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My self-summary
Hi there welcome to an introduction to my world. Do not let the casual sex scare you. I am far from being a creep and just put that on there. Because it gets more response when you add it.Not that I mind a little casual sex if I can get it. LOL. Life is good even when people read all of this some get it some don't. It is okay if all you see is the bad things that I write about. I do not intend this to be whinny or bitching about my pathetic life. Instead I see it more as a testament to my pushing forward no matter what. I never intended to make this my journal but simply a way for those who choose to be my friends. For them to get to know me and prepare themselves for a bumpy ride.You see any man promising you a rose garden full of sunshine is a liar. I promise you the same devotion i gave to the last person. 20 years of never once cheating not even giving my friends more than a friendly hug. I wanted to sometimes but never did. I backed away as gracefully as I could and tried to and succeeded in staying faithful to the woman mentioned below. God rest her soul.
Update: Mary Chadwick passed away on December 29, 2014.
We had been separated for nearly 5 years but had still remained close friends. I have to admit her death was a shock to me. Mary was only 54 years old we often discussed the possibility of getting back together. Then ultimately decided no it would be a divorce. That divorce was not meant to be we were meant to be together as husband and wife until the end so it seems. I say be careful what you promise God he just might hold you to it.
""""UPDATE: April 20, 2014 a lot of this is still in the works many set backs have taken place. The divorce was put on hold again the V A and Social Security are still pulling my chain about my disabilities. I have spent the last month in the hospital under intense psychiatric Therapy for Binge Eating due to Post Traumatic stress disorder and Severe depression and anxiety. I walk with the use of a heavy duty walker due to a back injury sustained during desert shield work activity. While another co worker was horse playing. """"""
I believe every man possess's the qualities women seek in them. It is up to us as men to show those qualities. Not just when it benefits us but when she needs us as well.
If you come upon my profile and there is a 98 % to 100 % chance we will be enemies. Write me I love a challenge.
Update May 7, 2013: Well I just completed my training and I am now a licensed and ordained minister. No I am not a lunatic I was called to serve the lord in 1985. I lost my way and over the last year of hardships. I have found my way back to him. I am not going to change my profile around. I probably will not be preaching in a pulpit. I will witness when and where I can. I have long felt Gods calling and now I know where it was leading too.
I never knew that my separation and divorce could or would lead me back to God. I did still strongly follow his word as I have not even dated another woman. I will not until my divorce is final.
I have met lots of new friends on here some I speak to here and there. Some I speak to once or twice a month. Some I probably wear my welcome out with chatting to much. I just hope that you all understand what I am truly all about. I am not the old pervert chasing the young girls. I am not the young puppy seeking a cougar to teach me the ropes. I am not the older wiser father figure. I am just me and I hope that one of you will see through the corny jokes.
To find the little boy inside struggling to make friends. I hope that you will see the kind gentle cuddly teddy bear. That just wants to be loved. I hope you will see the hopeless romantic struggling with the awkwardness of being human. Struggling to get past those barriers to become someones Prince Charming.

Well since I twisted my nee up severely on the 14th of November 2012 and not healing as well as I had hoped. I am not as active as I was before that.
As of Dec 04, 2012 I had lost 69 pounds since May 22, 2012. I was down to 315 lbs at that time.

No one truly understand what the other person is going through and it is a waste of time and effort. To try and get them to understand just tell them once and walk away. That way you get to keep your sanity.

I hold the following license, certifications and decree's.
Licensed sub contractor and Licensed Contractor. I have not been able to use those license since 1998 due to health issues. I am taking business management. In order to incorporate those license and step up to the next level.
I hold a masters license in electrical work to include.
Blue print reading, wiring diagrams, line diagrams, schematics, residential wiring, commercial wiring and industrial wiring.

Having proudly served eight years in the U S Navy Sea Bees reserves. While spending approximately 18 months on active duty. I took part in Operation desert shield and desert storm. Including two years of technical schooling While in the reserves in the following.
Heavy timber construction, Residential from ground up. commercial carpentry, industrial carpentry. Concrete forming, pouring, placing and finishing. Interior and exterior trim also sheet rock hanging and finishing.
Twelve of the past 30 years was spent working as a finish / master carpenter / framing sub contractor. Finish home builder contractor.
I plan to keep my license since my daughter wants to work on houses. I can keep her from going through the headaches of getting a license. Also give her a few tips along the way while she works towards her goals.

I love to play chess, checkers, monopoly, rummy, gin rummy, dominoes etc. I usually win and it leaves people to think I cheat. I also love to play volley ball, billiards, ping pong, racket ball, hand ball, dodge ball. I love going on hikes through the woods and along the beach. I have been known to walk in the rain just because.

I would love to walk in the rain with my special lady and just stop and make out. A long passionate kiss in the rain will win you points with me. I am attracted to women in general I have my preferences. I will not list them hear just because someone does not look like Raquel Welch. That does not mean they are not the one for me.

Turn offs: If you have only one profile picture do not cover your face. I like to see a face helps me to judge the person inside better. Having no profile picture will not get me to send you a greeting at all. Oh and if your only picture is of you with your kids or girlfriends at least circle your face. No one likes to feel like they are in a crap shoot.
match and just do not want to be friends just say so.

I pride myself on my keen sense of wit. I will make a wise crack about most anything. I try not to hurt feelings though. I love a sense of humor. If it is sarcastic the more the better. Bruce Willis comes to me for lines by the way.

I hate having to say this.
I make it my policy to never give money to anyone I do not
know personally and for a long long time. So if you are planning to scam someone keep moving. I am a moderator here as well as a patron and I will report you.

My independence is very important to me. I do not find it comforting when people pick out my faults and try to flaunt them. I am not very easy to fool so do not try me. I consider myself to be intelligent and easy to speak to. Well that is enough about me what about you?

Oh yeah! I will not take my profile down just because we are talking. If it gets serious then I will take it down. I will never quit making friends. So don't ask me to be all wrapped up in your world. If you are not all wrapped up in mine.
What I’m doing with my life
I am recently found out that my right hip was injured instead of my back. So I am trying to put all the puzzle together to make the V A pay me for this injury. It happened to me while I was doing my job during desert shield. I been in pain for 23 years walking on a broken hip. It is not my fault that they did not do everything possible to find out the cause of my pain.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh, sharing my thoughts, listening to others. Working hard, playing hard, passionate kisses and taking on new task. Tender moments, dealing with what life throws at me. Oh yes and extremely good at repeating myself. Oh and extremely good at repeating myself. Oh and LOL.
The first things people usually notice about me
My boyish face and big heart. So if you are running a scam keep moving. I will report you! I may seem like an easy mark but I am far from it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(Books) John F, Kennedy and the PT109, To Keep a Silver Dollar, Benji, (Movies) Benji, Apple Dumpling Gang, Herbie, when savanah smiles, Charlie, Iron man 1 & 2, harry potter all of them, the hulk, and, superman 1 2 and 3. (Music) Pop, rock, country, rap, soul, jazz, swing, I don't care as long as it does not insult my inteligence to listen to it. (Food) Home cooking, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese. Open to new experiences in all of the above
Six things I could never do without
My Kids, friends, love, happiness, food, clothing.
I think this question is tricky because this is really a point of view.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My kids, their future, my life, my future, I think of how wonderful it might be to walk in the rain. To run on the beach and feel the sand between my toes. To walk with that special someone and have them beside me not behind me or running ahead of me. What it must be like to have someone love me back as much as I have loved those that did not return it. To have an equal relationship with harmony and clear thought.
I also spend a lot of time wondering: Why so many people think that people cannot be friends without it turning into a romance?
I have had lots of friends both male and female. Most of them with two maybe three exceptions out of several hundred never went beyond friendship. Two turned into more and one became friends with benefits. When she found out I wanted more she vanished off the face of the earth. The two that became relationships also turned out to be friends with benefits. I found that out the hard way.
So ladies you see it is always me that gets hurt so you are safe. You will probably hurt me long before I would ever think of hurting you. I have never had more than one relationship at a time. No I do not rebound quickly. In fact this marriage died in 2005 I just kept holding out hoping she would come back around. I had 5 years to get over it before I finally took her up on her command to leave. Yeah She threw me out 3 or 4 times before I left. I was in denial until I moved out it was then that I realized I was over it. I just did not want to accept it I mean marriage is forever right no. Not really marriage is just an illusion that hopeless romantics create. A fantasy that old people project to fool us into suffering the way they did. I hate these little old couples that come in he opens the door for her she kisses his cheek blah blah blah. Really he is thinking why cant this lazy b open it herself. She is thinking what a jack ass he knows he don't do that shit at home. Then they swear to heaven that they have been happily married for 45 plus years. I say bs let me get a camera crew to follow you around for a month mom and pops. I say odds are they quit sleeping in the same bed 25 plus years ago.
Do I want that yes but lets be realistic if I love someone enough to tolerate them for 16 to 20 years. Look at the fun times remember the good things about it. At least you were happy that long right. Move on don't tie someone down that does not love you. Move on to someone that does and don't just use that person if they do love you. MOVE ON

I am not lying about it I would love to find that special someone just for me. If I did find her I still got to work on me first. I just need some friends. You see when the ex and I got married I gave up my friends for her. She on the other hand kept her little black book full of guys numbers. I found that out 7 or 8 years after we got married.
On a typical Friday night I am
Seeking something to do and someone to do it with. I would prefer someone to love that would love me back.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I see there is an option under (I'm looking for) casual sex. I for one am not looking for casual sex. I am looking for the most mind bending, earth shattering, hardcore, passionate, intense experience two people could share. Now I ask you does that sound casual to you? LOL
Get your minds out of the gutter this could be any experience. Two people could share with each other.

I am not hinting for sex or saying that i'm seeking casual sex. I just want to make friends now and possibly go on dates after my divorce is final. If that special someone comes along. Then me and that special person will discuss that topic in private.
You should message me if
You feel that you are strong enough to handle friendship.
The two of us