45Papillion, United States
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My self-summary
Dear God!! Apparently I'm 42 now!! Well, I've never really bothered to try to analyze myself and probably wouldn't know where to begin, so I won't attempt to do it here. My hobbies include but are not limited to, coins, guitars and other instruments, classic cars, fishing, wines, collecting art, reading, archery, rock hunting and exploring (Seriously, who else can say they've been INSIDE the boiler of a locomotive? Almost got stuck too!). In terms of goals and aspirations, I plan, one day, to go back to school and get my doctorate. What makes me unique is that, hopefully, there's only one of me running around. Any more and we've got a problem. I enjoy music, styles including country, swing, classic rock, prog rock, jazz, fusion jazz, hard rock, folk, blues (especially Texas and Louisiana blues), zydeco, cajun, celtic and classical. I do like to surprise people with hidden talents, and I do like to have fun. I am a practical joker and love to laugh, but, I am also serious about my business and as the situation demands. Other than that, I don't know what to say. Update... I recently took the "Which Muppet Are You" test. All I can say is what a jip!! I want my money back!! That dang test told me I'm Fozzie Bear!! That's innacurate, to say the least. I'm Animal all the way!! Although, I would have also accepted Gonzo.

I am loyal, dependable, and humorous and, lately, a little too serious.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a numismatist by trade (If you don't know what that means, feel free to ask. Really, I don't mind!). I also recently (after having graduated from auctioneering college) became an auctioneer. Yep, call me Colonel!! I am the YN (Young Numismatists [basically, it's the kid's club]) director of The Omaha Coin Club and I sit on or chair several committees for the same club. Being as it is that I am the only Young Numismatists director left, I also fill the roll of the YN director for the state of Nebraska. I have done work with several of the museums in the metro area. I am also the vice-president of the Nebraska Numismatic Association. As well as all of that, I am an author, specializing in numismatic subjects. The most recent thing I've done is I was a judge for the National History Day contest. That was a very interesting experience, and one which I look foreward to repeating next year. Oh! I'm also a retired musician.
I’m really good at
Well, I'm not sure what to say here, so, at the risk of sounding arrogant and self-serving, I'll venture out on a limb and say I'm really good at being myself. I'm also really good at building things. I'm a member of the Sears Craftsman Power Tools appreciation society!
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been hearing this one a lot lately. Apparently, the first thing people seem to be noticing about me is that I bear a not quite completely dissimilar resemblance to a certain John Lennon, only with a sense of humor (Frankly, I don't see what they're talking about). I would hope that folks would notice my somewhat off-kilter sense of humor, my down-home nature and ability to get things done as well as my loyalty to my friends and the lack of tact that I must sometimes display with them. And, of course, if I'm wearing a kilt, that's usually the first thing folks tend to notice!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As some of you may have already guessed, one of my favorite books is Douglas Adams' "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" set of books, but, I am also partial to "Gods, Graves And Scholars", by C.W. Ceram, "Lucy" by Don Johansen and "Egyptian Mummies" by Bob Brier. In terms of music... well, I think I covered that in the self summary section. In terms of movies and TV shows, I like comedies, action and science fiction movies and tv shows (Although, I rarely watch TV anymore due to lack of time). I try to watch "History Detectives", "Antiques Roadshow", "Nova" Husker Football and "Castle" whenever I can, plus the Winter Olympics and X Games, if there's a good event on (GO SHAUN WHITE!!). I seem to be watching a lot of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Primeval, Black Adder and Red Dwarf DVD's lately as well. For food, I'm a pretty basic steak and potatoes type of guy, although I also like mexican, pizza, BBQ, fried chicken and (don't laugh!) Peanutbutter Chicken (Mings, You Rock!!!). I also like wines, fine bourbons and rum as well as homemade beers and ales.
Six things I could never do without
Uhh... let's see... a thermous, barstool, remote contr... oh wait!! That's Steve Martin!! Well, I'm not sure... at least one thing I would want with me whenever possible would be my mind. Oh, I would also want two rocks. With those things I would be able to get quite a lot done. Having that pretty much leads, in one way or another, to just about everything that I could not do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Getting things done (and my list keeps getting longer and longer!), my family, money, football, guitars, and the future.
On a typical Friday night I am
At a coin show or club meeting, singing karoke, hanging out with and/or having dinner with friends, riding my snowmobile (weather permitting), working, haunting any of the local bookstores in the area (sometimes with a fart machine... hey... gotta laugh!! He, that reminds me, I need to dig mine out and go hit the Home Depot!! Lotta Laughs!!). I might also be furiously attempting to finish writing my next article as I hear the woosh of the deadline passing. Sometimes I might go to a bar. I might also be found enjoying the (very) occasional cigar, fishing or watching football, or trying out my new kayak... basically whatever my mood and schedule dictates.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have gas!! No, seriously, although I'm a bit out of shape, I used to be pretty good at "cow chip tossing". If you want the details, just ask!! Also, I was knighted a few years ago.
You should message me if
Any of this sounds appealing. Seriously, I'm not terribly hard to get along with. Basically, what you see is what you get with me. It's kind of hard to hide anything when you're wearing a kilt.
The two of us