32Perth, Australia
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My self-summary
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII there. (hiiiiii Kyle, they say in the meeting)
well, im twenty something. I was raised in a booming mining town and fled eagerly to the city to rid myself of the stink of ore. I dig jazz, twentieth century poetry and knitting. i find myself currently living in a fibro shotgun shack in suburbia.
I walk a lot. I like to walk and take things in, recit poems to myself or sing old negro spirituals as i preambulate through paddocks or along the beach. I hate politics. I love paddocks. I love my guitar, love playing it, shit, i love the smell of the damn thing. My family are my friends and my friends are a family. God thats cheesy.

I am smooth, silky, and managable
What I’m doing with my life
Taking a medically advised sabbatical which I am using to write and doing stand up as often as I can. Some people collect lego and old coke bottles and I try to make drunken idiots laugh by doing something they can't do themselves.
I’m really good at
very very few things. I love to play guitar and trumpet but suck heedlessly at both. I am an avid reader of poetry and a part time writer. Trust you me i am a much better reader than i am a writer. I love to cook and have a habit of feeding people whether they like it or not. ahhhhh.....come on. ok so sell myself. I love the ocean more than most things, and love nothing more than lazy Sundays with the girl i (could possibly) love (should she exist), waking up, cooking breakfast and spending time before heading to the beach and getting burned. I am great at situation resolution and am not afraid of snakes or spiders. I do a mean impersonation of William Burroughs and have actually fooled Irish people with my fake irish accent. (the trick is to say "fierce craic" and "your man" alot)
The first things people usually notice about me
It used to be my hair. But now i guess my abrasive toe-that-line humour that people find so damn...well, horrible, most people find it horrible. But they laugh. Its like presenting yourself as a dartboard for your friends. You say the mind-bendingly un-PC things they wont and they get a jolly good giggle out of it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
oh christ...this question. ummmm. Favourite books is kinda easy. I love Hemingway, James Joyce, Arthur Rimbaud. Baudelaire and De Quincy, James Baldwin, Yukio Mishima, Chester Himes, Arthur Miller (you dirty dog you). But i dig most on my beat poets and writers. Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Corso. That kind of thing. I love e.e.cummings to recite. And comics...I read A LOT of comics.

I will watch any movie once, and then as many times as i want if its good; Brick was a brilliant film, any muppets movie, although I prefer the first one, the new one was brilliant. Lot of great English cinema happening at the moment, films like dead man walking and submarine, this is England. And I love Australian cinema, most any film made in Australia. Autoluminescent: the Rowland S Howard doco (actually I watch a fuckload of documentaries nowadays KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!) And I love Doctor Who, and I am okay with that. I dig Harold and Maude, Network, Twin Peaks (anything Lynch) and the work of Wes Anderson.

My music taste it pretty broad, Everything from American 1930 - 1950's blues. Jazz (the bop era, Davis, Mingus, Coltrane & Monk) Bob Dylan and David Peel and the Holy Modal Rounders. Tom Waits and the Stooges and Nick Cave and The bad seeds/grinderman/the birthday party, Rowland S Howard is my hero. The scientists, the triffids. lets just say anything from the seventies and eighties Australian punk scene.

And Paul Kelly. Always Paul Kelly.

I could on like this for days.
Six things I could never do without
6. Tea/beer
5. a good scarf
4. a copy of bringing it all back home by Bob Dylan
3. my guitar
2. Walt Whitman
1. the love of a beautiful woman or a fine cigar.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
other peoples mortality. The rising price of train tickets. Where to go when i have worked for fifteen years straight and get long service leave. Why people vote. The dreary nature of the post office. The word menses. practically within a coffee house. e.e. cummings and ezra pound having a stoush, what i would look like with red hair. The never ending list of things i s should be thinking about instead of what i am actually thinking about right now.
On a typical Friday night I am
On the ever lasting search for a bar, where they play the Clash and there is a pool table, and i can smoke and drink and play pool at the same time. Its all i ask, can it be that hard?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have terrible habits when i am asleep.

Also I sleep naked...Not at home, just at other peoples houses.
You should message me if
you like messaging people and cant sleep unless you do. seriously. message me if you like what you read. if you dont like it, message me to tell me why.
The two of us