69Saint Charles, United States
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My self-summary
333 - only half bad.
Widowed emptynester, just me and my black poodle; difficult to photograph because she is so dark.

Retired airline agent. My airline, a U.S. national carrier ceased operations in Aug. 1986. Same name emerged in 1994 - the one with the wildlife on the tails, name only, not the same airline. IMHO it would appear UAL definitely mishandled that poor passenger and dragged him off the airplane at Ohare.

Grinds my gears - 'TARMAC' (short for tarmacadam) a road surface pioneered by John L McAdam around 1820. It makes me cringe when I hear somebody on the news use that word when speaking of an airport. I worked 5 different airports and only one, Pueblo, CO, had an actual tarmac, and we still called it 'the ramp'. Big airports have concrete where the airliners park by the terminal gates. Don't think you will ever hear an airline person call it anything but, 'the ramp'. I know, ramp suggests an incline, but the airport ramp is a flat surface. Another proper term would be apron. I park my car on the tarmac (asphalt parking lot) at the mall. Next time you fly out of LAX or similar, look out the window and see if it's a tarmac, or is it concrete pavement by the terminal.

Viet Nam veteran and I never ever heard anybody over there call the place Vietnaaaaaam. "Hey man, how long you been in the Nom' ?" "Where you from back in 'the world'?" Hate it when 'the politicos say it all wrong. Hate it when that do nothing teaparty congress that got elected by good citizens who did not vote, votes down EVERY single veterans program. Bunch of schmucks :( :( :(

I know French but am really rusty. I remember some Vietnamese. I know just enough in several languages to get my face slapped.

Still like rock and roll music, R&B , blues and classic rock. Thought I would never say this but starting to develop a taste for C&W and even some of the hiphop is ok. Modern c&w songs often feature guitar riffs from 80s classic rock songs, but the singer mostly sings thru his/her nose. Not all sing thru the nose but most do.

Moderate politics, registered republican, but cannot stand the current regressive agenda. Even tho I don't care for Trump(Hitler), I do like the $hit storm he has created among the gop. Cannot come up with 3 things the gops did to benefit the middle class since Eisenhower. That's a challenge to anybody that may read this.
It sickens me that so many of the voters who elected president Obama twice, stayed home in 2010 and 2014 and again in 2016 allowing Hitler to get elected and easy victory for those gop morons to take control of both houses of congress. Just can't believe so many good Americans would believe that the same schmuck that has made a living screwing people is all of the sudden going to save the middle class. Disgusted by the religious wingnuts trying to undermine separation of church and state. They have turned the GOP into the american taliban. Hate the gop war on women. GOP = Greedy Ole Pricks. One more thing. Can't stand Rush 'Limbag'. Hate it that his tripe is broadcast over armed forces radio for gullible, homesick GIs to hear and worse yet, believe it. Whew! ! ! Stepping down off the soap box now. Almost forgot - they should arrest Nugent and detain him at gitmo. While I was serving in Viet Nam, 'Nooj' was crapping himself so he wouldn't have to go in the armed forces. Some patriot he is ...NOT ! ! !
Used to think he was a pretty good musician too. Shame on me. :(

Church. Yes, and I'm in the choir, too. I do not and will not listen to their drivel about Obama. Haters should not disguise their racism with religion.

I am calm, cool under fire, and sexy

I'm gonna live the life I love and I'm gonna love the life I live.
What I’m doing with my life
Retired early due to the Bush economy. Doing a part time DJ biz. Got a wedding, a mitzva, picnic, office party coming up? Pretty fair guitar player and bass player. Would like to play in a blues band.

I ride a bicycle alot in nice weather and also not so nice, and hot days too. I ride lots of miles along with my next door neighbor and often more riders with us on a dusty ex railroad on lots of 100° days. We often skinny dip in an abandoned quarry pond. We never seem to have towels and we lie naked and air dry on a big slab. My neighbor has a nice little hot tub with a privacy fence and he has me all the time. It's quite intimate and enjoyed in any weather. We have often popped a bottle of wine, or three and often more. Very nice when it is snowing, so nice and cozy.

Play some golf, single, two and foursome. Like to shoot clays with a 12gauge, fishing, cooking out with family and friends. My best fishing expedition I reeled in a 28" channel cat on a Canadian night crawler. Angling for bass with crank bait is my favorite way to fish.

Have DJ'd lots of weddings and company office parties, Halloween parties, graduation parties, parking lot parties and dinner/dances, a pool party, and several large birthday parties. Recently did a New Years Eve. Need much more DJ work. Did a high school ball and have done other school events. I have done 2 Quinceañeras. Did a celebration of life party for a guy whose wife died and she wanted a party with drinking and dancing. Some shindig it was ! ! !
The Bollywood wedding was huge. Mild estimate 500 guests. Key word - ELEGANCE!!! Only one mild hicup. Found out well into the gig that they like it loud. Not used to turning it up till after the dinner. Have done several weddings where I did the music for the actual wedding ceremony as well as the reception.
Did a 1968 class reunion!!! It was a total riot! Got to play my favorite music for people that liked it too. Also did a 76 reunion. Will be doing a 67 reunion this year.
I’m really good at
Being a DJ is 99% preparation, 1% perspiration. I put alot of thought and work into preparing for every DJ job. I love doing DJ gigs. I am told I am a very good DJ. I live by 'under promise, over deliver'.

Also was good at my full time job. They said I would be missed there. Right! ...Anytime you are wondering how much you would be missed, just stick your hand in a bucket of water, pull it out, and measure the space left when your hand was removed. That's how much they miss me.

Good at plumbing, electric, light carpentry, intermediate auotmotive mechanics - all the stuff you need to be a home owner. I just hate paying somebody to do something I can do myself. I built the deck around my pool(see photos).

I have become somewhat of an IT tech. I revived several dead desktops, and laptops. My son was real proud of me and dubbed me an honorary IT person. I just breathed life into my neighbor's laptop. He is very tech savvy and was unable to get it going. It runs like it did when it was new. I also brought my next door neighbor's mom's laptop back to life, as well. She was so happy with it, and grateful. When she got it all full of malware and it locked up I got it back up again... and again. Ok well each time she gets it gummed up. LOL

Also playing guitar - pretty fair player, also bass.
The first things people usually notice about me
Blue eyes, especially noticeable when I am wearing blue. I have been told I have smooth great skin, and minimal body hair. Warm, ice breaking personality.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a - technical, adventure, biography, travel

b - Animal House, Dr. Strangelove, The Commitments, Beavis & Butthead do America, Blues Bros.I & II, Fargo, Big Lebowski, Lincoln Lawyer, Mud.

c - Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, R&R, Motown,Southern Rock ,alot of obscure stuff that didn't get lots of airplay. Fave singer of all time: Male - Marvin Gaye, Female - Gladys Knight. Favorite song of all time - Ain't Too Proud To Beg by the Temptations. Fave group 'Steely Dan'. Love how they got their name from a jumbo erotic toy.

d - prime rib, BBQ, Italian, Sea food, comfort food, fresh fruit, mainly citrus, kiwi, strawberries, pineapples, mangos. Tomato lover, too.

Favorite TV shows - NCIS (all), Rachel Madow, Hawaii Five-o, Bob's Burgers, Venture Brothers, Rick and Morty, Superjail.
Six things I could never do without
Small things like warm rain showers, courteous drivers, lightening fast internet, a big v8 responding to my foot on the gas pedal. Big things like loving family, my friendly, helpful, wonderful neighbor.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The first time I will need to use algebra.
Obama never came for my guns. LMAO.
Trump coming for my social security (not kidding)
Those morons who elected Herr Trump will be blaming Obama the first time things start going south in the new american nazi regime. Love the way he casts blame when things fall apart. And all the Russian connections that surround his administration.

Finding Jimmy Hoffa.
I have a theory about that actually.

Music, the blues band I would like to play in

A new skill I would like to learn - tantric sex, lucid dreams, HVAC

What my life would have been like if the airlines had not been deregulated.

trip I would like to take.
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking for love in all the wrong places.

My ideal Friday night I am working a DJ gig somewhere and hopefully one where they dig my favorite kind of music, blues, R n' B, Classic Rock and 80s. I'm current with all the pop and hiphop so that's not a big deal.
Often go out to see a band with someone that likes blues, classic rock and old time rock n' roll, too. Hate going alone, but sometimes I do. Often my bicycle trail riding neighbor goes with me as he also like blues and rock. Once in awhile I get to sit in with a band when they know me.

Do some studio recording. A little 'blue eyed soul'. Watch TV shows.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was doing laundry and came upstairs and to be startled by my next door neighbor who was seated at my kitchen table waiting for me,...along with his mother and two boyfriends. With the noise of the washer I did not hear them come in. I was naked except for flip flops on my feet. My penis rose to the occasion and and one can imagine the expressions on their faces. Their jeers and catcalls flustered me. I didn't know his friends yet (not the best conditions to meet and impress new friends). The incessant humiliation for my nudity, especially my upright penis, in a room full of people with clothing, only added to my predicament. They just kept razzing me about my hardon and with all their attention he just throbbed all the more. I made such an dreadful impression on Cody and Stephen, my neighbor's friends, that I bet they called me 'boner boy'. After that I just dreaded facing William's mom, Stephen or Cody, and I simply avoided them until I ran into William's mother at the supermarket. She was with Peter, a very attractive older gentleman; maybe a little curvy but still a very nice build; not too tall, just right. She introduced him to me. He looked at me as if he had x-ray vision so I presumed William's mother obviously briefed him about my ‘kitchen exposition’. As Peter gave me the eye I could feel he was mentally undressing me and as he focused intently on my crotch he made me bone up . He seemed pleased to see me swell up knowing he was the reason for my flushed red face and my erect penis bulging my pants out. He winked, puckered and signaled his OK. A few days later Peter called me and he mentioned our introduction at the grocery store. I was excited that he called. He chuckled about my boner and asked me out. I was so giddy and flattered and I readily accepted. I was so anxious to be alone with him. They say 'candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker' and that worked nicely for Peter. He took certain indecent liberties, exploited my submissiveness, and had his way with me. That is another story. He took me out several more times (actually he still does)...'man-dates', get it? ... LOL Peter still is...getting it.
You should message me if
In hot weather you like to brake for, honk at (tee hee), whistle at, and ogle sexy old men straddling a tiny bicycle seat, scantilly clad, permitting you a view of a tight sexy ass, bulging crotch, and showing off a nicely defined outline of sexy male parts. Oh my, my ! ! !

You enjoy Bike riding on nature trails taking long walks.

You like airplanes, airline trivia, railroads classic cars.

You like music, blues, classic rock, oldies, R&B.Motown, Southern Rock.
The two of us