35 San Diego, United States
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I'm a walking contradiction. I'm a lil bit country, unless I have my boots on then I'm a lot a bit country :). Part hippie, but I love my Harley. Total beach bum and tattoo artist. Love going on adventures even if it's just a local hike. I dream big and love bigger. I think 100% honesty is a lie and 90 percent honesty is total truth. Scorpion and the frog is my favorite fable. I once lost a game of pool to a one armed man. I have a love hate relationship with money. I wanna be in love but I wanna be free. I love to travel. Nothing beats the look in the eyes of a woman whose man knows how to make her happy. Read into that what ever you like. I'm very social but at time can be a recluse. I love being outdoors and also love my video games. I sometimes like being lost. It's fun to go crazy, makes life more interesting. Age is a state of mind, and mine changes daily. I love my dreads so deal with it, I worked super hard on them and yes they are very clean( no dirty hippie here) . Skinny dipping is Awsome and sometimes better if you might get caught haha, I like to get into a lil but of trouble from time to time. At this point if your still reading then shoot me a message and let's go have fun :)
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MONOGAMY..... I'm not so sure!?! When your single long enough, you start analyzing your relationships. What works what doesn't work. Try to improve yourself and become more functional in a monogamous relationship. Thing is repeating the same thing over and over expecting things to change is pure insanity. When someone is addicted to drugs we don't suggest that they try to get healthy by doing the drugs differently or simply try other drugs. If someone is an alcoholic we don't suggest they switch from hard liquor to beer. So if something doest work we should simply stop that behavior and move in a new direction all together. Statistically, divorce rates are at an all-time high. Watching my friends, it seems like most people are having about the same luck that I am having. Looking back thru time. As a society and a race, we have continuously evolved to keep with the changing time and to improv our quality of life. When things stop working we move on to the new and improved idea. For all intensive purposes, from what I can tell, marriage was an institution that suppressed woman. Even more made them property of the man they marry. No wonder we are at an all time high with divorce now that women have equal rights. Women are no longer property, they have their own careers, money, and lives. So they don't have to stay in a marriage that they are not happy in. With that in mind I wonder how it is that women still desire to be part of an institution that was originally and even still today oppresses woman. More than that there have been studies to suggest that it is not our nature to be monogamous in the first place. When you think about it, even when marriage was working, how many marriages were truly successfully monogamous. I doubt many. In those days women didn't have the options to leave that they have now. It seems to me that marriage is an outdated institution. Its clearly not working. So why are we still trying so hard to make it work. Why are we trying so hard to force ourselves into a box that clearly doesn't fit and goes against our true nature. Well a few reasons that I can think of. We don't wanna be judged. Religious people would have you believe you'll go to hell. Some people would call a woman promiscuous. Some would refer to a man as a player. I think sex is one of the leading causes of dishonesty in any relationship. If you think back on personal experience I'll bet you find this to be true. So how do we eliminate this dishonesty? Well a man that knows himself can be trusted. This is because a man that is honest with himself about who he is can be honest with those around him the same way. If we stop creating unrealistic expectations of ourselves and those around us then we free ourselves to actually be happy together. This comes to accepting that like everything else that we have done overtime we need to evolve our relationships. It is the one thing that has stayed the same for thousands of years. Today those that live outside those lines are chastised or looked down on. Sad thing is those people outside the lines seem to be truly happy in whatever type of relationship they are in. So how do we evolve our relationships? I have no idea. I'm not saying that I am not capable of monogamy, it just hasn't worked. So why keep trying it. I feel like there has to be something better out there that will work. How that starts...... thats anyones guess. Not like you can just go ask a girl "hey you wanna be a swinger," or "hey you wanna be on a poly amorous relationship?". Not saying thats what I want. Im just saying I'm tired of beating my head against the wall trying to make something work that society as a whole is clearly demonstrating does not work. Don't get me wrong I'm a hopeless romantic. I just don't think our lives a structured to have the same types of relationships that people used to in the old days. So I wanna find a way that a relationship does work in todays world where I can still be the hopeless romantic. What ever that might be I'm open to ideas. Let me know your thoughts if you read this far. I'm interested to see what others think about this. As always thanks for reading my rants.
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