30Düsseldorf, Germany
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My self-summary
Hey Guys! I'm slowly redoing this profile so bear with me - I recently opened it back up after 5+ years and since moving around quite a bit (Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Vienna, Toronto, NYC, and now finally Berlin!)

At the moment there is a lot below of what was here previously, clearly I really knew who I was back then, OR I have not evolved at all as a human being - take your pick... ;) But, eventually this will all be updated to a more current self-portrayal ... but you get point!

I'm a bubbly, effervescent type of person (apparently I'm champagne)
I'm generally outgoing, fun loving, and up for anything. I'm happy to be living life and pursuing my dreams. I love to be silly and have loads of fun however, my discipline (see below) keeps me very disciplined in the way I lead my life.... I love to laugh and make light of situations - life is stressful enough already, eh? ps. I'm Canadian:)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an opera singer! - I work freelance and am therefore quite at liberty in my day to day life when I'm not on a contract. I'm extremely grateful and privileged to do what I do professionally. It's my work, but more so my passion, my life, my everything - for better or for worse.
I’m really good at
-being silly
-looking on the bright side

-packing quickly
-living out of suitcases
-turning suitcases and shoeboxes into fully functioning closet/drawer space

things i'm bad at:

-falling asleep (what if i miss something!)
The first things people usually notice about me
haha! my eyes? nope, not really. I wish...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV: "The Mindy Project" is my favorite thing on TV - I'm in love with this show... But I like most series' that are just plain silly and bonus points when they are also smart and witty (a la 30 Rock)
-Modern Family, 30 Rock, Mindy Project, New Girl, The Office etc.

I also enjoy really terrible reality TV, but I won't even type an example of a title because it's too shameful. #guiltypleasure #thinkBRAVO

Books: Non-fiction, whatever fascinates me at the moment... However, it takes a lot to hold my attention. I own a lot of half read books.... ok, half might be ambitious...

Movies: I'll almost always choose watching series (see above) over movies. In general I like funny movies. When I sit down to watch a movie I usually just want to be entertained and not so much intellectually provoked... so I tend to go for lighter fare. However there is a time and place for everything... when something is truly amazing, obviously I will want to see/experience that of course. Oh, and scary movies, never ever! ... If you can get me to watch one, well that's love.
Recently, Grand Budapest Hotel was just so freaking charming. I loved it.

Food: Where do I even start, I love everything! You'd be hard pressed to find food I don't enjoy... Add good wine or
proper cocktails to the equation and I'm in heaven.
Six things I could never do without
-my family
-my friends
-my health
-my voice
-the ocean
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My goals in life... what I truly want (ever changing), and how to get there.
You should message me if
- you're an awesome, intelligent person that I absolutely must meet
right now!

-you speak German and want to help someone desperately in need of
becoming fluent!?

- you are enthusiastic about any of the following: Old fashioned libations, coffee in any of it's glorious forms, Brunch, sitting in the sunshine, Opera, Classical Music or Jazz, traveling , being near or on the water, nutrition (no, I'm not vegan) , general well being and vitality, getting outside, completing a bucket list, cooking (I'm terrible, so you can teach me!)
Disclaimer: If you are generally enthused by pretty much anything, most likely I will want to hear about it and why it is so awesome - maybe I have been missing out my entire life!

- You want to learn how to sail with me, or you already know how to and would like to teach me...
The two of us