32Manchester, United States
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My self-summary
A couple quotes:

"Happiness only real when shared" - Christopher McCandless (Into The Wild)

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return." - Nat King Cole (Nature Boy)
Some things about me:

I am a little shy when it comes to some things, but, overall, I'd say I'm fairly outgoing and sociable (I'm somewhat of an Ambivert, really) . I'm not too too big on dancing, but if the mood's right, and I'm in good company, I usually end up having a good time :)

I am caring, considerate, respectful, and, in subtle ways, fiercely passionate about a number of different things, some of which aren't necessarily easy to articulate. I also love working with children. Children are amazing.

I am thoughtful, thought provoking, mindful, adventurous, and deeply introspective. I have been described as an old soul, but I am also somehow very young at heart.

I am a critical thinker, a careful observer, and generally rather astute, picking up on subtle changes and nuances. I do have a tendency to get a little carried away with being technical/ hyper analytical at times, though, I'd say it's more often an asset than it is a liability (It's an endearing quality, I promise :)

I am a hard worker, somewhat competitive, and rather in touch with my emotions (certainly more so than most guys (and probably even some girls)).

In general, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Lying to me is probably the absolute WORST thing you could possibly do, as I regard trust to be paramount in any relationship, friendship or otherwise. I can get over disappointment. I have zero tolerance for being lied to, no matter how ugly or hurtful the truth might be.
Things I enjoy:

Singing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Skiing, Driving, and trips to the Beach.

Watching and/ or playing sports such as Soccer, Hockey, Football, (some) Baseball and Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Ping Pong, Foos Ball, and Ga-Ga.

I am a lover of: Hot Chocolate, Camp Fires, Cookouts, Candlelight, Brisk Fall Weather, Winter, Dark Beer, Board Games, Card Games, History, (most any animal, but especially) Horses, Cats and Dogs, Computers, Microsoft Excel, Photography, a GREAT variety of Music and Movies, as well as Clouds and Weather of any kind!
What I am NOT looking for:

While I do hope to find someone I am physically attracted to (yes - chemistry is important), I am NOT looking for a "hookup," a "fling," or any other kind of relationship that is primarily motivated by a desire to be sexually satisfied. Don't get me wrong: being physically intimate is important, and it's something I eventually hope to enjoy with someone on a regular basis, but physical attraction is only one of several factors I weigh in considering a match.
What I AM looking for:

Someone like-minded, who has a similar appreciation for things, especially music and movies.
Someone who understands or strives to understand the ultimate reason(s) for our existence.
Someone who wants a relationship as opposed to someone who needs a relationship.
Someone who isn't in a hurry.
Someone who understands the importance of developing a friendship first.
Someone who isn't quick to judge, and who takes their time in developing a thorough understanding of other people/ situations.
Someone who believes it's possible to express more in the tight embrace of a warm, heartfelt hug, a single kiss, or in the holding of hands than any other form of physical love-expression.
Someone to spend time with.
Someone I find to be physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually attractive.
Someone who is just as comfortable being alone as they are being with the person they love.
Someone who is looking for the one person they've been looking for their entire life.
Regarding Music:

Instead of simply stating a list of artists as most people do, I've included a short list of some cool songs I like (below). By no means is it exhaustive, or even representative per se, but it's worth a listen, if you have some time :)
UPDATE: June 2016:
Moved from Concord down to Manchester :)

Upcoming Travels:
Oktoberfest 2016, Munich, Germany
What I’m doing with my life
I work as a Motorcoach Operator for a private, mid-size, regional, interstate, motor carrier. I stay pretty busy.
I’m really good at
Some things and less at others? Lol
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Harry Potter, The Host

Movies - Way too many to list

Television - NCIS, Suits, White Collar, House, How I Met Your Mother,
Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Blue Bloods, MLP-FIM, and... hmm... oh yeah! STAR TREK Deep Space 9 - STAR TREK Voyager - STAR TREK The Next Generation ;)

Cuisine - American, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Italian, German

Music - A little bit of everything (samples below)

Boris Blenn - Dream
Platonic - Alternate Thursday
The Foreign Exchange - Nic's Groove
Bonobo - Stay The Same
Cloud - Turning
M83 - Skin Of The Night
Federico Aubele - Esta Noche
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
Blackmill - Let It Be
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks
Washed Out - Far Away (on Within and Without)
The xx - Night Time
The Submarines - 1940 (Amplive Remix)
Justin Beiber - I'll Show You
Zedd - Clarity (Acoustic)
Phoenix - 1901
Daft Punk - Around The World
Flunk - Morning Star (Parliavox Remix)
Royksopp - Sparks
Stateless - Bloodstream
Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (ft. Jay Z)
Cold Play - Parachutes - We Never Change
Six things I could never do without
Water, Carbohydrates, Oxygen, The Sun, Sleep, my Samsung Note 8.0 tablet (Lol, you would not believe what that thing has survived).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Trying to get ahead in life...
On a typical Friday night I am
Currently I work on Friday nights, but on mY Friday night (aka. Sunday afternoon) I'm usually taking it pretty easy, and trying to catch up with a few friends before the weekend is out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask and you'll find out
You should message me if
Bottom Line:
I know this profile is lengthy, and probably seems a bit intense, but, in the interest of time, I just wanted to give people a better snap shot of who I am. Honestly, 99.5% of everything I just said is on "the back burner," so to speak. Deep down, I'm just a good guy, looking for a good girl to be part of my life. It's that simple.

If you send me a message, and I don't get back to you, I may be engaged in conversation with someone else. I really don't like juggling more than one or two conversations at a time.
The two of us