32 Seymour, United States
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My self-summary
Two legs, two arms, too many hairs to count.

I like to read, write, learn, draw, sing, think, and tell stories. I surround myself with people who do the same, and it is the happiest thing to me to share that fellowship.

I hold doors, pay for dates, and I am nice to waiters. If I did not do those three things I would not consider myself suitable to date women. So at least meeting me will only suck because of my sense of humor and appearance, not my personality.
The six things I could never do without
The Six Things People Should Not Be Allowed to List in this Section:

1. Music- This is where I had mine listed, along with everyone else. If you don't like music as a concept, you probably have tremendous difficulty getting laid, never mind the fact you are on an online dating site.

2. Macaroni and Cheese- I agree that macaroni and cheese is also a fairly fundamental aspect of life that I tend to take for granted, but in the corollary to the above statement, if you value cheese sauce-coated pasta as one of the top six things in your life, you are going to have difficulty holding on to a relationship.

3. Sex- If you are a guy and you put this on your profile, you don't understand yet that girls don't like it when you try so hard. If you are a girl and put this on your profile, it means you don't realize you don't have to try at all.

4. Your cat- I know you love your cat, but what if we start dating, your cat craps in my shoe, and I have to put it in the blender? (The cat, not the tainted shoe) Would you stand by me? Or choose the cat? Important question.

5. Sleep- This, again, falls under the basic guideline of "would I want to date someone who DID NOT need sleep?" That's how you end up on Team Edward, ladies. And I don't mean Edward James Olmos, though his vampiric nature is also in question.

6. Netflix- I have to admit I love Netflix. Just two thoughts:
A. 5 years ago, you were around and Netflix wasn't. If that is not true, please put your mommy on the computer.
B. It's really cool to share your Netflix password with someone; not so much to see what the other person is watching, but to find out that results of the combination of your two tastes are the terrifying, nuanced predilections of a madman.
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somehow the above compels you.