44Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I silently judge people in restaurants, I say both wildly stupid and intelligent things usually in the same sentence.

In fact, I am silently judging you for looking through the pictures before reading the there! no seriously...

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.
-Woody Allen
this site can be both....

I really would like to date a therapist, so, if you are a therapist, let me know....
What I’m doing with my life
That is the question I ask myself every morning at 4am racked with insomnia. I am trying to create something from nothing and art that remains. Or, more simply, I make films no one see's, and write things no one reads.
I would like to make something as beautiful as the last 20 seconds of The Graduate.
I’m really good at
booze and bad decisions, ordering pizza, eating donuts, all games of chance at a county fair, skee ball, in fact i kinda rule at all carney games, its kinda my special gift. I do a great Tracey Jordan impression, and Oh, i am also very good at ordering dessert- i can parallel park pretty awesome, working on my mad rap skills, i can pick the best seat out at a movie theater and i am never sick at sea (nod to the speech in Malice in case you were wondering) I dont get the whole "hiking" thing- i dont get it- i'd much rather be in a theater watching a movie,with you, and ice cream, and popcorn... and saying "unagi"
I recently invented the word "asstastic"
I will buy you tacos and touch your butt....what more can you ask for?
UPDATE: its no longer Summer- but I still want to go on amusement rides...soo if you can handle that lemme know....
The first things people usually notice about me
i smell nice... and i am soft, like a stuffed animal.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Sun Also Rises, Post Office, Women, Bukowski, The Rural Juror, Heartbreaking Work Staggering Genius, Hemingway, David Foster Wallace, Woody Allen, Fight Club, Vincent Gallo, Elliot Smith, Jellyfish, John Coltrane, Synecdoche,NY, Harold & Maude, Blue Valentine, Harold & Maude, The Graduate, Margot At The Wedding, Shampoo, Drive, Buffalo 66, Valley Girl (why i moved to LA) All things Paul Thomas Anderson (boogie nights/magnolia especially) and Wes Anderson(Budapest was no bueno-too much wes). Mid Century modern furniture and architecture. John Lautner. Louie CK, Donuts, thai food, beer & pizza, ribs and a nap in that order. Gangstarr, Bends era Radiohead, Ratt, Jeff Buckley, My Bloody Valentine, Slayer,Nick Drake, Beatles, Tame Impala, sigur ros, Bowie, Replacements, Old School hip hop, Prentenders and Red Lobster. Thrift store shopping, Rose Bowl, junk and vintage stores etc. - lately, watching the film "Beautiful Girls" and if you like this as much as i do, we will get along fine...pie shops... i love pie shops, who doesnt love pie shops?

FYI-new fave flea market- Pasadena Com College- much better than Rose Bowl- PCC is like David Bowie and Rose Bowl is Matchbox 20

UPDATE: if anyone knows where I can find vintage airline signs, lemmme know!!! like BIG signs- this is very important...ok, not really, but kinda...

UPDATE: I really enjoy eating
Six things I could never do without
Books, cheese (i put cheese on everything) my glasses, dental floss, clean underwear, grilled cheese
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why i always lose at the track, or why is it all the way it is...telling Ponyboy to "stay gold" and wondering why i rushed into that burning church...or opening a grilled cheese museum-...when i say partner in crime, i mean actual crime, or swimming in a sea of brownies...i really like brownies... i would really like to be more honest and message someone "Hey nice boobs!" or "damnnn girl, you got it goin on..." like straight outta some 90s "urban" film and by urban, i mean black. i would love to say at every single art/photo exhibit i see "just because its in black & white doesnt make it exceptional, nor art." ...and whats with the "wet hair" look on every girl working at carls jr? is that a prerequisite? oh and lastly, why does every woman proclaim to be a "great big nerd?" like that makes them Zooey Deschanel or something, its kinda about 5 years ago, so please, let that one go.... also, answering "no friday is typical" isnt original. also, "i like to travel" who doesn't?

I don't get running, if you're a runner, explain it to me...really I do not get why people do this...

there is not ONE person who doesn't do yoga here....
On a typical Friday night I am
at the movies- Friday night is Movie night! usually at Arclight then to the pie shop or having dinner/drinks with friends- wandering around downtown LA....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really enjoyed the film "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock, for real, its really pretty good. no irony here. also, i get misty eyed when the little kid runs through the airport in Love, Actually. oh, i also have an irrational fear of being too far away from my grocery cart at Ralphs- I have no idea why, no one is gonna take my cart- yet i worry about this...and yes, i shop at ralphs and like it!
You should message me if
you are greta gerwig or ya wanna sleep in on sunday or monday, you want me to make you grilled cheese and eggs. if you want to bring me cookies or baked goods. if you want to break my heart. if you will bust out your good underwear for me. if you are awesome and actually inspire "awe" - if you ever used the word "mint" as an adjective, if you like to walk around downtown LA or if you enjoy drinks and films and maybe have the answer to what its all about- OR you really enjoy Buffalo 66 or if you read this and thought "why not send a note? really? he seems ok, maybe even better than ok, maybe even A-ok" yeah thats right, that just happened, let it sink in. message me if you like big soft hotel beds, room service trays- i STILL get a kick out of that...staying in. eating. watching movies. in bed. a lot. attempting to keep it real. and lastly, just be nice, ok? this can be be nice.
The two of us