57Houston, United States
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My self-summary
Seeking a woman with intelligence, some free time and an interest in an ongoing relationship that can involve travel, weekends out and other fun activities. While I am currently in a committed relationship with my wife of twenty five years, I am here with her knowledge, and our relationship is not exclusive. I have found other committed relationships here on OkC, most recently a seven year long distance relationship which recently ended on friendly terms. I can't say I am looking for completely NSA or FWB relationships, as I want to at least be friends and I invest a bit of my heart and hope for the same of my partners. A partner local to Houston is very much preferred, since that gives us more chances to enjoy one another's company, but if you're from anywhere in the eastern half of Texas, we can make it work.
I tend to be logged in here nearly 24 / 7, but I am primarily here during the day, as that's my least busy and uncommitted time. My evenings are typically spent at home when I'm not traveling. My writing and photo-journalistic work takes me all over the Southwest, although I tend to focus on Texas, with shorter forays to beer industry events around the country. When I do travel, if you can join me, I am happy to have you along!
What about me otherwise? I lead a varied and very enjoyable life. I'm a homebrewer (beer mostly, but also mead), and I also teach about beer tasting and beer judging, I love all kinds of music, I explore wine and food, ride rollercoasters, collect single malt scotch, I am starting a photography business, focused on the art side, (which means more travel!) I watch baseball ( Go Astros!) and have a host of other interests. (Including women and all their pleasures!) I've earned a couple of degrees, learned to fly airplanes and consider myself to be very relaxed and easy-going. I have had my own TV show, I've been in a parade or two, Have run the marathon four times now, ridden from Houston to Austin on the MS150 three times and wouldn't mind finding a regular exercise partner. I write for a newspaper and several local newsletters and I have also been published nationally. I am an Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver (ENFP) when it comes to personality type...
I do note that the matching here seems to completely ignore my marital status and whether you're looking for single men or not. My favorite feature of OkC is the "You might like" section, which leads me to women that never seem to show up in the regular searches... So if you're wondering how I found you, probably that. I tend to remark upon interesting and/or attractive profiles, no matter what you're looking for, so I apologize for that. If you've told me before that you're not interested, I do try my best to remember that and not bother you again... but I still slip up now and then, sorry.
I do read profiles, and having been here a while, I tend to ignore the match percentage if you have answered fewer than 10 questions. The more you've answered, the more I trust the numbers! If we're over 75%, chances are I'm going to say hello. I've allegedly answered ALL the questions, but when comparing answers on profiles that catch my interest, I note that I have unanswered questions that specific users have answered... So occasionally I'll waste an afternoon answering those... (If I'm on your profile a lot and yet have never said hi, that's probably why.) At one point I had over 5000 questions answered, but recently I note I'm back down to something like 4700... Guess they cleaned up the data or something! Last (but not least) while I am kind, loving and generous with my lovers, I am NOT a Sugar Daddy. Please move on. Thank you for reading all of this!
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment, I am a house husband. I write and do occasional consulting work to contribute to our well being, but am not currently employed in the 9 to 5 sense. I cook, clean and do other home maintenance activities, like totally rebuilding the kitchen and painting the entire house, inside and out. I have several projects I work on in my free time, including a DVD set of my tv shows, photography and some adult education (about beer, mostly...)
I also did a little OkCupid research project the other day... Did you know that if you log onto OkC for a minute (as in one) it acts like you're online for much longer? It took 27 minutes for one of my "Bookmarks" to drop off the Online Bookmarks list and an hour for the green "Online" indicator to go away from the profile.
New Ok Cupid quirk: I've allegedly answered ALL the questions, but when comparing answers on profiles that catch my interest, I note that I have unanswered questions that specific users have answered... So now I'm answering those... It'll take a long time to get to 6000!
Yahoo IM, Kik, Gmail, Instagram: bdb2tx. Twitter: @bdb2tx
The first things people usually notice about me
My personality. I am fairly outgoing and talkative and have to sometimes be careful I don't dominate the conversation. I am a pretty unique person, but thankfully not in the weird sort of way!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My reading leans to science fiction and fantasy works. I can read voraciously when I am deeply into a book, but these days tend to take them a chapter at a time before bed. I also have dabbled in erotic fiction from time to time! (Both reading and writing it...)
I consider myself to be cinematically impaired. Unless it's a Pixar, Star Wars or Star Trek movie, chances are I never saw it in a theater. This is not to say I haven't seen some movies at the cinema, but as a rule it's cable or DVD for me.
Musically, I span the range from opera to rock to electronic, with some forays into country and hip-hop. I have a library of MP3's that could play over 3 months without repeating a track and "Shuffle all songs" is my normal listening mode. (Although I will take requests!) Favorite groups are Pink Floyd, Genesis and U2. Favorite artists would be Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre. Favorite composers are J.S. Bach, Verdi, Puccini and many others.
I am not as much of a spicy food lover as I once was, but love my steaks and seafood. Japanese, Thai, Tex-Mex, Italian and Italian are my favorite ethnic foods. I do a lot of cooking as well, so I know my way around a kitchen!
Six things I could never do without
Women... they are lovely to see and even better to love.
Alcohol... "The source of, and solution to, all of life's problems" -Homer Simpson.
Music... Life is a wonderful thing, but sometimes a soundtrack improves it.
Dogs... They are a source of constant joy and are always there for you.
Art... The world seen through other eyes informs our own perceptions.
Butter... Seriously, everything is better with it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why the bathroom selfie is a thing. Does nobody own a full length mirror anymore? (I will admit that I enjoy home bathroom photos more than those in a commercial bathroom... one can learn a lot from them!)
On a typical Friday night I am
Home, although you're more than welcome to suggest a different plan!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I judge you by the beer you drink... (I also have strong opinions about other alcoholic beverages...)
You should message me if
My profile has interested you and not made you flee in terror. The thought of roaming around Texas on beer (or wine) trips sounds like fun. I am always happy finding a new friend of any sort, but seldom rule out being more than friends!
The two of us