38Reading, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
From reading many womens profiles on this, i'm getting the impression that most of the men on here are sex pests of some flavour or another, that message too often. This puts me in a quandary, as though I might want to message you, i'm worried that i'm immediately bracketed as being part of said group, it really as bad as that? Is there a safe-word to use? Mississippi?
Also, Jeez, but a lot of you guys have some nasty things against people with red hair. Just Sayin'. I do hope that you know that there's a dating site that my people are banned from It's part of the rules.
I'm a single father of two originally from Dublin. For the most part I Teach acting as well as running a college course and directing and performing in a long improvised comedy shows. Life is all about discovering new paths and people to be fascinated in. I like to be challenged, it makes me a better teacher and actor and father.

I'm also fond of a good hat

For anything else, please ask!

Honestly...don't be afraid. You can message us as well. It's like waving in a bar...actually that's a crap analogy, and a bit weird.

Also, I'm INFP. Whatever that means. Hey, I'm just happy to finally have an acronym.
What I’m doing with my life
I run a college course in Acting. I direct and still perform. And I raise my kids. Every year I do a marathon 50 hour improvised show. Ask me why... Also, considering about modeling myself on Danny from the West Wing
I’m really good at
making stuff up. Discovering the game in everything. finding fascination in things, Oh, by "Discovering the game" I mean that I teach through the playing of games in class. It is not a hip reference to myself as a "player", which should be painfully obvious through my awkward use of the word "hip" and the need for inverted comma's around ""player"".
The first things people usually notice about me
Energy. And the hair. I have been accused, in the past, for mounting a charm offensive, but I worry it's because, in reality, the actors I know are slightly misanthropic, and so, in comparison, my desire to engage, can seem charming. Oh, and my accent. I thought for years that it was becoming anglicanised but then had the truth brought crashing home by many students that at times of enthusiasm, my Dublin brogue can be impenetrable
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many movies. I have one vice...dvds, but my favourites, the ones I watch again and again that comfort me are... Harold and Maude... Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, catch 22, the straight story, smoke, to begin with oh, and Eagle versus Shark, Buffalo 66 (if you in any way resemble Christina Ricci in this movie, you've got me), station agent, the Secretary. I have a feeling that this list will grow. Oh, and of course Synecdoche New York, which I feel that I may need to re watch continuously for the rest of my life

Actually, for books "The world according to Garp" is high up there.I can read "good omens" on a regular basis, and "Catcher on the rye" disturbed me more than any other work of fiction. I had nightmares after that one. I was almost homeless in New York at the time, so kinda stressed, but still. Tonnes of science fiction short stories. For reference right now strewn across my bedroom the open books are, "on my way to paradise" (the greatest little known sci fi novel ever, by Dave Wolverton, look it up), "the woman in black"," the executioners song " and some mammoth book of sci-fi short fiction, probably on a Robert Reed story. Make of this what you will.

For music let's begin with Tom waits, move to Phillip glass, catching Damon albarns eye on the way. Dance with bellowhead, sojourn with Joni Mitchell, kiss Kate bush full on the mouth, lock eyes with radiohead, bite Stevie wonder on the cheek and bite Beck where he begin with

OK, new inclusion, but it's become an obsessive thing. Because of the pod cast "serial" I've jumped deep into the rabbit hole of "this American life" and I'm incredibly comfortable here. It's AWESOME. Seriously... Check it out.
Six things I could never do without
My Daughter. My Son. Music. Something to read. Chance to perform. Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If I try, I mean REALLY TRY! Ya know, to the point of zen magic! can I become Bill Murray through will power alone? Ways to be an innovative and surprising teacher and...has any one else out there seen the series -'Carnivale'?
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh, God...Honestly...minding my kids

Actually now that's a thursday night. I'm breaking out there, but usually I work early on a Sat with more kids so I can't get locked like I used to
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've become recently addicted to cassette tapes of plays and stories read by Alan Bennett. His voice echoes through my house. I'm hoping that this is a fun and quirky eccentricity... And not just a sign of decrepitude (though I haven't listened to much other than radio 4 in years)
You should message me if
ERM... There's nothing on TV, and your Facebook news feed is incredibly boring and you've done one buzz feed quiz too many. ... Oh let's face it, you're not gonna message. I don't even know why they have this section on the mens' site
Also, this may help. My friend Carla has told me to say, and I'll quote her in entirety
"Tell them you own a cravat. Bitches love a cravat. "
The two of us