31 Fort Lee, United States
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My self-summary
ever seen an internet meme walking in real life? well, here i am XD

ok well seriously now, why so serious when you can find a reason to laugh? :D

Let's see...what's there to say about me? first comes first, since this is okcupid, I will not go asking for a relationship just from reading about someone's profile summary. i would much rather find a friend as a texting buddy or email penpal first, then maybe we'll meet for activities, and we'll see where it goes from there. i guess you can say that i am not an easily trusting person, but i dont see the harm in not trusting someone after 5min of reading what they wrote.

sense of humor is extremely important in my opinion (would use imo but i know it vexes some of u grammar nazis XD), but i think my personal pick goes to the geeky kind of humor hehehe..."so an electron walks into a bar and tries to order a drink. the bar tender refuses to serve him, and said 'no charge!'" XDDD

now here comes the part that scares most people away: a census taker once tried to test me. i ate his liver with some fava beans and some nice chianti *ssssssssssss* no just kidding XD. but ok i really love good movies, especially horror films and sci-fi classics. the way i watch horror films is that i see it at 12 midnight with all lights off and using headphones, this way so i can get the full kick out of it. besides movies my past addiction was video games. i remember back in high school long ago i had my own starcraft clan and hosted "mandatory practice sessions" each day after class XD. currently i dont have much time anymore but i still play diablo 3 and starcraft 2 on my free time.

on the other side of the spectrum, im a very outdoorsy guy. i LOOOOOVE hiking and kayaking. recently i went to main, and in 3 days i hiked 3 mountains, cliff hiked 13 miles, and went kayaking for 6 hours straight. best vacation ever!! i also go fishing at least twice a month, and really want to take up camping, cross-country hiking, and hunting.
What I’m doing with my life
at the end of last age i had my finger cut off and the ring of power stolen. i am now pouring forth all my strength to find my ring. o and i try to conquer middle earth on the side.

fine, the truth is that i am looking for what most people look for, and that is happiness.

my main principles in life is the Tully way (song of ice and fire), and that is "family, duty, honor". i think a man would not have achieved his full purpose in life if he did not build his own house, find the woman he loves, and father a child. the alternative of the above is to die for someone else, and all is for naught if he gave up his honor and disgraced himself.

currently i work as an apothecary at Mordor, serving my lord Sauron (aka retail pharmacist at the biggest pharmacy chain in the US). i know its an ok paying job, stable and all but i dont feel that i have a career, and reall wish to move forward with expanding my horizons. that is why i push myself career-wise within my company and sign up for whatever cool opportunities there comes.

my biggest lust in life, i think, is knowledge. if i won the lottery today, i would first make a sound investment plan, go travel the world for few months, then come back and earn all these degrees i always wanted (astronomy, math, physics, chemistry, history....) and i would probably be a student for a very very long time. but even without actual schooling, i do believe very strongly that life is a learning process, and there should be no end to what you wish to learn.
I’m really good at
why everything of course, what you've never witnessed perfection before?

just kidding (would use j/k but not sure if that's the right social attire...) im pretty good at either making others laugh or slowly back away from me in fear that i might be the guy their local mental hospital is looking for.

anyway, according to other people, im a very good listener. i think that comes acquired from my job, since i do nothing all day but to hear other people's complaints and solve problems. that is a boring trait to have i know, and very trite i am sure of it, but very practical i think.

but the most practical skill, i think, is BBQ!!!!!!! i lov hosting BBQs in summer, but never use the stock BBQ material like burgers and hotdogs. i only do the gourmet stuff like Mediterranean style leg of lamb, memphis/texas style ribs, hand-shredded chili, plank BBQed salmon, korean short ribs, Armageddon wings etc....deserts including rummy bears, orange jello shots, vodka melon etc....

now the things i want to be good at include...karaoke, fencing, tennis, playing a guitar, shooting guns, manipulating the ways of the force, black magic, quantum mechanics, teleportation etc....XD
The first things people usually notice about me
that im not a zombie, and their brain is safe is safe with me

actually it depends. if you see me but never talk to me you'd see a 5'4 asian with glasses looking about 28-33 years old. and if you spoke with me briefly you'd think that i am just some normal boring guy. now if you TALK talk with me you'd either think im insane or nerdy or weird or fun, depending on what type of person you are.

some people say that im socially awkward. now im not sure if thats true, but i hope not... :/
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
finally some real questions on this site!!

books: song of ice and fire, lord of the rings, the silmarilion, the hobit, dune, the grimms fairy tales, arabian nights, the hitch hiker series, sherlock holmes books.....

movies: lord of the rings, the goodfellows, shawshank redemption, pulp fiction, the boondock saints, starwars, the dark knight, dirty harry, inglorious basterds, the grey, the edge, 12 monkeys, memento, casino, heat, the godfather..... god!! so many!!!!!

tv shows: house, grey's anatomy, ER, the office, family guy, the simpsons, futurama...

music: metallica, rammstein, nirvana, greenday, system of a down, guns and roses, yellowcard, evanescence, within temptation, nightwish, blind guardian, the offspring, blink 182, goo goo dolls, frou frou, u2.....

food? hey im chinese, if it moves, i can eat it...XD
The six things I could never do without
writing this thing without inserting an annoying random comment such as this one.

ok seriously this time.

1. go on a day without learning something new
2. friends
3. internet
4. laughs
5. reading material
6. glasses and watches (glasses usually for the reason of reading the watch...yes im a time freak)

i want to add "significant other" on that list, but if i did i wouldnt be here would i XD
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what im ganna do when zombies come at me. the solution seems to be grabbing the nearest sharp object and aim for the head.

well no, it's mostly boring stuff like how to further my career, finding love, and how to be a better friend. on my past time, however, im always wondering how things work. if the universe spins, i want to know why XD. and it seems to be gravity and the balance between dark matter and dark energy....but that leaves the question of what exactly is dark matter and dark energy...arggg!!! the mysteries!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
leading the clone army in completing the emperor's plan of quelling the rebellion.

otherwise known as hanging out with friends, watching movie, reading books, or working, depending on my schedule. but the leading a clone army part seems legit!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
that it's 250am in the morning, and i am writing on about that private enough for ya?
You should message me if
if you are interested in a new friend or enjoy texting and funny emails