41Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I realized, (or maybe I've just accepted) that I like bullet points and factoids. I don't think that's a by-product of smart-phones and internets. I'm sure I've always been like that. Give me the back of a cereal box and I can repeat the trivia to you in 20 minutes.

That being said (and if you're still with me) I'll break it down:

- Going on 15+ years of living in NYC. I guess I'm not going anywhere soon. This city is constantly engaging me and my life is here.
-Travel. Yes, I know, everyone says they like to travel and everyone thinks they're Earnest Hemingway. But I can't avoid writing it. At least two months a year I'm out seeing the world: South America, Central America, Europe, and India. Sorry it's not original. But I'm addicted. I've moved not long ago so it's gonna be a minute before I can take my next trip but I'm already plotting it out.
- I'm a geek. But not a nerd. I unapologetically like what I like despite it's aesthetic. I don't expect anyone else to be on board with my taste but I don't believe in irony.
- I work in television and I really love what I do. Not every day, and not all the time. But often I work on projects that make it a pleasure to go in in the morning.
- My dog is my buddy. Not my only friend because that would be depressing but it's the best part of the day when I come home and he greets me at the door.
- I'm an atheist and a liberal. Maybe people out there that would call me a "socialist"? I honestly don't think that's the case, because I veer quite far from that. But I believe that global warming is a real thing, dinosaurs existed, and that it's not weird for a man to marry another man.
- I'm happy. Most of the time.
- I think Kurt Russel is great in just about everything and I don't care what you say. Big Trouble in Little China? Yes please.
What I’m doing with my life
Slowly trying to figure out how to add traveling back into my life. Having moved in the past year has put a kink in my travel plans. And yeah - it's not news - but dang if the rent in the city isn't expensive!
The long term plan? To become an expat. Preferably somewhere warm and by the beach. I'll be playing dominoes with the locals, drink in my hand.
I’m really good at
- Making you laugh.
- Making myself laugh.
- I can make a great Bloody Mary.
- Standing on the platform where the subway doors will stop.
- Oh, you also want me on your trivia team. Just sayin'.
The first things people usually notice about me
- I have some sort of facial hair.
- If I'm lucky I'm tan from somewhere I've been.
- People have mentioned the smile.
- Other then that? Glasses, and not balding...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV: Deadwood, Party Down, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Rome, The Wire, No Reservations, Game of Thrones, Louie... quite a few now - TV shows these days have been pretty awesome. Just finished watching Twin Peaks. So good... and then it got so bad.

MOVIES: Back to the Future (1 and 2), The Wild Bunch, The Warriors, Friday, RoboCop, Rosemary's Baby, anything by Terrence Mallick... on and on and on...

BOOKS: East of Eden, Bonfire of the Vanities, Lush Life, You Can't Win, Fortress of Solitude, mostly anything by Cormac McCarthy... and plenty of guilty indulgences...

MUSIC: Bruce, Tom Petty, Dinosaur Jr., Wilie Nelson, Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Biggie, Curtis Mayfield, Ike & Tina, The Faces, Motorhead, Prince, The Smiths... And a lot of other stuff. Actually, there's not really a genre that I don't like (within reason folks... no white power or christian rock for me...)

FOOD: Hard pressed to think of food I don't like. I mean there are specifics sure... I love BBQ all kinds from everywhere... but yeah, I'm not a picky eater.
Six things I could never do without
my dog, my friends, traveling, music, seltzer... that's five but what else does a guy need?
* I've since reconsidered and have decided that without a doubt "sandwiches" are on the list
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where to travel to next. What my next work project will be. How to be happier (not unhappy, but always room for improvement...)
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe I'll grab a quick after work drink. Maybe I'll meet a friend or two or three for dinner. Or maybe I'll head over to my buddies house for a night of nerdy boardgames, beer and whiskey. But isn't Thursday the new Friday? And isn't Wednesday the new Thursday? So that makes Friday a Saturday. Right?!?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes I forget how old I am. Not as in "I'm a kid still." I honestly just forget the number.
You should message me if
- Well, you've liked what you've read so far. And that doesn't mean having the exact same interests as me. That would be boring.
- You're unpretentious.
- You don't overuse "ew".
- Geographically you're close - tristate area at least? And to all you ladies living in Russia/Ukraine/Philippines that seem to want to get in touch with me... I'm afraid it just won't work.
- You have a fun streak, a sweet streak and a mean streak (just a healthy little bit of acidity that can make for some great comedy.)
- You're honest with yourself and with other people.
- You're up for meeting in person.
- You're really not afraid of hanging out with someone who's nice and honest with you.
The two of us