65Denver, United States
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My self-summary
ATTENTION...Please read my profile first before emailing me. Recently, OK Cupid added some new categories to Relationship Status and Relationship Type. Although myself and many others feel the changes don't go far enough, some including myself feel it's a start. So I chose the open relationship status and strictly non-monogamous for relationship type. Specifically, I'm in a married committed poly relationship with a lovely woman I live with where we're both free to explore other types of relationships with like minded people . I also have LDRs (Long Distance Relationships) with two women who are friends in New Mexico. I met my wife and one of my LDRs through OKC. I would love to connect with another local poly or poly friendly woman.The biggest challenge I have is finding local women to date- why does OKC have almost always the same women in the metro Denver area show up as a match when they're not? I'm sure others experience this as well. My preference is a small number of quality romantic relationships over dating a large number of people. I'm grateful to have found a local woman on here I married who's taken to truly being polyamorous-we consider ourself to be in a primary relationship yet free to date and have relationships with others. We're blues music lovers and we're often found at blues music shows, festivals and in Memphis every January for the IBC(International Blues Challenge). We're also involved in New Thought spirituality and regularly attend Mile Hi Church in Lakewood when we're home. We've become road trippers and have a Facebook community page. Perhaps we'll be traveling through your area? We've been members of a NVC(Non-Violent Communication) weekly practice group, active in the local poly community as well as connected with others in other states, devotees of HAI(Human Awareness Institute), New Thought spirituality and spiritual counseling. If these appeal to you and you feel we'd connect, let's talk and see where it leads.
Like many poly people, I'm attracted to many different types of people where we add value to each other lives. I am a LASS-a self created set of four words I devised and embrace. L stands for Love, A for And. Perhaps you can figure out what the two S's stand for? Actually, they can stand for several different words with varied meanings. Think I was influenced by Lenny Bruce and George Carlin regarding language and semantics.

I've had to put this in again because many aren't reading my profile. Unless you've put in your profile that you're polyamorous or poly curious or poly friendly or are in an open relationship or open to one or answer questions on here that indicate you are, I don't know whether you are so please be honest so we don't waste each others valuable time. If you are, then let's meet asap for coffee/tea and see if we have the chemistry to meet again. Will travel to meet well matched poly women especially in the southwest, SF Bay Area, SoCal, Phoenix area, Oregon/Washington, Gulf coast Florida, Philadelphia. Spiritual, Relationship Radical, polyamorous, polysexual, relationship oriented, high energy, intelligent, love deep conversations, music especially the blues(I am "The Blues Connector", "if you dig the blues, you won't have the blues"), eclectic, interesting, love to travel, looking for open relationships in the Denver metro area where we connect intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, love to joke, kid, self-deprecating humor, value true friendships From My Facebook Profile: Extrovert, high energy, intense, great knowledge of music,spiritual(new thought-science of mind) but open to absorbing more into my heart;intensely love american roots music

If you are a financially secure poly woman who has the resources and time to travel for poly events, blues music cruises and festivals, HAI workshops, see friends, explore, etc,
let's talk. I'm an experienced traveller and was a Tour Director/Manager and Tour Guide for a well known company.

I am Spiritual, polyamorous, and Intelligent

Attend a NVC(Non-Violent Communication) Practice Group every week
NOTICE...... I am devoted to expanding love & joy on our planet and believe that polyamory & polysexuality are a more workable alternative than what most of us were brought up to believe or have had modeled poorly. The truth is love is abundant but most of us manifest it as a scarce resource. And we hoard our sexuality as well. Especially with all the great relationship communication skills available to all of us.If this is what you believe or are open to, message me.

I'm not into many things that many poly people are into so if these are deal breakers for you I understand. I'm not bi or into heavy BDSM( kink,fetishes okay-I am a switch and open to exploring that with others), tattoos(although I've increasingly grown to like them on women). If you want to call me poly vanilla or vanilla poly, I'll own it! I am interested in sacred sexuality, cuddle parties, Non-Violent Communication & other communication paradigms,New thought Spirituality, blues music, interesting provocative conversations, collaboration. I am very much interested in expanding poly into the mainstream and being more aligned with other lifestyle communities(i.e, swinging). Although poly & other open relationships are my authentic way, I honor where others are at. Believe in each of us being aligned with our full well-being and honoring that.
What I’m doing with my life
Long road trips. My wife and I love traveling. we recently upgraded to a Toyota Tundra 4X4 Crewcab towing a Lance Travel Trailer. We have a travel facebook page as well as a Facebook travel group we created in June 2015. Have traveled 33,000 miles on 5 road trips since November 2013. Our next 90 day road trip begins Labor Day weekend 2015. National Parks/monuments, state parks, dry camping/boondocking/dispersive camping , poly friends existing and new, museums, blues music shows/festivals, restaurants, HAI workshops, Poly meet ups and events. Establishing new relationships, expanding spirituality, enhancing others lives, learning more about polyamory,active in several poly discussion groups in Colorado, participating in Cuddle Parties, blues music events, travel. Loved 2012/2013/2014 Poly Living In Philadelphia, 2014 & 2015 Rocky Mountain Poly Living, 2012/2013 Poly Retreat in NY. Poly activist-member of Poly Leadership Network(PLN) & Loving More fundraising & marketing commitee. My partner and I volunteered at the Loving More booth at Denver Pride and walked in the parade June 2014 & 2015. Extremely passionate about everyone's relationship choices being acknowledged, protected & honored. So I love connecting with others who are like minded in this area. If you're financially able and have the time to travel with us, contact me!
I’m really good at
Interesting Conversation, Eclectic Humor, Meeting New People,Listening, Being Spontaneous, Openness, making up new terms, phrases not likely to ever become part of the English language, being Passionate, honoring boundaries
The first things people usually notice about me
positive energy, intelligence,caring,fun,interesting,eclectic,extremely unique
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Tuesdays With Morrie" "The Four Agreements" "The Fifth Agreement" 'Opening Up" "The Ethical Slut" "Love Without Limits" "What Does Polyamory Look Like?" "The 5 Love Languages" Annie Hall Vickie Christina Barcelona Midnight in Paris Cinema Paradiso Gone with The Wind Beatles Stones Dylan Tab Benoit, almost all blues & other roots music Joni Mitchell Mexican Italian Seafood American Oriental
Six things I could never do without
Friends & Relationships of all types
Spirituality including Meditation, Alone Time
Love, Heart Connection, Vulnerability, Sex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Spreading love, joy and happiness in the world through connection,, finding several poly partners in the Denver metro area as well as LDR, Sex, Music, Travel,Spirituality,Friends & Lovers. My main partner and I have just started watching Sister Wives and discussed the possibilities of others living and traveling with us if we connect in a polyamorous household community. We are both hetero normative so aren't fixated on finding the elusive unicorn.
On a typical Friday night I am
There isn't a typical Friday night!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me!
You should message me if
If we're a 90% match or more, you're non-monogamous and looking for a flexible relationship with the possibility of developing further. You're looking for a poly married man you can date in Denver metro, open to a LDR if outside Front range Colorado, are polyamorous, poly curious, a spiritual polyamorist,into open relationships or fine if your partner is that way, sensual, sexual, caring unconventional,people person,love conversations,love music(especially blues and other roots music),love travel,love self empowerement experiental programs, SPONTANEOUS, into OHC(Open Honest Communication), a switch like me, INTEGRITY, ,spiritual,LOVING,ACCEPTING,expanding your awareness, LOVE YOURSELF, have taken NVC(Non-Violent Communication) programs or wanting to, love Byron Katie. If you're interested in attending monthly poly potlucks hosted by our poly household in the western part of Lakewood CO. If you'd like to go on road trips with us and have your own vehicle. If you love
blues music
The two of us