33Dimona, Israel
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My self-summary
Update 28.8.16 :
just a quick list of great divisive subjects that will help me weed out (pun mostly intended) big chunks of potential partners, in the hopes that whomever does remain shall be made of the "right stuff":
Things that i want more of, in my life, and in the world in general:
LGBTQAP+ friendliness,
Peacful, loving, tolerant acceptance of others.

Things that i have a very hard time accepting:
"Ism's" (including but not limited to: sexism; racism; speciesism; ageism; ablesim)
Homophobia and anti- LGBTQAP+
Basically just being shitty towards others

If your heart is full of hate and your mind is full of ignorance, that's on you. I have a minimum amount of resources that i am willing to invest in you should you choose to acknowledge the work you still have to do (as do i, as do we all...)
But once that's spent, I'll just move on. This is neither a warning, nor a threat, more like a tragic acceptance of my woefully minuscule ability to change other people's opinions without their willingness.

Update 22.10.15
i am going to die.
don't really know when exactly yet, might be in the middle of this sentence, and it might be 100 years from now. nevertheless- my time here IS limited, and i really think it is a shame to waste it. every night that is not spent in the loving embrace of my beloved (to be) is a night that is lacking.
"Happiness only real when shared" is a sentence that i am finding out to be truer and truer...

Update 21/3/11
so, i've been thinking a bit about this whole match-making thing.
i've come to the conclusion that, maybe, it doesn't REALLY matter how similar two people are in their tastes. i mean- why should it be important if two people like (or dislike) the same musical genre, or if both of them have (or don't have) a degree.
i think that a connection between two people, especially the romantic kind which most of us on this site are looking for, should be based on a few aspects that cannot be translated into "what i'm doing on a typical friday night" or "the most private thing i'm willing to admit (on a dating site!? come on!)".
so just, i don't know, read on, look at the pics i've decided to upload (more are on my facebook account) and if something clicks (as cliche as it sounds) just contact me and we'll see if there's something there or not.
and now, without further delays, my profile:

Welcome to Lulu's profile,
we hope you'll have a pleasant stay, and by all means, you may feed the animal...

there used to be a paragraph here about how "i too cannot summarize myself in such a small space because i'm such a deep, complex and diverse person blah blah blah" but i took it out. you know, because i'm such a deep, complex and diverse person.

Btw you're more than welcome to check me out on Facebook,
just look for "omer lulu greenbom"...
as you'll probably notice- i use ALLOT of "..." ... :)

I see a lot of people here that I'd be happy to hook up with (not exclusively in a romantic fashion, friendships are also great fun) in different circumstances, like meeting at work or school or whatever, this whole experience reminds me of shopping from a catalog... don't get me wrong though, this does have it's advantages...sometimes it's fun just to flip through catalogs and look at the fanciest car you can never own :)

k, that's it for now.

I am humorous, fascinating, and another thing...
What I’m doing with my life
28/11/13 so next week I'm moving in to my new apartment in Nes Ziona, close to my new job. Went back to the high-tech scene (my bills ain't payin' emselves!)
Fantasizing about starting each new day with some yoga, and finishing most workdays with home workouts (like the amazing ones from

after spending six months in Neot Smadar ( google it, awesometastic place) i've started looking for more adventures... keep you posted :)

it's been a few months now since i've moved to Ginosar to work in agriculture, i've been having the best time ever! every single day has been exciting and fun and interesting and painful, i could totally see myself sticking to this field- pun half-intended.

rock climbing, scuba diving, sky diving- whenever the opportunity arises!

Getting one or more tattoos every year
I’m really good at
Hugs. People from around the globe have praised them.

Back-rubs. Also, any other -rubs.

fooling people into thinking i actually know what I'm talking about- if it's a subject i like, like photography...
i mean, most of the time i DO know a lot about a lot of things, because I'm interested in many fields and i like to know stuff :)
then again, i don't MEAN to fool anybody, it's just an impression people get from me. a part of me likes it, i guess...

being The Good Cop.

telling people about other people. when I do it, it's not gossip, rather, an interesting blend of storytelling and debriefing.

Changing flat tires
The first things people usually notice about me
i can be quite amusing if I'm in the mood, which I'm usually in...

actually, i think that most people don't really notice me up until i want them to, if that ever happens. then the usual statement of "gosh, you really look familiar" follows.
also, people should use "gosh" less. especially since i live in Israel.
OK, they don't actually say it...

Sometimes (ok, always) i like to flash one or more of my tattoos in a way that makes the flashee intrigued and curious.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
after some thought into this, i should like to preface this segment with the fact that it shouldn't really matter what your significant other likes in the music\movies\books\whatever department, since if you both like the same stuff- good for you, but if not then the only thing that would happen is that both your horizons would get broadened. think of it this way: how much does the other person's taste need to match yours? 90%? would 70% also be acceptable? how about 30% similar?...

the easy answer here would be Scy-Fi (in regards to books and movies, but also applicable to music and food).
i enjoy the usual mix of action and comedy, but every once in a while comes along a great drama...

The books that changed my life, in chronological order: Ender's Game, Rainbow Six, A People's History Of The United States, City, The Name Of The Wind + The Wise Man's Fear, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

everybody that knows me thinks that my music collection is quite fitting to my personality- varied and eclectic as they come. if i HAD to commit an answer to "at least tell us some of your favorite bands?!" i'd have to say- in no particular order- HaYehudim, Joanna Newsom, Trentemoller, Royksopp, Alanis Morissette, Led Zeppelin, Sigur Ros, and a stupefying quantity of soundtracks!

also i REALLY like a good gripping TV show (usually something by HBO, AMC or NBC). the fact that i have no cable or satellite does little to thwart my efforts to cut back on mind-numbingly-zombification-by-TV, due to the fact that i have a connection to the internet ( I WAS gonna write "interweb" but that's SO 2007).
Six things I could never do without
you'll be amazed at how much you can make do without the things you think you need sometimes. i'd much rather get by and\or appreciate the things and\or people i have at any given moment...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Chainsaws, how much i love cutting wood with them, and doing maintenance work on them, and when am I going to start my YouTube channel about chainsaws...

my tattoos: past, present and future.
also, other people's tattoos.

The fact that i might have gone to Mars in a few years, and might even will go
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i beatbox when i brush my teeth. It's fun! You should try it, maybe we can jam sometime...

I'm completely naked when i shower!

"I'm an open book: read to your heart's content, you are welcome to write if you find a blank page, but please, don't tear any pages..."

I'm willing to share almost anything personal, it just depends on the right forum: one-on-one is the best time to get any information out of me...

since you've twisted my arm i'll give you a real one- little though it may be:
i can't sleep if there is even a tiny part of the blanket between me and the mattress, sort of like the princess and the pea :)
You should message me if
אם את מעריכה את כל המשאבים שהשקעתי בפרופיל הזה ומרגישה שיש עוד המון מאיפה שזה בא!
הדבר הכי גרוע שאת יכולה לעשות זה לשלוח לי הודעה ולהתלונן על כמה שהפרופיל שלי ארוך

אם בית ומשפחה וילדים זה משהו שמעניין אותך אבל לא קריטי לך כי הרי אין ערובות לכלום וחבל שנתפספס רק כי זה ממש ממש חשוב לך ואת מפחדת שאיתי אולי לא תקבלי את הדברים האלה... אין לדעת אם את טועה או לא, אבל את מוזמנת לבדוק את זה ביחד איתי :)

you would like more of what you've just tasted, if you're intrigued, if you're playfully interested, if i made you grin, if you feel like it...

if you know (and i hope-love!) Danny Kaye

if you want your money back...

if you're afraid you've gone too far to turn back now...

if this aggression will not stand!

if you have an amazing tattoo you'd like to show me, and\or see my amazing tattoos...

if you're looking for a fun-loving guy to do stuff with, like climbing, photography, goin' 2 da beach 4 some tomfoolery&shenanigans, but everyone else stood you up (those bastards!)...
The two of us