36Montañita, Ecuador
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My self-summary
Im taking a time out from this, To quote Tank Girl "it's been swell..."
Im not going to be checking this anymore, but Ive had this profile so long I cant just delete it..
Ive chosen celibacy and self healing for a while..

Im a girl and very happy about it.

I do not want to Cyber with you, I dont want to see you naked. If you havent got anything to say - Begone!
My IM doesnt work alot of the time and it will usually take me ages to respond to your emails. I'm not being rude, i like chatting to people. There really arent enough hours in the day!!
Oh and I leave myself logged in...

I love reading sci-fi and watching films listening to tunes and writing fairytales.i did a whole bunch of martial arts and pre-50's dancing, charleston, lindy, touch o'swing and am now looking for new skills to learn . i do a whole bunch of circus skills including poi firepoi juggling and stiltwalking. I l am rubbish at surfing. I LOVE scuba diving and the underwater photographs. Travelling and adventures are very dear to my heart.

I realise I should say I am an English girl and have been travelling for 4 years.

I am a PADI Scuba Instructor.
So far, this trip, I have visited Ecuador, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.
Reading, crocheting, diving and exploring sounds like a world of incredible opportunity to me.

I am now living in Montanita in Ecuador and have taken the big step of giving up safe and comfortable to try my hand at webdesign professionally...I love my life.

i make dolls, cards and clothes. I design websites and play with recycled glass art and repurposing everything I can. You can find my stuff here -

i like people who have things to say for themselves. i have issues with capital letter but am learning to love them. I love people with passions. Piercings and tattoos are a bonus but not having them is not a dealbreaker. I adore dave mckean, kevin smith although dont get me started on Clerks 2, bill hicks, neil gaiman. I have hope and joy. I love the summer and cant wait to get lost in the country. I love to dance ceroc and Lindy hop. Give me some decent electro-swing and I'm a happy girl.

I like my men tall and gorgeous and my girls awesome...
I'm fluid about my sexuality and am attracted to a person rather than a gender...I class myself as straight for the time being because that is my default position. If I had to choose a label it would be Heteroflexible...

i love learning its all about the mental sponge

I am fey touched, talented, and tattoo'd
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a freelance webdesigner, redefining personal happiness, journeying with Aya,

Nightmanaging my favourite hotel in the world,so far...Modding t-shirts, re purposing glass, designing websites,

Running a diveshop, diving, getting slimmer, running, baking, laughing and smiling.

Getting balanced. Learning how to make clothes. getting fitter and bendier. Learning how to hit harder, kick faster and balance on one leg

learning how to fire juggle on stilts hahahahah and more recently hula hooping but only in passing :-)

living independently
people watching and making up stories about them, looking at clothes admiringly or laughingly.
I’m really good at
reading, colours, crafting, choosing clothes, listening, skanking my heart out to decent ska/punk.

Consuming minimal air whilst underwater.. buoyancy..making brownies..organising divers..laughing and flooding my mask.
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm smiling, my massive eyes or my over the top fancy dress.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Kevin Smith, shawshank, final cut ooh tricky tricky anything pirate related and Ultra violent cinema. I love the princess bride.and crybaby (young johnny depp and tracie lourds). anything with muppets or puppets. cornetto trilogy.
I have stopped watching films and TV series, life is too short but I will watch alot of stand up..

Devoted to the Potter.

I loved Ink & Hot Fuzz.

Books: ask me: I couldnt fit in all the collection of words i love and treasure. sci-fi, fantasy, history, contemporary fiction. reading is my love. I have just deleted the list of books... will finish any book put in front of me except Quicksilver by neale stephenson (its no cryptonomicon or snowcrash)
I love my kindle..for travelling there is nothing like having thousands of books to hand when you may otherwise be left with a Tom Clancy or Andy Mcnab in the arse end of nowhere with nothing but a hammock and a rum drink...
If you have read the truth machine...let me know :-)
music i love music - Rock, Punk, Metal, Ska, soul, blues, occasional jazz and classical mainly choral pieces,
The last bands I saw live were Cat Empire and Gogol Bordello and Carmina Burana at the albert hall.
I can cook - I choose not to. I bake like a demon.
Six things I could never do without
Pillow, towel, passport, cigarettes & lighter, kindle, string

Sunsets, glass cutter, sandpaper, scissors, i-pod, the local craft cider

friends, marmite and cheese, music,craftbox, passport, passion.

books spoons poi the ground jumping boots

stilts mp3 bicycle robots pirates ninjas

Laptop, cigarettes, hoodie, paper, pen, knitting

Smiles, sewing machine, berry cider, coffee, working lighter, kindle

Freedom from, freedom to, dance class, collapsible hoop, my zune, plans.

Passport, hoop, kindle, laptop, diet coke, scissors
I spend a lot of time thinking about
a lot of things i have a busy brain.

Where I can source materials for my projects - especially Tartan, animal print and anything with skulls.

Where's the boat..where's the boat...eek!
On a typical Friday night I am
erm my typical keeps changing..

Making drinks chattering and choosing tunes for the hotel bar - I call it work! then sometimes wandering up the beach to town for a night of dancing and cocktails..

ALthough sometimes its curling up with a book, film or audiobook and chilling...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i love my hair being played with, pulled washed combed anything it chills me out totally, hypnotic.
You should message me if
you shouldnt :-) see paragraph 1.
So long and thanks for all the fish..
The two of us