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My self-summary
This down-to-earth, stable and kind-hearted man was "off the market" for a bit, but have recently become single again and thought I'd re-energize my OK Cupid profile in hopes of finding connection with other like-minded men with strong hearts intent on developing intimacy exploring love and long-term friendship with a goal of partnership.

About me: I'm a professional and personally successful gay man who has a great job that provides meaning in my life, and feeds my passion for excellence in public higher education. I have loving friends and a loving family. I live/work in SF/east bay but also have a home in Palm Springs and travel their most every-other weekend. I tend to recharge my batteries naked hiking in the desert, or hanging out by the pool. I have a strong connection to Spirit through my connections with nature, though I am not religious. I am ultimately looking for long-term partnership with another man who like me seeks self learning, companionship, intimacy, freedom and fun through a loving and caring relationship. Up to this point, I've not been focused on a partnership, but my goals and desires in life are changing and I'm open and wanting to have deeper and more-meaningful connection with another man. I'm emotionally monogamous, but not necessarily sexually monogamous, though I am open to discussion about what limits and expectations we each might have of the other as we moved toward a relationship. This is something that would need to be communicated and built over time..... It all must start with a first date! I'm a self-confessed horn-dog and love rutting around SOMA and Silver Lake, but equally comfortable in my or your mom and dad's living room.

I am a professional with blue-collar roots. I love men who work with their hands and build things and/or who are artists, designers, creators. Though not exclusively, I am often initially attracted to African American, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, southern European, Pacific Island men and/or scruffy masculine white guys. Whoever they are, they must be smart, preferably educated, (though I've known a lot of people who did not go on to college but were very smart... and very hot!), having rhythm and loving to dance (especially country-western), self-made entrepreneurial type, practical blue collar sensibility, and able to challenge me in thought and heart-motivated deed are all attractive qualities. Basically, a man who has connection to his heart and has passions and interests in life that provide life-meaning for him, is someone I'm likely attracted too.

I love being held and holding another man, spooning, holding hands as we walk down the street, and deep kissing, as much as nipply-play, massage, rimming / oral, mutual penetration and/or hot and raw full-on sex play. I am no prude and when it comes to sex, I've probably already tried it a few times and continue to enjoy the things I want to.... Sex is needed every few days to keep me happy and interested. I prefer to bottom for a dominant but nurturing top man, but am far from passive in bed, and can turn the tables on a whim, and dominate and top my top man for as long as he wants me too.

I am tired of NSA hook-ups, sex with men who are in relationships with other men where I'm the third fourth or higher number on the interest list, or the casual encounters with out-of-town visitors. It's time to focus on developing deeper meaning and intimacy with another man in my life. It's likely there's nothing you could tell me about yourself that would shock me unless you're a rage-a-holic, a child-molester or have a history of controlling or abusing others. I have traveled to 6 continents, lived in many different places and cultures, and have a unique perspective on life and a live-and-let-live attitude.
What I’m doing with my life
Striving for balance in work-life, home-life, love-life and connection with Spirit. I'm a cross between fast-forward and contemplative reflection. I find connection to nature is my doorway to connection to Spirit, enjoy pagan ritual, radical faerie gatherings, silence, yoga, meditation, and other inward reflection. I find connection to spirit through "doing" and yoga, and "outdoor activities" such as fast turns on a ski slope, walking a beach, watching a sunset, walking in the redwoods, riding my motorcycle in the Sierras, in a dog's play fetch, or in a child's excitement about learning something new. I have a passion for learning, playing music (drumming and piano), and for sex when its connected to the heart and playful exchange between two men.
I’m really good at
Empathy; enjoying people; playing the piano; leading drum circles; creating ritual; getting to and enjoying the outdoors; driving cars and motorcycle riding; country-western dancing; home-design and garden-building, fixing things instead of buying new (I'm an engineer!); snow skiing (both cross country and downhill); BBQ; making stews; giving and receiving massage; entertaining; taking care of myself (though still a work in progress); taking care of others; travel - both domestic and international; communication especially written communication; self reflection; one-on-one man-sex especially when it's connected to the heart.
The first things people usually notice about me
Twinkling eyes, quick smile; disarming demeanor; loving nature; cute butt; large goatee; stocky strong body; casual / working-class sense of personal style and dress. Kind of a Biker - Daddy type in a otter / cub body. Tough / butch exterior, tender loving and contemplative interior.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Generally, I enjoy reading non-fiction self-improvement books, (Eckart Tolle - "A New Earth") or books on philosophy / spirituality (Chop Wood Carry Water). Rumi, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, James Broughton are some of the poets that all speak to me. I also enjoy reading anthologies (Gary Stern - "A Few Tricks Along the Way") of different writers all writing on a theme.

I also enjoy the occasional sci-fi epic.

I have two historical novels circulating in my head that I intend to put to paper and self-publish before I die! Ask me about them over dinner!!

Love listening to and playing new-age piano music, African drumming, classical, and jazz. Some greats like Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespe, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few.

Child of the 60's, love 'the Who', 'the Stones', Led Zeppelin, Elton John, and the Beatles, and play a lot of their music on the piano. Also enjoy 80's / 90's rock, and 'classic country' / country cross-over. Really enjoy CW dancing and do it regularly both in SF and PS. Nothing like a man in cowboy drag to drive me wild!! Lady GaGa rocks, both for her music and her politics!!

Love sushi and most Japanese foods. Generally like Asian foods from many different countries. Not a picky eater, but hate Lima beans and beets.
Six things I could never do without
Physical activity, hard work and hard play.
The arts in all their forms - both witnessing it and making it;
Intimate connected playful great sex with another man, or even myself!;
Loving connections with my friends and my family;
Passion and meaning in my work;
Alone time outdoors in nature (or sharing it with someone!);
Humor, spontaneous joy, life's surprises and unexpected wonders;
Great Japanese food, especially sushi! (And seafood in general, especially shell-fish)
Fresh-baked brownies and/or Toll-house cookies warm out of the oven.
Pushing limits (Mostly my own, but also those arbitrarily imposed upon me by others, and especially limiting questions....ONLY SIX.... WTF?).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to write in all the other boxes in this profile to clearly present myself with as much honesty and self-awareness as I can muster. Doing so has been a great opportunity to soul-search and figure out what I'm looking for in a new friend and hopefully a partner, and then ask the Universe for him to appear in my life.

I also think about human relationships. How they function, and don't function. What makes them work. How to communicate with effectiveness and heartfelt intent.

I'm always amazed when I see two people in love, and am generally in awe and amazed by love in all its forms.
On a typical Friday night I am
Traveling to a weekend destination out of the city; dining with a friend; on a date going to a concert, theater or flick; cruising around the internet and looking to get laid; staying home and watching a netflix film then early to bed..... who knows!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book to those who I trust. I value honesty and communication above all else and will share openly about any part of my life with others who have demonstrated their love and trust-worthiness to me. This is not the place to admit private things to anyone and everyone.....
You should message me if
....You're looking for more than just sex (but still want great sex), are looking to date another man with a goal of LTR, but are open to the fun of meeting interesting men to get to know them at least as friends and possibly more along the way. And please, ONLY MESSAGE ME IF YOU'VE READ THE REST OF MY PROFILE (thank you for slogging your way through it!), are not scared by what you've read, and have interest in meeting..... I look very much forward to hearing from you. Otherwise, we're likely not a match regardless of what staff robot thinks...... Namaste
The two of us