31Fremont, United States
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My self-summary
I haven't updated this thing in a while, most things are still very true about me.

Hey girl, hey.

It's easy for me to love. I am not pretentious. I am trying to enjoy life and be good to others. Time is too short to let slip by. I have very confusing philosophies, so if you aren't open minded, run away.

I am easy going, not too concerned with the busy world around me. I can be very quiet, chill. Even in the heat of some moments, I am all about the calm.

My job involves fixing things, sadly I can't fix broken hearts. In my spare time I garden and do chores around the house to stay moving. It's somewhat of a theme or motif in my story.

Free time and leisure time usually include art of
some kind. Dancing, a good amount of paint, and free styling and making beats, are all daily activities. I like to write rhymes, and I wish I was better at typing this summary. Haha. I make really complex sentences. Grammar is still a bit tricky. My inside voice sounds strange. Anyways.

I am genuine and down to chat, so please feel free to just say hi. I wear bright colors. I can be a chameleon, that drinks espresso and beat boxes like an 808. I am curious and enjoy learning and experiencing new.

According to an OKCUPID survey I filled out, they guessed my race as African-American. Sweet, it's good to know racial generalizations are foolish and a persons personality isn't based on a skin pigment. I am not one to get high and mighty about racism in particular but I am fully aware privilege is prevalent through out our society, in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes, classes, and creeds.

Before I finish with a bunch of random links to things I posted on the interwebs, I would like to say I have been really picky lately, and I apologize ahead of time to any fickle, flighty, mysterious shenanigans I may or may not be doing to and or around you. A few flaws of mine are: I am passively reactive, quite unpredictable, and can be quite critical.

So, if you're trying to get down..let's fuckin rap!

no really tho, I am awesome.
What I’m doing with my life
playing pool games. Learning how to tattoo. Wondering why most of my matches are from the city! Loving people without fear. GGG. Being open. Getting in as much growth before I return back to an inanimate state. Being upfront and honest, even if it bites me in the bum
I’m really good at
MAKING PIZZA AND RAPPING AND COOKIES, painting, being good, defecating on microphones, flirting, swooning, joking, being sarcastic, being a smartass, listening, spitting free styles (try me), making beats, swimming, running, jumping, punching, hiding, sneaking, spilling, making things awkward, smoothing out rough spots, making time, being on time, jumping off of diving boards, cuddling, kissing, being naked, massaging, drums, slap boxing, chealin, cartwheels, cooking, being a ninja, stretching, climbing trees, playing Legos, digging holes, gardening, getting to far outside the box, communicating when I try, drinking olde english, english, giving hugs, squeezing, snuggling, running, jumping, sneezing, peeing, galloping, trying things out, repeating myself...haha gardening, growing my own food, being hard to read, making pumpkin pie, giving and taking advice, awkwardness, understanding, blatancy, social situations, playing the congas
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a gentleman and a scholar, with a penetrating gaze.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
rapping, PIZZA, Permaculture, Nina Simone, Indian food (buffet please), fight club, the fountain, Aesop Rock, peaches (the artist), lost in translation, On Revolution, Chromio, Michael Jackson, Tupac, wontons (fried or steamed) burfi, Bolani, Aushak, pizza, J Dilla, Madlib, MF DOOM, buttscotch candy, graham crackers, smoothies of all kinds, the lil wayne documentary, Roy Orbinson, !, style wars, the unified field theory, M theory, Nas, Slum Village, Q-tip instrumentals, pasta, Dr. Groove 202, The Magic Tollbooth, Dr. Seus (the whole collection), The Elegant Universe, Sufjan Stevens, Jeff Buckley ... ...
Six things I could never do without
Do what?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think in my room, I think in a forest. In a tree. In the sky. Underground. Invisible. ON a glacier, IN a box, wearing sox, or a flying saucer...
On a typical Friday night I am
Being ridiculous. Trying to attract, attractive females. Making music. Tired from Thursday night. Drunk. Feeling lonely. Going far away to have fun. MAKING BEATS AND RAPPING. Playing pool all night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I don't feel human.
You should message me if
You know how to play Snooker.
The two of us