44Herndon, United States
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My self-summary
2016 Update: The new format is unfamiliar but provides some new options so I'll make some minor updates.
1) Non-monogamous means my wife and I are both okay to play (especially if we're both playing) but she isn't on here with her own profile nor does she want to be. We might be considered "swingers" though we're very inactive. I am more poly-leaning and she's okay with me searching for friends (with benefits) outside of our marriage and she's okay to do that if she decides she wants to in the future. We aren't looking for triad situations (unless I'm the third of a separate triad, perhaps) but we're looking for more than just "fuck-buddies".

2) Speaking Chinese and Korean is really just a smattering of words these days. I understand some of what is said to me (depending upon subject matter) but I don't really speak either language any more.

3) Pansexual, to me, means exactly what the dictionary says. I judge a person by their character, not by their parts. If you are interesting and kind, we'll get along just fine. (Assuming you feel the same way about me.) We may not be friends with benefits (or we may) but we can definitely at least be friends.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

Currently looking for long term friend(s) with benefits. Specifically males and/or couples with males interested in male-male contact. In a perfect world I'd find a bi, poly couple I can develop a friendship with both halves and extend our friendship beyond the normal boundaries of friends.

I'm not looking for anything on the "down low" nor am I interested in sneaking around with someone else who is. If you have a significant other, they should know you have a profile here. I'm not trying to "out" you as a gay/bi male or couple with such but I'm not interested in liars or cheaters either. Yes I am married, and I'm not being a hypocrite.

Other than that, I am a work in progress. I have worked as a military linguist, an engineer, a mountain climbing instructor, a box thrower (UPS guy), an English teacher and any number of other things.

Defining who I am has taken a lifetime, so far, and I'm sure will take at least one or two more.

I am more than my job or my sexuality, but less than what I become with the Love of those I have around me. I'm a father and husband first and foremost. My children are like the sun and my world revolves around them. This also applies to my wife. Nothing else is ever put in front of their needs.

I'm active, energetic, outgoing, and generally a "glass-half-full" kind of person. I'm a realist, though, so I have varied opinions on everything. I will talk about them, if given a chance.

I'm looking for people who are comfortable being adventurous. Discussion of what that means can lead in many different directions and is driven primarily by the relationship dynamic so I'll leave it for a face to face.

I like spending a lot of time outside being active; climbing, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving or some similar form of activity. Sports are good to play but I don't watch them very often--never, actually, unless someone else has it on. I have tattoos and piercings. I don't expect the world to like me, and don't really care if it does, but I think most people who get to know me actually do.

I don't have major issues with authority, but I question it all the time. I'm raising my children to do the same, because sheeple aren't my idea of a good thing.

I am confident, engaging, and enigmatic
What I’m doing with my life
Lots of house projects... finishing the basement, adding a new deck & patio door, and a few other outdoor projects too. Anyone care to build some kayaks?
I’m really good at
I enjoy life and I like to think I'm good at helping others enjoy it too. I'm good at making people feel like they can trust me. (They can) I listen well, and I am a people person.

I'm also really good at not taking things too seriously. Life is fun and anyone who takes it too seriously will find they've missed it when it's over.
The first things people usually notice about me
These days it's generally my tattoos, or possibly the fact that I'm skinny and tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) books--these are good. All types, but especially eastern philosophy/religion, sci-fi/fantasy and pulp. Some favorites: Urban Shaman, The Art of War, Leaves of Grass, Starbeast, Shamballa-Sacred Path of the Warrior, Celestine Prophecy, The Picture of Dorian Gray, DragonLance Chronicles/Legends, Lamb, so many more.

b) movies--all types, vampire movies, chick flicks, action, comedy, whatever. Some favorites (in no particular order): Say Anything, Breakfast Club, Big Fish, Moulin Rouge, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, With Honors, Top Gun, Blade (I, II & III), A Knight's Tale, When Harry Met Sally, the Matrix, Love Actually, Ju Dou, so many more.

c) music--yes, please, as much as possible with lots of variation. Some in my collection: Prince, Madonna, Mozella, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Janet Jackson, Metallica, Beloved, Garth Brooks, The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite, The Cure, most (well known) classical, a lot of electronic music from the early 90s, so many more.

d) foods--definitely. ethiopian, indian, thai, vietnamese, korean, mediteranean, you name it

beginning to see a pattern? Variation is key.
Six things I could never do without
My family is everything

Beyond that:

Love in all its various forms,
good company,
good food,
scenery (be it art, people, trees, mountains, or oceans--scenery means things that move me spiritually through a visual medium)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How lucky I am. Life is very good for me these days.

My next house or woodworking project. I like building things.
On a typical Friday night I am
These days mostly relaxing at home with my wife though lately we are trying to organize schedules so we can get out to Entre Nous and other similar places. To be determined if we can make that happen.

Things I like to be doing on a "typical friday night" include watching movies, wood-working, or camping and making fun stories as we hike. Or sitting on the beach watching the sun set after a nice long session of surfing (or at least attempting to) and then hitting a restaurant for some good food and chatting.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Anything you have the nerve to ask me. I have no secrets in life.
You should message me if
You like conversation, wine, food, climbing, kayaking, people, hiking, dancing, sex, rainstorms, sunsets, surfing, movies, art, spontaneous and outrageous laughter, tattoos, piercings, meeting new people, eclectic music, people watching.

Or any other reason you think we might match for a friendly gathering or something more.
The two of us