50Syracuse, United States
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My self-summary
I'm not initiating contact with anyone anymore.

I'm looking for someone who's an equal and believes in themselves.
Someone who has courage.

Wasting my time trying to glimpse those qualities in profiles is tiresome and error-prone, so as much as I like to reach out to others, I'm trusting you to reach out to me now.

Hope to hear from you soon.

* * *

I might seem complicated from the outside- don't that let that dissuade you, I'm actually pretty simple inside.

I suffered hardships, overcame challenges, fought battles, sacrificed much, burned bridges, forged friendships, squandered opportunity, gotten lucky, and learned from most of it- mostly that I'm fuckin' still not done learning yet...

I have many interests and, a few plans.
To love someone forever is one of them.
A partnership would be excellent.
What I’m doing with my life
That would be telling...

I will say though that technology, thinking and creativity are often involved. Fun sometimes too.

Come play!
I’m really good at
Not a brag list at this time...
The first things people usually notice about me
Used to be that I was tall, then the glasses (I've never worn contacts- can't be bothered.).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My tastes are eclectic.
I should say first that things I do have nothing to do with things I'm willing to try- so don't let my current list put you off.

That said, I guess it's easier to say what I don't like:
I don't read romance novels.
I don't watch much TV and have no sports affiliation. I rarely go to movies since I don't see many commercials, which is, I guess somewhat surprising since I don't often feel like I'm missing much.
I don't listen to most Country, most current Rap, Any Reggae, Ska, Bluegrass, or Polka unless it's weird Al.
Currently into Universal Hall Pass.
I don't eat okra unless it's in gumbo. I'm learning to avoid crap additives & fillers.

Anything not on this list I'll try. Things on this list I'll try again if you have something awesome to share.
Six things I could never do without
Love, though I'm having to make do
Compassion, though it seems harder to express
Logic, though the world makes less sense now
Motivation, though mine often seems forced
Learning, the last thing that still comes naturally
Power*- though I have little.

*but if I get some... MUAHAHA!
(just kidding)
I should mention, in this day and age, that freedom is power. Respond to it's change with inaction at your peril.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. The intrinsic nature of the universe, rules & patterns.
2. Metaphysics (see 1 above)
3. Spirituality, and the 'all that is' (see 2 above)
4. Philosophy, free agency & desire (see 3 above)
5. Sex (who doesn't? (see 4 above)
6. One of my various projects.
(not involving sex... no patterns here- well, it's a coincidental pattern. Completely coincidental.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on the dream, or escaping from the grind.
On occasion, both simultaneously (bonus!).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Fah. Like you wanna know...
You should message me if
You're single:
Separated isn't single yet.

You're kind:
Compassion, consideration, respect...
That lot. Even in little things.

You communicate:
No one likes to be left hanging, or to have to 'figure it out' when a few words would have settled it.

You're awesome.
I'm not going to try to define 'awesome'- I just hope to recognize it when presented.

You're courageous:
You can have fears, but you should be proud that you face them.
You act on your passions, and communicate/confront difficulties- even with (or especially with) your partner who might 'take it the wrong way', but you trust to work it out with...
Yes- that means if you won't confront/talk out/follow through on a problem- please move on.
Life's too short to give up half-way-- or especially before you start.

So, if you really want to- connect to let me know.
It's the 21st century ladies- you're only as equal as you exercise your right to be...

You're interested.
I'm very open-minded, which means there are a lot of potential interests here. I've wasted a lot of time trying to connect with people, who generally are just looking for an excuse to write me off. I'm not on 'best behavior' because I want an honest relationship. I'm done 'chasing rainbows'.

No promises, except I'll that 'play nice'- but I'm always at least impressed by someone who knows what they want & will take steps to make it happen.

No polys/doms. We don't see eye to eye.
No narcissists/egocentrics. A different issue of 'vision'.

Also if your race/ancestry/family name/(whatever) is more important than 'being an actual human' (like everyone outside your chosen path)- please move on...

All that said, I can't see 'Likes'- so you'll have to at least hide your interest in the form of a question about my profile. I'll make it easy:

'Who am I' Riddles (increasing difficulty):

Unpredictably rain
falls down in vain
cause the snow is still lain

but even so the sun's out
the wind soon will blow- without a doubt

Trying not to lean
to into the scene
of the future of green

Your optimism makes you sing
cause now it's here- embrace the... [_]

Random events synchronize
(or just might if you realize)

Is that knocking that you hear?
development you had to steer?

Will you stand by, or will you please,
Grab on to me... [_]

Could you even tell the shade
of gem that's in this necklace made
so lovingly and polished fine
to craft it must have taken time

I could call it and a girl might come
Kiss it, and it's stain be left on some
To hold it would be a tiny bit of wealth
and when rose, an expression beyond one's self

Who am I?

Don't bother googling- I made these myself.
The two of us