61Kingston, United States
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My self-summary
“What stops us from looking at ourselves and seeing ourselves is that we’re kind of ugly, if we really, if we look really hard,” Mr. Murray replied. “We’re not who we think we are. We’re not, uh we’re not as wonderful as we think we are.”
quote from interview with bill murray while being asked why he has not found the love of his life and why it appears he is not looking:

you would never know it from reading the profiles on here.......

News flash 2/16/2016: i got this funny feeling that when they came up with this category they didn't intend to be an area that you self bestow every compliment on the face of the earth upon yourself. maybe all these wonderful attributes would best be discovered and appointed by ones admirers.....just a thought.

I am definitely different, much to my contentment, Contentment is a powerful word, highly under rated. I am active mentally and physically, love to do damn near anything. Love food and wine, reading, building great old buildings, designing anything architectural, growing things, road trips, danish modern anything,, mostly old ones. Looking for a long term relationship, one on one, which means you actually have to spend time together, not just texting and emailing.
What I’m doing with my life
right now i am restoring an 1880's stone farm house i have up in Athens, NY. ....Then the barn caught my eye, and I decided to restore that for a living space.....i am getting carried away, or as Realtors say "over improving". This takes a great deal of my time, but it is a catharsis for me. Anyone here good at barns?????

1/22/2016: i recently discovered a show and it was not on the discovery channel. actually its on the animal planet channel. its all about treehouse building. I have read all I can find on the subject.
Tree houses have come a long way and I will be building one as soon as this weather breaks, and it will include an elevator:)
I’m really good at will not believe this, but i am good at almost anything. I almost feel guilty saying it....well, i do feel guilty saying it, but things do come very natural. I think about it in my head, and do it. Might not be perfect the first time....but, i get the hang of most things:) I guess it is because i am best at reading. Remember the movie 3 days of the condor???
when they ask Redford what he does...he answers "I read" Read what?? he says "everything". i can relate:)
The best way to put it is, i am very visual. If i can see it in my head, i can make it happen....most of the time:)
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't fit any molds, and it doesn't look like things will be changing anytime soon:)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am an avid reader, lately i have been reading about this countries first tycoons. Cornelius Vanderblt, Jay Gould , Rockfeller, Astor...I read one and read another, there seems to an incredible parallel between their time and manner of consumption and present day. Past reading passions were wine, and i use to teach it. Music...stuck in a time warp, 60's, 70's, and 80's..I think music stopped on December 30, 1989...just joking. Food...anything, just no chain food restaurants. Love Thai, French, Japanese, Southern American, Cajun, and something coined many years ago by the New York Times..kennebunkport cuisine.
Also love anything Raw. Movies...yeah..i am a guy, the usual:)
Six things I could never do without
hmmm, water, reading glass's, light bulb, food, wine, companionship, intimacy,sunlight, humor, google,and sex.
obviously i have problems counting....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why do women over the age of 19 still wear pink?????

7/28/2016 I keep reading women saying "contact me if your not married" . if a guy is going to cheat on his wife, why would you think he would tell you the truth about being married....go figure.

9/22/2016: ever notice that if a person posts 4 different pictures, many times it almost looks like four different people.......kinda scary when one goes heavily on pictures.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am out and about, you know...concerts, the opera, dinner with friends, clubs, parties , dinners and wine for friends, meeting with the pope, heads of state, tv interviews...just the usual.
oh, and did I forget to include pictures of all my world tours, and of course I cannot live without my passport........dah
it must be great to be pretentious.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
do you ever think about what you loose, when you pick and choose.
You should message me if
you are young at heart, a little different...maybe a lot different.
Open minded and willing to deviate from the path most traveled.
Not materialistic to the point of being shallow. Unconventional to a comfortable point. living a healthy lifestyle. off the wall sense of humor. Vulnerable in a good way.
ADDENDUM: just read something on it HAS to be true...................
A study of divorced people showed what men felt was lacking in the marriage was touching and affection from the wife , a surprise to most....cause guys are tough...
Actually i had noticed the same thing over the years, woman just don't touch like they use to... i just don't have a big enough ego to rely on my own demographics. soooo, the moral is, please be the type that is affectionate and touchy, as now that i have company in this dilemma i have no problems asking:)
The two of us