29 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I want to know everything about everything.

I strive for compassion and competence in everything I do, but most of the time, I just take clumsy stabs at life and hope everything turns out okay.

I love the Rangers/Mets/Bills/Knicks, NYC (except for SI), urban exploration, pinball, stouts, pinot noir, Chinese calligraphy, typography, highland prairies.

I've traveled to 45 countries, couchsurfed in 27, hitchhiked in 20, skinny dipped in 19, bungee jumped in 10, lived in 4.

I want to be a net positive to the world; be a few inches taller so I wouldn't have so much trouble using the top shelves of cupboards and peepholes on doors; see June Fourth officially commemorated.

If this page is any indication, I also seem to have a proclivity for making long lists.
I’m really good at
Eating large quantities of food, talking about what your mom did last night, hating all things (especially sports teams) Philadelphia-related, taking public transportation, and climbing trees.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books that moved me: GEB; The Autobiography of Malcolm X; The Bell Jar; Romance of the Three Kingdoms; We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families; Mother Night; The Elegant Universe; Franny and Zooey; King Leopold's Ghost; Pale Fire; Flatland. I go about splitsies with fiction and nonfiction.

Name dropping: Kundera, Borges, Atwood, Auster, Kafka, Nabokov, Murakami, DFW, Feynman, Bertrand Russell, Brecht, Yeats, Robert Creeley, Langston Hughes, Mark Strand, James Tate.

Favorites of all time are Arrested Development and Seinfeld. I like BSG (the remake) except the last 15 minutes, Planet Earth, and Peep Show. I watch a lot of TED Talks. And how can I forget MST3K? Especially Time Chasers and Space Mutiny.

Movies I paid/would pay to own Donnie Darko; 400 Blows; Cidade de Deus. Any work with Charlie Kaufman. Most Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Coen Brothers, Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, and old school John Woo. I also have a soft spot for over-the-top, ridiculous action flicks.

Always down for Nas, Rilo Kiley, Stars, Sam Cook, Jackson Browne, Grateful Dead, Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, J. Cole, Tom Petty, The Roots, The National, Vivaldi, anything played on the guzheng.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The First Amendment. The physicality and physiology of Nicki Minaj's butt. The Higgs discovery. Social justice.
On a typical Friday night I am
running, dancing, grooving, jamming, playing, climbing, caving, swimming, fucking, sleeping, dreaming, listening, watching, reading, writing, talking, laughing, joking, flying, drinking, licking, eating, cooking
You should message me if
You will tell me the unifying theory, or want to demonstrate your culinary prowess, or possess the charm of James Dean, or raided Naxx when cap was 60, or know what U+pV is.

No Steve Jobs or Ayn Rand cult followers please.