32Sanford, United States
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My self-summary
Im a strange, giant that is working on my way in life. i have some social anxiety, though i use humor to work through that. im sarcastic and i see so much humor in the universe. i can be quiet, and if you bring up subjects i know.. well i can go on for some time. i try to be more open than i once was, so if you have any questions you can ask. And if you like any of what you read, message me.

I wont lie, i dont have a good game to talk. i dont have all the moves i see everyother guy use. so yea just a socially awkward nerd.
I say Chivilry is not dead! no matter how many times it is stabbed, run over, and or extincted by moronic males or blind females.
What I’m doing with my life
reading way more than my eyes like me to

im in life and i want to do what i want. im not here to get rich, im not here to crawl over everyother warm body to get what i want...
I just want to learn things that interest me, and to be happy, learn more and wander some meby. i just seem to think riches involves more than money. im here to play my game, i am a taurus so i give myself the carrot and stick to trudge towards.

I am going to school for welding next semester at ssc, if my fasfa would have went through in time i would be doing that right now. i pretty much want to earn a degree in computer tech, history, and some sort of science degree. i want to have lots of choices of what i want to do in life. or meld them all together, and be a mad scientist.. lol.
I’m really good at
thinking odd things, looking for the moment of perfect beauty i seek, waiting on the moment of time when the world makes sense.
The first things people usually notice about me
height/size... i mean look at the size of me!?(dont they know that theres a gas crunch going on???) and probably my glasses(i need them to make the world have definition but i hate them so...) and the mirror universe goatee is prominent(because im really from the mirror universe). haha?
and for some reason people always think im angry.. when i rarely ever am... i just have that German face i guess. and here i always thought i had the English/Scotch high looking face....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i love history books and reading on wiki. startrek books also have a high place in my reading lists. but my two favorite authors are Hunter S Thompson and Harry Turtledove..
i like some movies, very few favorites. i like old movies a lot.
among my favorites are
the star trek and star wars movies.
indiana jones
both sherlock holmes movies were effing great and the third one will be too!!!
fear and loathing---------\\
where the buffalo roam-----> BEST MOVIES EVER!!!
the rum diaries------------//
V for Vendetta moved me in a way i never have been by a movie before...
most any clark gable movie i like(he didnt act, he let himself bleed through into the character he was portraying)
and most historical movies

for tv i love adult swim. the squids and the chicken are the best.
Star Trek TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT... ich libe!
fringe was my fav til they took it away :-( i will miss walter...
family guy and american dad.. cleavland is good at times.
firefly forever!
battlestar galactica (i like the new one)(the old one isnt bad either)
warehouse 13
Boardwalk Empire
invader zim
tripping the rift
count duckula
whitest kids you know
the big bang theory
both top gears, well the UK and US. i have never seen die motor or the aussie version or any of the other ones they have in different countries..
hell on wheels
the venture brothers kick assendicus
really liking Attack on Titan
Rick and Morty has won its place..

i like all kinds of music, from classical, to metal, to rock, to ICP. if music sounds good i like it, but that never means i will like a certain band..

and food? i will always be a fat kid at heart. i love me some good food.. i also like german, some mexican, southern most definitely and italian.. i really really want to try greek, indian and middle eastern, but since i dislike rice and the fact i have never been to a restaurant that serves these kinds of food, i am not sure if i will get to.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the people i see everyday, what rails are all those people on? what path will they move through life, the soap opera that goes on around us everyday.

about space, time, life, time travel, the history not written in books, was civilization great before the last ice age? things i should have said in a certain situation. the female half of the species.
what the other me's are doing in all those alternate parts of the multiverse, and how things went for them/me in various situations...

Delta-v ISP along with orbital and targets relative velocity.. the kerbals have their hooks in me.
On a typical Friday night I am
i work for a bit, then look for something to do
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have learned i like the D/s type of thing this year, never knew i had it in me. i guess all those "grey" books have moved people closer to the old ways. I havent read those books and doubt i will ever see the movie/s.
You should message me if
if you have ever wanted to have a sword fight and then play a game of chess..

if you know what delta-v, ISP(not internet related) and lagrange points mean or you can offer suggestions.

if the word frak on the news makes you smirk and or giggle.

you want to be buried on a mountain top, with a hang glider. So when zombie times comes, we can rain terror from above..

you like the overly tall, you like different views of the world. you want to travel(i want to go to antartica/amundsen station, australia, new zealand, iceland, siberia and will go to the moon! just not sure if i will come back lol).

you have the ability to think of other peoples and view the world in a paranormal/esoteric way.
i dont expect you girls to actually message me, cause that just dosent seem right. so if for some reason you visit my profile more than once, and i think your interesting i will try and message appropriately.
The two of us