35Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm a recovering gypsy, working on staying still.

I've never been one for monogamy, and happily find myself in an open relationship with the fabulous padraigmac.

I've worked & traveled my way around the world, but I am always happy to come back to coastal BC.
What I’m doing with my life
Co-parenting a pre-teen. Which involves a lot of talking about crushes.

Thinking about arts. Making arts. Talking about arts.

Applying for grants.

buying shoes I can't afford.

selling things I don't need to pay for the shoes I can't afford.
I’m really good at
listening to and understanding marine weather forecasts, trying to telemark, trying to surf, and procrastinating. Vegan baking (even though i'm not vegan). non-vegan baking. cooking. setting up tarps. taking down tarps. laughing at myself. always keeping myself (and usually others around me) entertained. Explaining how tides and currents work. Making musical instruments out of bull kelp. keeping people happy in torrential downpours while huddling under a tarp. soldering. writing in abbreviated, non-capitalized sentences. And essays. I sure can write me a mean essay.
The first things people usually notice about me
allegedly I have beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, and fabulous tattoos

or that if i'm wearing heels, odds are i'm taller than you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
these lists are impossible! these things are constantly changing as i get exposed to new things- but here's an attempt....

My current (Oct 2015) pile of reading materials looks like this: Seeing Power (Nato Thompson), Women In Clothes (Shelia Heti et al), I Love Dick (Chris Kraus), Living as Form, Artificial Hells (Claire Bishop), Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Benjamin), The Politics of Aesthetics & The Emancipated Spectator (Ranciere), Scandalous (Annette Krauss), Wanderlust (Rebecca Solnit), News from Nowhere & Other Writings (William Morris). And also trashy romance novels. I'm nothing if not a contradiction.

Movies: Everything Taika Waititi does (and I realize I may have to amend this statement what with the impending marvel film...). All things Wes Anderson has had anything to do with. Some things by Jim Jarmusch. I like things that are both hilarious and gut wrenchingly sad at the same time.

I was recently talking with someone about Hard Core Logo, and how no film has ever stunned me quite so much on a first viewing, so I thought I'd add that in there too.

I also am into all the snobby good TV shows, except i've never watched The Wire or Mad Men. I also like semi-trashy TV from other countries, like Outrageous Fortune.

I could make some high-culture analogies about short-stories and novels and film and tv, and how masterful cultural producers are able to put everything into the short form, but that length lets us sit with characters and stories for longer. Sometimes the length is essential, sometimes unnecessary. I'll stop though, seems to much for okc no? And also, i like movies with giant fighting robots and explosions too.

my musical taste is too eclectic to get into- and my general philosophy on music is that there is a time and a place for everything. I do have a particular penchant for 90s/early 2000 rap (think Rawkus records, but also nothing wrong with some Biggie Smalls).
Six things I could never do without
hmmm... I don't know about never do without- that's a bit extreme. However to quote Maria: These are a few of my favourite things-

Coffee in the mornings (and the rest of the day too...)
Friends & love
Great food
Hijinxs (both of the outdoors & urban types)
Some form of creative expression
Intellectually stimulating conversation
Rodger (my bicycle)
Nib pens
Bacon (i used to be vegetarian... bacon was my downfall)

(i know thats more than 6.. really I could, and have, done without most if not all of these things for varying amounts of time... but my life is better with them- and that's what the question is all about really, isn't it?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the epic never-ending battle of unicorn vs narwhal.

My next, most beautiful tattoo. Who would win in a fight between a great white shark and a polar bear. Music. Art. People I love. Where I should go to grad school. How I can pay for grad school. Feminisms and pop culture. How fucking amazingly lucky I am to have electricity, running water, an education, health care, a computer, and a roof over my head (and how ironic it is that i seem to dislike my government a lot more than people I've met in other countries who don't have these luxuries).

how many great artists were driven to great heights by accidentally ingesting lead based paint, or other poisonous material that happened to be laying around in their studio.
On a typical Friday night I am
therefore I am...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I own a 3-piece matched luggage set. It's not like dior or something ridiculous like that, and in fact i got it (all three pieces) at a thrift store in Trail, BC for $10. It's from the 70's, in mint condition, and makes me very happy.
You should message me if
you are a girl interested in dating me and my boyfriend.

you are a girl/guy interested in dating me.

you can spell entire words and form complete sentences. Although a lack of capitalization doesn't seem to bother me. Strange.

you're down with non-monogamy. I ain't no one trick pony.
The two of us