36Paris, France
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My self-summary
Well... I am French so as you may guess, I do smoke and love wines and good food too much ! It's only that I plan to Live til 80, not 120. Ok, 90 or 95 shall be good ! Oh and whiskeys too, but only like anybody else playing guitar..!!! :D

But don't misunderstand... I consider myself to be healthy, and I have my sports. yes they are more adrenaline-productive than cardio training but they are still fat-burning and somewhat-cardio
(thinking about hiking in my French Alps during 2hours at 7,000feet over the sea, all that just to get some virgin slopes of fresh snow, when oxygen runs poor, that's kinda cardio, right?)

And to be precise and honest...when I say I play guitar, I am not BB King (but I am working on that), and when I talk about hiking the mountains, I am not that guy randomly climbing the Himalayas or Kilimanjaro (but.... it could happen someday).
What I’m doing with my life
Running an investment in Real Estate for a French company developing in the Tri-State area.
Soooo good to be freelance !!
I’m really good at
Choosing the wine in a restaurant. Or the one to bring in a BYOB, even better !
oh... and driving (or shall I say slaloming ? ) between the crazy cabs AND find that one lane that goes slightly faster in the traffic. I love it :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd normally say my smile... but in this city it's smile+accent,
but I'm really not as catastrophic as some French dudes that I have met here.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
this question is so wide for me.
Ok, let's talk music, I can listen to any kind, depending on the times, the moods, the "what I want From music" thing. so it could as well be classical, as metal, as blues as jazz as rock as electro and in those club-style occasions I will enjoy dub, dancehall, big techno, a little limit about hardcore techno still. I have my limits.
other things to show how I behave, outside the boxes I'd say... the best Blues song ever recorded is from...Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix was definitely a blues man. and....Michael Jackson is definitely not dead, nor Jeff Buckley !

For books movies and shows, the easiest is to say what I look after Now, right.
books are definitely oriented to emphasize my english vocabulary, so I've lately read some action books from Matthew Reilly (boring books but interesting vocabulary and btw he has an amazing Sci-Fi Action book from his beginnings which is very cool, Contest), but right now, after the "everyday's life vocabulary", I am into "On the Road" from Kerouac to have a real old 50's style american english. :)
movies will be anything from Tim Burton (ok maybe there's one that was slightly too easy Tim :) ) ... anything from Tarantino (ok maybe not Kill Bill... again :) ) and a french of course Matthieu Kassovitz (La Haine)
And TV shows, I'm not really a show-follower since I tried Lost. (really I tried, watched a lot, but still, did the writers really knew from the beginning where they were going or did they just "improvise" ?) so right now, it's about Californication (LA-life Cynism), Modern Family (real-life Cynism) and Family Guy (Pure Cynism, my favorite).

And food food FOOD..... my goodness, another reason to love this City, you can find any kind of food you want, from all over of the world. this is great. and I'm a little of a cooker. food is really one of my big pleasures....well... I mean.... I'm French, might sound cliche no ?
Six things I could never do without
..... let me think..... put me in the middle of the Rainforest with only a guitar, and I will find food, drink, good people, and very probably a way to come back home, so.... that's it, right ? :)

oh in everyday's life, another cliche, the iPhone or Blackberry is definitely the best thing to have in this City :) (GoogleMap I love you :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday ?...... Typical ? ? ....hmm not in this town no. :)
You should message me if
you want.
The two of us