69 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
Active, working, - intuitive, adventurous-can build the wings on the way down
-extrovert-intuitive-feeling-perceiving type.
Compassionate and empathetic but solution-oriented; competitive and analytical enough. HT: 5' 8" WT 170#
I think in pictures and hear in broadband.
I lead with the heart-the process is just as important as the solution
. I have a red " s" on my chest but it is small.. Music-our jazz station died-I enjoy a wide range of music.
Time is the treasure-the enemy-your friend.
Its all about your heart; the rest is just details
. Mercy triumphs over judgment
. I currently work with parole officers to help ex-felons find housing. In the 70s, I lived a communal lifestyle and worked in the Episcopal churches Vietnamese resettlement program. I had an organic garden which helped feed 8 people. Enjoyed working for 14 yrs in the mortgage industry and the same amount in property management where I managed small to midsized apartment buildings for owners where I have just about seen it all.
You dont have a grid for me.
There is no plan but the next adventure is around the corner. The directions are: strap yourself in and hold on-catch your breath if you can.
how does your faith influence your life/decisions/future?
Wine and sunsets are an option and so is going to Africa and working in food and water efforts--short term. We have not been given this existence/experience/journey just to entertain ourselves.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a christian who is in process-working on inner healing--i can hear--it is getting better --i can see-and it is getting better-
seeing and hearing==you say what--the invisible-HIS voice-HIS hand-HIS love for me—
ALSO--its OK if you lead--i can follow--i can ask why later-YOU SEE- I can trust Gods direction in you just as you would in me--its called ""shared/sharing"
My challenge and joy is to discover gods gifts/gifting in you as a fellow creature
I am a non-typical male--
it has seemed to me as I have been around the male species-that I am half wired with female characteristics--feeling perceptive--in Myer-Briggs—I think in males is only 5%- and a touchy feely type which is an important part of how I communicate i am an
EIFP==extrovert--intuitive ==feeling ==preceiver

My primary love languages are touch----quality time ----affirmations

what are yours?
The first things people usually notice about me
high energy--risk taker-optimistic-flexible-compromiser as long as we do it my way--veiled humor
You should message me if
you have read--and understand the velveteen rabbit---

if you talk about your scars/ failures/weaknesses---then i know you are real