30Durham, United States
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My self-summary
So I feel that the majority of people just look at the pictures, skim the self summary, and look for any common interests that might be response worthy. Because let's face it. You are most likely not going to message me, and even if I come up with some witty, unique message to send to you, I figure it is about a 10% chance for a response.

So I'll sum it up somewhat briefly. Feel free to skim.

I am your run of the mill, overworked and underpaid post-doc.

Not entirely underpaid, but student loans aren't exactly helping with the financial status. I’m a post-doc biomedical engineer working in an immunology lab.

Bet you are super interested by now? Just wait, it gets more fascinating as I list the things that probably 90% of every other guy lists as interests:

Watching/playing sports

Other less common but not unique interests:
Rock climbing

I am the most interesting man in the world.
What I’m doing with my life
In a lab playing with cells, wondering why they don't do what they should even when I threaten them with bleach and the sink.

Trying to keep the PI happy.

Working towards that next step to get a real job.
I’m really good at
Everything! ....I wish
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I mostly read journal articles which at times could act as a sleep aid. When I have the chance to read for leisure, I like most things by Michael Crichton, Gunslingers, Harry Potter... not going to lie, and various other addictive series

Movies: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, Shawshank redemption, Bourne Series, Wedding Crashers, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, 40 Year old Virgin, Superbad, Beerfest, Underworld, Saving Private Ryan.....

Music: Most all types of rock, from classic to modern. I'm a big fan of 90's rock. Bands range from Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull to Tool and Disturbed to Rage Against the Machine and Alice In Chains, to Collective Soul and Matchbox 20. I can tolerate country and some hip hop. Can't really stand most rap.

Food: The free kind is the best. But I love food in general. I am pretty much fat kid stuck in an athlete's body. I am especially fond of seafood, such as crab.
Six things I could never do without
1. Water
2. Food
3. Shelter
4. Air

Pretty sure anymore than those four you can survive without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Trying to figure out people's novelty license plates

Why research doesn't work, what I am going to eat for dinner, my goals, the future, and life in general. I mean...what would Brian Boitano do?
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing watching movies or going out. Depends on where people are or what is going on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I eat croutons as snacks. Mrs. Cubbison's Cheese and Garlic are amazing. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
You should message me if
Wait...we established this one already. It pretty much isn't going to happen. Specially if you meet the following criteria:

-You are smart, attractive, easy going, and like to laugh
-You think I'm slightly amusing
-You like croutons
-You're tired of tools and creepers
The two of us