33Stockholm, Sweden
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My self-summary
I'm into philosophy, mysticism and language.

I have found that I'm the most content about the world if I view life as a hilarious comedy that you sometimes, or on some level, have to take seriously. But mostly not.

I might be a writer, but it's not like it's my day job. (I've actually published an urban fantasy novel about occult mushrooms or something. Not yet a famous superstar apparently.)

I don't believe real life is to be taken too literally. I try to interpret my waking life kind of like I would interpret a dream, and this makes everything way more interesting.

I think that if I was on Friends, I would be Phoebe.

I don't really believe in anything that is not paradoxical. It seems like the ultimate conclusion you have to draw from logical reasoning, is that logic is not reasonable.
What I’m doing with my life
I have had a lot of interesting adventures that will not fit in this box. I used to be quite depressed but now I am what some might call ridiculously optimistic.

I've been hooked on the whole spiritual path thing. I embrace several predictable flower power slogans. I believe in every faith including science.

I studied German, English, Swedish and Biblical Hebrew at a couple of different universities. Right now I work for an organic food company and in my spare time I write novels that don't get published. (Unless you count the ones that do.)

I don't very much enjoy traveling on the material plane, although I have once backpacked alone in India to prove a point. So from now on I will explore the universe with the heart and soul and mind, and not so much the feet. But yeah there will be a trip to Peru.
I’m really good at
Many things good and bad.

Good: I'm good at opening up. Bad: I'm sometimes too good at ranting. (But I take no offense when people remind me to get to the point.)

Good: I'm super good at giving film recommendations. Bad: I have seen too many films. There are hardly any good ones left it seems.

Good: I like friendly sarcasm (with an emphasis on friendly) and unusual analogies. Bad: Many people do not like sarcasm and unusual analogies.

Good: Puns. Bad: Puns.

Good: I'm great at maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Bad: Sometimes it drives people crazy that nothing drives me crazy.

Good: My mind is perfectly stuffed full of various trivia of more or less relevance to anything. (I'm not sure why that's good but surely it is!?) Bad: I can't find any of it intentionally, it pops up by some mechanism of the mind which is unknown to me, so it's not really ever useful.
The first things people usually notice about me
THE BEARD. I have a religious beard which is the key to my magic powers. According to legend, I will not cut or even trim the beard until the right person demands it.

And now on to the old answer, which is no longer valid since the beard has by now gotten so epic that it paralyzes people's minds and makes everything else about me irrelevant and forgettable to the casual observer:

I am really tall and have a deep but quiet voice. I buy my clothes second-hand. Since I came back from India I also have an increasingly epic beard. (Lately I've had to start braiding it so I don't trip on it.)

I like to hug people. (People notice this.)

Edit: I gave up waiting for the right person, and just trimmed the beard. Retained some of the magic powers.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The short version: House of Leaves, Requiem for a Dream, Breaking Bad, Pink Floyd, and chocolate.


My song right now is "A Dream in Blue":

I'm also a huge fan of Prisoner: Cell Block H, and the directors Lukas Moodysson and Darren Aronofsky. I am a bit of an admirer of Martin Luther King Jr (original, I know) and Philip K Dick.

Here's a longer list of some random stuff I find awesome. Pink Floyd The Wall, Community, Twin Peaks, Kultiration, Before Sunrise and sequels, Riget, The Knife, Monty Python, Silent Hill (1,2,3 and 0, hated 4, 5 and the film), The Crow, Thåström, Lexx, Cube, the Marathon trilogy, Pi, Tarantino, Star Trek, Natural Born Killers, Eminem (selected works), Heathers, Poe (singer and writer both), Shpongle, musicals in general and Rent in particular...

I used to be a gamer, but I've kind of turned my back on technology. Now I enjoy boardgames, playing pool, and walking in the woods. I grew up in a tiny village, I guess you can't take the country out of the villager even though I live within the subway system now. (Not literally within the subway. Although the thought does have a slight allure.)
Six things I could never do without
Turns out there are none.

But, fine. #1: MY FRIENDS! #2-6: my guitar, music in general, books, water, and magic.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"What is real? How real is it? How does it matter?" Mystical pun intended.

I often think about becoming a priest, or a monk, or something along those lines. Sometimes I think I already am maybe.

Also... I meditate a bit, so I suppose I spend a lot of time thinking about not thinking.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully writing. Failing that, socializing and/or watching a movie. I've mostly given up alcohol, which half killed my social life but was totally worth it.

Also I'm a spectacular karaoke veteran. Ask about my Rammstein!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have freaky 6 cm long toes.

I seem to have a ridiculous amount of luck, good things keep happening all the time without my apparently doing anything.

One time I attempted a stand-up comedy moment at a pub and told the most gross and offensive five-minute joke ever, to put the final nail in the coffin of my social anxiety. (I've come a long way...) Did not nail the joke, on the other hand; oh well at least I got some giggles and no boos.

If my life were a film, it would be a kind of surreal adventure comedy. Kind of like The Big Lebowski! The circle is complete.
You should message me if
I literally can not think of any reason why anyone shouldn't! I believe that direct experience is the only way to know anything, including people. Therefore, don't passively read this static text, start a conversation!

If the conversation turns out to be interesting, let's take the conversation away from keyboards and wires! (I used to be geeky, now I'm a literally tree-hugging hippie. Don't knock tree hugging until you've tried it. If it's the right tree you can hear the gnomes' underground workshop!)
The two of us