41Glenshaw, United States
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My self-summary

I'm a pretty consummate geek, except that I have pretty well-developed social skills. (And, you know, I bathe.) I enjoy all sorts of geek-like things: computers, games, TV, movies, music, books, comics, anime, etc. But I also enjoy things like sports (especially football -- Go Steelers!! Go Redskins!!) and keeping up to date with politics. You can get a pretty decent list of my interests (or, at least, about 150 of them) on my LiveJournal info page; go to "{this username} dot livejournal dot com slash info". (You can also find my IM information on that page; feel free to IM me if you don't want to get in touch with me here!)

You'll note there isn't a section on here for "What am I looking for?" This is, primarily, a dating site, so how silly is that?? (And, really, the "You should message me if..." just isn't the same.) But to answer the question they haven't asked, I'm looking for an intelligent, funny, open-minded, non-smoking woman, of liberal/leftist/Democratic political bent, preferably in the Pittsburgh area, preferably part of the SCA, who is mature enough to be able to live her life responsibly and honorably, but can be immature enough at times to really enjoy it.

I am currently in two polyamorous relationships: a semi-local non-primary relationship with songspell, and a local primary relationship with a lovely lady who is not on OKCupid, to whom I became happily married on October 6, 2012. While my time is certainly limited, I am also still open to new possibilities. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you are unsure as to what polyamory is, or what this would entail.

Je ne me rappelle pas beaucoup du français -- j'ai pris quatre ans du français dans le lycée -- juste assez de dire que je peux passer et genre de confusion ma voie par la lecture il. Oui, je traduis ceci par Babelfish. Mais puisque OKCupid exige maintenant une réponse en chaque langue, ici il est.

I am geeky, insightful, and fun-loving
What I’m doing with my life

My ultimate goals are to be a contributing part of something that will make people's lives better and/or easier, and to leave the world a better place than I found it.

I am currently employed as a software developer for a company in the southeastern end of Pittsburgh.

Most of my free time is spent with friends, or engaging in one of my main hobbies:

* The SCA (a Middle Ages/Renaissance re-creation group);

* Board and card games (mostly of the European strategic variety) and role-playing games

* Going to filk or sci-fi conventions.

I’m really good at

Making people feel loved and appreciated.

Music trivia.

Games (of just about all kinds).

Funny voices. (I do a mean Kermit the Frog!)

Encouraging people to look at life in a new way.

The first things people usually notice about me

Aside from the ponytail that goes down to my waist? Very few people believe me when I tell them my age. Most people tend to place me in the 30-33 range. Apparently, this is included in both the way I look and the way I act; I've been told that I act somewhat more "youthful" (note: not "immature") than my age.

IrishMonaLisa writes: That he is smart & very sweet, gives great backrubs, and will work his cute butt off if he believes something needs to be done. :)

cassildra writes: Aside from his hair, his sense of humor and great smile is what caught my eye first. (Well, that and the codpiece, of course, but that's what you get when you meet a man in his SCA comedy troupe garb on Halloween!)

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Books: Just about anything by Douglas Coupland, Peter David, Ervin Laszlo, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Stasheff, Catherynne Valente or Roger Zelazny.

Movies: Sci-fi and fantasy, as well as just about anything animated, but I also enjoy a good political drama (The Tom Clancy movies, for example) or comedy. My tastes are very eclectic.

TV shows: Heroes, Sports Night, West Wing, The Newsroom, Babylon 5, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy, Transformers, Flash, Arrow, Deadliest Catch and Animaniacs. Again, eclectic tastes; it's kind of a theme.

Music: I like at least some music from just about every genre (yes, even some country and some rap), but my favorite genre is filk (amateur geek folk music). If you're unfamiliar with what filk is, feel free to ask and I'll happily talk to you about it. And if you ask, I might even be willing to get out my guitar and sing for you one or two of the songs I've written. Some of my favorite filk/modern folk artists, for those of you familiar with the genre: Jonathan Coulton, Seanan McGuire, Tom Smith, S.J. Tucker, and the duo Vixy and Tony.

Foods: My favorite type of food is probably sushi, but I'll try just about anything. The two things I distinctly do not like are tofu (it's a long story, but it's both a taste and texture thing) and cilantro (I am lacking the gene that makes it not taste unpleasantly like soap).

Six things I could never do without

The perfect shade of purple that spreads across the sky in that one instant in the middle of a sunset.

The sound of innocent laughter.

The feel of a cool breeze across your face on a warm summer day.

The smell just before a thunderstorm.

The taste of a cold drink of water after a hot day outside.

The warmth that comes from the knowledge that you are surrounded by the people you love.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where I am in life, what I want from life now and in the future, and how to go about getting it without hurting or ignoring the people I care about.

The world around me and my place in it.

On a typical Friday night I am
Either hanging out with my friends -- probably at an impromptu board-game party at my place -- or driving somewhere for an SCA event or a filk or sci-fi convention. Either that, or enjoying a relaxing evening with my wife where neither of us need to go anywhere, and we proclaim our allegiance to the glorious nation of Nopantsistan.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me. There are some things I keep secret, but anything else might make for a good opening for a conversation.
You should message me if

You just should.

Yes, you.

I don't bite.

...well, OK, maybe I bite. But you have to ask nicely.

The two of us