33Houston, United States
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My self-summary
I would describe myself as a tech savvy, code-writing computer guy who is also an athletic, avid sports player and fan; I guess you could call me a walking paradox. I call myself an avid sports fan because I can watch pretty much anything. You know that sport curling? Right, well you shouldn't. But during the Winter Olympics, yeah, I watch it. I'd mostly chalk that up to my curiosity to understand things that I don't know and I'm intrigued by, which explains my affinity for the show "How It's Made" or "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel... but I digress.

I'm born and raised in Houston, but I'm a Cowboys fan. Texans fans that are reading this, please slowly put the knife down... I just moved on when the Oilers deserted us and I couldn't abandon my new team when the Texans appeared. On the other hand, I am an Astros, Rockets and Aggies fan so I do love my hometown teams. Yes, Aggies, so Longhorns fans, please also put down the knives... can't we all just get along?

I'd have to say I'm a very simplistic person, it doesn't take very much to make me happy and I'm definitely not the ostentatious or gaudy type, i.e. no Ed Hardy or Affliction shirts, no big diamond chain or earrings, no spray tans or greased up hair. If you've already seen my profile picture, the last two are probably shocking.
What I’m doing with my life
Ever since the age of about 4, I've been doing something with computers, starting out by being a young entrepreneur playing Lemonade Stand, to becoming a survivalist on Oregon Trail, to appalling my teachers at being able to type over 100 words per minute and getting my first real job as a web designer in high school. I always knew I'd be doing something with computers for my career, it was just a matter of finding out what suited my long term interests and I found it: I'm a developer for a small company where I develop computer applications ranging from web sites to iPhone/Android apps.
I’m really good at
technology (I'm the tech savvy guy that gets "employed" by my friends and family to fix things for them), sudoku/word searches, listening to others, making my friends laugh, letting my fruits and vegetables go bad before I finish them all (don't you hate that?), playing video games, wasting time on reddit and sports.
The first things people usually notice about me
...are my eyes and smile.

I've had some people say I look like T.I. and my sister thinks I look like Pharrell from N.E.R.D. I think they're all wrong, but that's just me. What do you think?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Since mandated reading always felt like a form of punishment in school, I've never been one to read actively for fun, but there are still a handful of books that I did enjoy. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Scarlet Letter, Animal Farm, Grapes of Wrath and To Kill A Mockingbird would probably fall on that list. Despite not being a big book reader, I do stay active on daily news to be cognizant on current world affairs and random tidbits and I guess I could be convinced to read a book if it's intriguing enough.

Movies: While I prefer a comedy or action movie over probably anything else (I'm a guy, surprised?), I'd say my list of memorable favorites is actually pretty diverse: Friday, Half Baked, Equilibrium, Harold & Kumar, Identity, Little Miss Sunshine, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Office Space, Seven Pounds, Slumdog Millionaire, Spanglish, The Departed, The Hangover, The Pursuit of Happyness, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wall-E, Unthinkable, 8 Mile, Despicable Me, Eurotrip, How High, Safe House, Step Brothers, The Pursuit Of Happyness, The Intouchables

TV Shows: The Wire, Breaking Bad. I'd honestly say that you could stop there when it comes to shows because those, in my opinion, are the best TV shows hands down that I've ever watched. Other shows that I would give "honorable mention", or are working to attain that level of greatness, would be: 30 Rock, Archer, Arrested Development, Californication, Community, Eastbound & Down, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Big Bang Theory, Boondocks, The Newsroom, The Office (before Steve Carell left), Workaholics, American Dad, South Park, Family Guy, Squidbillies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Futurama, King of the Hill and probably some others that I'm not thinking of at the moment. Well, ESPN, but that goes without saying.

Music: Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, Young Jeezy, Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous, Ludacris, Chamillionaire, Lil' Wayne, Childish Gambino, Staind, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, Ne-Yo, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Kid CuDi, Talib Kweli, Linkin Park, The Roots, N.E.R.D., Curren$y, Mac Miller, Justin Timberlake, Lloyd, Robin Thicke, Flying Lotus, Maroon 5, Rage Against The Machine, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Foo Fighters, System Of A Down, John Mayer, Deadmau5, Macklemore... I could go on forever. Basically, anything except country... sorry, but I just can't get into it. And yeah, I know that's also surprising considering I went to Texas A&M...

Food: The answer that went on the sidebar pretty much epitomizes my appetite with food, "Mostly anything". Steak, italian, burgers, BBQ, catfish, chicken, sushi... I'll be back, I'm hungry now. Feel free to leave me a message after the beep.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...let's see, how do I answer this. Let's try this:

Work (or thinking of a way to work more efficiently): 20%
Random things I've encountered throughout the day: 25%
Analyzing my life in some correlated way to those random things: 20%
What this song I'm listening to reminds me of: 10%
How my family/friends are doing: 10%
What else I could be doing instead of what I'm doing now (AKA "procrastinating"): 8.5%
Sex/Girls (every 7 seconds, according to studies): 7%
Is there something I forgot to do? 5%
Is something in my nose?: 3%

For those active mathematicians, or if you're simply that bored to verify it, I know it doesn't add up to 100%... let's just say I'm very skilled at multitasking or very efficient. Acceptable?
On a typical Friday night I am
Who really knows... two weekends are never exactly alike. Regardless of the environment, I'm sure I'm with my friends laughing and having fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit that I watch Spongebob. I'm still a kid at heart and see absolutely nothing wrong with watching cartoons. Who says we have to stop watching them to "grow up"? I actually feel nostalgic when I see some of the old cartoons I used to watch growing up like Rugrats, Hey Arnold or Animaniacs.
You should message me if
* I made you laugh. And you know I did.

* You want to help break the stereotype that men have to approach the woman first. Start The Revolution!

* I passed the interview phase (aka you reading my profile and being more interested).

* You'd like to someone to exercise/play sports with (always looking for more people to play basketball, tennis or soccer).

* You're not looking for someone to complete you: I'm happy as a single guy, but I am looking to find someone that makes me "not want to be single anymore."
The two of us