36Dublin, Ireland
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My self-summary
Finally... the Internet has found its true purpose.

Wow. What a girl.

My name is Barbara - am 34 - Irish - have three children and live alone. I am musical, creative, stubborn - as well as being a bit of an artiste.

I compose music, I make art and visual art, video work, animation 3D/4D - I also write in my spare time. I work in a university in an office job.

I am not your stereotypical single mom nor am I ashamed to be one as I am totally self-sufficient. I am happy with my children so if I get a personal relationship in the meantime from this website then bonus but certainly not a requirement..because I am already happy alone with the babies!

Having said that, I am still hoping to do that PhD. We have to have goals and keep that inner drive and motivation for more learning going.. I had a child previously who died on me and I learned then 5 years ago, the real meaning of inner individual strength and perseverance. I write blog articles when I stop posting music videos to the wall ;) Its on wordpress: http://justbarbara.wordpress.com
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently trying to re-manage my time. I feel constantly overbooked with various things, be it family, projects... if I don't reply to your e-mail on here do not get upset...I get lots of mails. Its no bad reflection on you if I don't happen to reply.

What else am I doing - being a good mama to Isabella, James, making music, visual pieces of art, videos, animation, reading and constantly learning - and hopefully making history...be it through music/art/writing - you name it. I am blessed to have had good teachers that are linked into the history books already.
I’m really good at
being eccentric. I am fairly approachable and can speak intelligently on a wide range of topics..from knitting to even the implementation of live electronics Max/MSP patches in surround sound with Jitter... phew, glad I got that out. :)

In all honesty I like to meet and talk to people. I admit I can be abrupt and abrasive. I enjoy making people laugh but I will also inform you that I can be quite off color at times. However, I make no apology. For most people on internet sites are trying to be something they are not. I have no such illusions, for I am myself and that includes Facebook too just as surely as I am in real life.

And that means you get Full Metal Me...you may like it, you may not but I can only be myself, with all my virtues as well as faults :)
The first things people usually notice about me
my quirky and eclectic personality - am a bit of a live wire :)
my sparkling green cat's eyes :)
my huge cheeky one-sided Clint Eastwood type crooked smile :)
my education :)
and my absolutely beautiful child...she is a little angel.

(I think this question could be exhaustive and so am going to stop it here.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: ICE MAN: by HARUKI MURAKAMI (a must-read) I shared it on my blog in box.net ;)
"If How-To's were enough we'd all be Skinny, Rich & Happy"
ONLY - NINE INCH NAILS :)) (love the vid)
TEAR AWAY - DROWING POOL (love the vid)
Movies: The Ugly Truth - not a bad chick flick.
Food: most food is good though am not into Wagamama at all - have tried - just don't like their food.
Six things I could never do without
1> my babies Isabella and James and David
2> the iPhone and ipod - good job, Jobs :D
3> Family and friends
4> a computer and the internet!
5> Amazon for books!
6> a camera!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the future.
On a typical Friday night I am
- trying to avoid a pizza :)) and ice cream.
- raising my babies and teaching him and her things, reading etc.
- having a hot bubble bath or hot shower once she/he sleeps :D
- watching movies online as the cinema is out of bounds for now.
- making a piece of music, video, art, picture, live electronics patch
- making an animation
- constantly re-cleaning flat, clothes etc
- trying to declutter :))
- on Facebook
- talking with friends etc.
- and last but not least when the occasion arises - sleeping!! yay.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Many people these days I find post really annoying statuses or e-mails that are akin to emotional extortion. Or talk a lot about the word "Respect". And how you better get it from everyone...

Respect is a privilege and not a right. I give it to everyone initially so do not confuse the two. It must be earned and not demanded.
It takes time to build up - without sounding too egotistical here, if you get it from me then you have done pretty well.


The measure of a person is not based upon the words that they speak, but upon the choices and actions that they make.
If they keep stabbing you in the back, then quit handing them the knife :)
You should message me if
you could possibly delete some of the mails in your mail box as
some people would like to say hello :)

you think you could be any of the following lol :)

1> reliable,
2> committed,
3> strong,
4> patient,
5> wise,
6> kind,
7> giving,
8> selfless.

I guess that should weed the little boys from the men out :D
Scared? you should be lol..as I love a person who can be
responsible. Bitter? no I have no time for bitterness - life should
be enjoyed. Regrets? none whatsoever. Over the ex and emotionally
available - you bet! though its been a v long while and I grieved
it in the normal way - I am proud of that to be honest. Cos we all
know how easily we can have partners these days. I don't do
relationship drama either. I am not good at texting nor do I like
texting. I am not great at e-mail replies but better then I am at
texting. I am rarely on IM. If you happen to catch me, then
seriously well done! I am also not a feminist in case this profile
gives any of those vibes off. Nor do I hate all of mankind - I just
like to be clear in what I want ;)

If you are already married and looking for someone extra - stay
away from my profile - I am not interested - I have self-respect
and bucket loads of it :)) If you are looking for friends with
benefits - stay away from my profile.

I have a v good reason to be extra fussy - there are children here.
The two of us