feel guilty when I pick up the check. I'm a sucker for an accent. It immediately turns a "7" into a "10" for me.(although there are a couple of accents that turn "7"s into "3"s. I won't specify). I appreciate style. I'm not super stylish myself, but I appreciate people that are. And if there is substance to go along with it, then I'm hooked. People think I'm a bit of a neat freak. I believe that I just live like a civilized human being😉. I was raised in a house full of clutter, so I guess I notice these things. Besides, a less cluttered home leads to a less cluttered mind. I'm a good judge of character, I think. I hate being cold. I hate flying, but I have to do it because I love to travel. Keeping active is important to me. I love dogs and most animals. I guess I don't like sharks. I recognize their right to exist, but they f**k with my mind when I'm snorkelling and boogie boarding in Maui. Dogs love me(except for my oldest sister's dog. It cowers in my presence for some reason!?!). I'm not a beer or wine drinker. I'm weird like that. Gin and tonics usually. 2 or three and I'm good to go! l think I look more serious than I am. If people only knew the amount of unimportant thoughts that ran through my head they would be really unimpressed...or impressed. My ethnicity is hard to pin down. My mom's side is primarily English/Irish with a few minor nationalities thrown in. My dad is from the Caribbean, so it's pretty mixed up. English/Irish/Welsh with some major Spanish and West African thrown in.....Sorry for the long "summary"😐
What I’m doing with my life
I'm very aware of what's going on in the world. When I meet a person from a small country they are usually happy and amazed that I've not only heard of it, but at least know some tidbit of info about it. My life is very settled. I don't struggle for anything. I like to keep active. I try and do the Grind a couple of times during the week and hit the gym a couple of times as well. Hate them both! Maybe a good long hike on the weekend, some beach time or some paddleboarding. I'm kind of an all arounder for sports. Don't excel at any one sport, but I'm competent. I try to win and will trash talk while doing it, but I won't cry when I lose. I like playing cards. Poker and cribbage are two of my faves. Real money on the line is preferred. I'm a big soccer fan. I would be very impressed if you'd even heard of Tottenham Hotspur. COYS! I've travelled a lot, but not in the past year. Maui and London are two of my favourite destinations. I've been 4 or 5 times to each one, but am definitely in to going somewhere that I've never been to. I enjoy a good concert, but I pick and choose them. Comedy clubs are super fun. I never turn down down an invite to a restaurant. I love going to see a great movie. My movie critiques are a bit harsh tho. The new Star Wars got a lot of love from people, but I thought it was total crap. Legend with Tom Hardy was brilliant. I have yet to see him in a bad movie. He sure is dreamy!.... No, I'm not gay and would not be offended if you thought I was.
I’m really good at
being organized. i lay off a bit so i don't seem so weird!....throwing food in the air and catching it in my mouth!....I'm awesome at spelling and punctuation. if you find any spelling errors i'll buy you dinner.... people have told me that i have the penmanship of a lady....i think i've said too much....
The first things people usually notice about me
My loud laugh. Apparently it's distinctive......and that i look young for my age.(after I tell them my age, of course) I got ID'd in Maui on my last trip. A bit silly, but just saying.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like reading books on people or events in history. I subscribe to the economist, but I'm always trying to catch up on reading them. They should come once every two weeks, rather than weekly.... I will watch most types of movies, although I have to be pretty much forced to watch a romantic movie. Like I said before, Legend with Tom Hardy was brilliant. The Revenant was good as well(Oh, Tom Hardy was in that too. He sure is good!)....I like most music. Black Keys, Nathaniel Ratetliff, Sheep Dogs, Coldplay, Amy Winehouse😞, Oasis, Gregory Porter, Arctic Monkeys are some of my faves. Been iTuning(is this a word?) a lot of 80s stuff lately... I'll eat anything(except shellfish. i'm allergic).
The six things I could never do without
nice bums!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's out there.....
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing laundry, cutting my toenails, manscaping....the usual stuff that everyone else is doing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Your arms are hairier than mine.
You should message me if
-are a regular fun loving girl who likes a good laugh and is not too judgemental
-are the active type. bonus if you could do the Grouse Grind with me, but not necessary. it's a workout.
-have beautiful feet 😉
-like massages
-are smarter than me
-can teach me how to play the piano(until then, I'm teaching myself 😞)
-like this song and it makes you feel good:
-can dance to this song: