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My self-summary
My life is so awesome it's embarrassing. I'm pretty much happy all the time, which really doesn't suck. I'm a raging optimist... chicken or egg? Who cares? I mean, I care insofar as it's interesting to debate whether I'm happy because life's FABULOUS or vice versa (one begets the other begets the other begets the other begets the other begets the other, methinks) but it doesn't alter the baseline or optimism.

These are my theme songs in life: and .

I haven't been on here for... 2 years? Yes, I need to update the main photos. Pie hole.
What I’m doing with my life
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Enjoying every bit of my fresh freedom and reveling in constant thankfulness! Career change? Numero dos? I went from engineering (wow, so fun!) to medicine (fun to be in the OR, but the rest makes me not like me -- theme song for that: ,
especially 2:54 - 3:40), and now that I've escaped that (GRACIAS A DIOS) it's on to medical physics and shifting our paradigm for how medicine's practiced here! SO EXCITING I CAN'T CONTAIN IT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sooooooooooooo, if you wanna be part of starting a large-scale a healing research center, let's talk.
I’m really good at
Stuff? I can usually hit whatever notes I'm trying to hit (I <3 Puccini), I can sew people up pretty well, I make lots of pottery/sculpture, I will kick your *arse* at badminton, I got a perfect score on the verbal section of the MCAT, I can usually persuade the most introverted toddler to run around and yell with me (I am not terribly good at acting like a Grown Up), I can drive it down the fairway OK and putt you into the ground, I think I got the highest score on all but one of the exams in transport phenomena, I make my own jewelry/hair ornaments, I've done some commission mural work that was lots of fun, my sister calls me a bloodhound... doing crazy things? I got yanked out of a river in Belize by a Guatemalan angel 30 yards before the river dived underground for a mile... I've breathed for and dragged people out of Central American caves... helped birth a baby in Nicaragua where we had no electricity and only 2h of running water/day... lived in Bosnia and went to a school where nobody spoke English and the bathrooms were holes in the ground... fought like mad through angry tears to get patients pain meds when it was SO not my place (medicine here is utterly broken from the inside)... recovered my stolen passport from 5 gypsies in Firenze... helped rebuild monasteries just after the iron curtain fell... moved boulders and blazed trails on the Canadian border... been caught mid-air after having been thrown 30' by my aunt's cranky mare... learned reefing on the fly to avoid being smashed into Alcatraz... sailed the Red Triangle in a boat the same size as the great whites all around me... explored the Yucatan during a time of civil unrest... jumped off all manner of cliffs all over the world... learned hula at the heiau that birthed it all... done the Best Dam Bike Ride a few days before shredding my L knee on a trampoline... cut into and sewn up gajillions of people... pulled many a near-molten piece of pottery from fire into fire... dived through the passenger window to slam the brakes with my hand as the car made a bid for freedom down a BC mountain and THEN shoved it out of a small ditch with my legs and my adrenaline... spun molten metal into pretty little bits... accidentally chopped my L index finger with a hatchet while going overboard with the kindling... tons more that are incriminating/inappropriate here, but I'll tell you over blueberries and full moons!
The first things people usually notice about me
YOU tell ME! Let's tryst at Hole in the Rock and see! People do tend to compliment my hair, clothes -- my favorite was the girl in NY who told me I used my body as a canvas, "What a palette!" -- and jewelry (well, unless I'm doing something stoopit like scaling lions in Trafalgar Square or handstands in Porto back streets when I *thought* nobody was around), but really, who actually *tells* everyone what they first notice about people? "You are sporting some mighty fine guns there, hoss. Flex for me."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Right now I'm sort of on a Tartanic uberbinge, but I'm also smitten by Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Beethoven, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Mozart, Beatles, The Clash, Keane, old U2, Bach, old Counting Crows, Jan Arden, Puccini, Gogol Bordello, Aria, Habanot Nechana, Namoli Brennet, Other Lives, Mumford & Sons, Imagine Dragons... PERCUSSION! Sometimes good percussion is full-on sexual. Really, anything that works out my vocal cords (hence the Puccini; the words may be stupid, but DAMN are his babes fun to sing with!) or makes me move... so I guess that even includes the tuba at the Mexican restaurant.

Dandelion Wine, Good Omens, Dune, most stuff by Terry Pratchett, World's End, The Alchemist, Snow Crash, Anna Karenina (depending on my mood), Red Tent, Robert Jordan's caca (don't ask -- I'm just trying to be honest here), Gone with the Wind (really, give it a try -- even reading the Princess Bride didn't make me laugh this much) ... I quit Cryptonomicon last year because it was TOO GOOD to continue reading while I was sleep deprived -- I suspect it'll end up on here once I've finished it! I <3 Naruda and e.e. cummings. Count of Monte Cristo was HORRIBLE -- why do you all love it so much???

Food: Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern -- really any kind as long as it's delicious. When I lived in Italy I took classes from a *good* chef... I've lived with a Chinese Kitchen Goddess and a Thai delicionado..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The truth is, however, that with a couple rare exceptions, nothing comes close to fresh blueberries or Persian cucumbers or a good tomato.

Terminator 2 & 1, Fifth Element, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Goonies, Bladerunner, The Usual Suspects, Willow, the real Star Wars movies, Time Bandits, Everything is Illuminated, True Romance, Memento, Amelie, Princess Mononoke, Crash, November, Stardust, Mulholland Drive, Wristcutters, Inception, Tangled (my bff's husband paused it when they were watching it to exclaim, "You didn't tell me they made a movie about [Bellllina]!" and since I like being me, it would follow that I like cheeeeeeeeeez like me).

Shows: Firefly, Lie to Me, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Doctor Who, Firefly, Archer, Firefly and The Daily Show
Six things I could never do without
loved ones (ha! That's really like 100 individual 'things' in at least 2 different categories), water, color, humor, my passport and my journal

I feel like a traitor saying this, but I might just expire without my Nook. And some Vibrams. 94% of my stuff is still across the continent... it's rather fun to learn just what you *really* miss in terms of physical caca.
I spend a lot of time thinking about


more than a million things

how did I SO WIN the cosmic sister lottery???
my cat
physical phenomena
shiny <-- that one pretty much covers it all, including physics and fairies
On a typical Friday night I am
This past Friday I was at the MFA, but not because it was a Friday: they're largely all the same to me!

That was a while ago... now the past Friday was spent practicing emergency landings and stalling a plane out of the sky (yesterday). The last one where I ostensibly live was spent covered in mortar, if I recall.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand from now until the blasted ice comes it'll be spent zooming around on the overpowered motorcycle I just got TODAY! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE! (Er, not counting this coming Friday, which will naturally be spent wearing wings, silly tights and feathers on my face.) (NO, that's not ALL! Quit that!)

2 Fridays ago I was on a plane from MO to AZ... the one before that I was in some tunnels scoping out the lighting and perty nooks for Elizi+Will's rogue wedding. How many of these Fridays am I gonna update?

This most recent Friday I forewent parkour classes (fool -- sorry, Weapons Grade Awesome!) to run in the snow/ice -- in the true cold (I believe it was 17degC, which *I* consider cold!) it's a completely different experience: exhilarating in a way I've never known in the warmth of AZ/CA and completely addictive -- and paint.

This recent-est Friday I floated candles in the pool and had a mermaid sister swim with my biosister and one of my sisters from another mom. I. LOVE. MY. LIFE.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Private? I'm gonna interpret that loosely as "embarrassing stuff" or "possible character flaws" and go from there. I have to use cruise control to avoid getting a ticket a week (or being pulled over: I <3 cops, and they almost always just give me a warning -- GRACIAS). I wear ear plugs at concerts and out dancing (I firmly believe I'd be mostly deaf in my R ear were it not for that practice: Romans know how to do New Year's like *nobody* else, but they can get a little out of hand... an M-80 or something went off right next to me and still messed up my ear for a while). I absolutely LOVE playing text adventures with my sister's ex husband (though, sadly, that only happens every ~25 months). I kiss cats and talk to trees. I love easily.
You should message me if
... you're awesome and funny and good-natured and can handle silly and serious and cheez and all of humanity.

... being around you will improve my vocabulary (in English will impress me most, but I'll also go for Italiano and Masri).

... you want kids in the next few years and will teach them by example the meaning of integrity (and maybe chess from age 2 if they're interested).

... you wanna come to Tucson in about 2 weeks and help me find and patch a hole in the fuel tank of a Ducati Monster Dark. Sigh.

... you know having kids means yes, you have to be stable (a home base and group of friends in one locale for their entire childhoods), but you also know that travelling a lot is not only possible with kids but enriches their lives beyond measure.

... you can make me a better sailor (I still have a Ranger 33 in the Berkeley Marina... wanna sail to Kauai?)

... you approve of me SCUBA diving/freediving (future) in this instead of my old fins, or you're at least willing to carry me to the water!

... you want fiery intensity along with your silly and can work anything out.

... you have a poet's soul.

Please, please, please skip messaging me if you're married or after anything but True Love, true adventure, big family and dying in my arms at 110 or so (years old, not degrees F or kph or psi or bpm...).
The two of us