35 Olympia, United States
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My self-summary
Here's a quick sum-up. Read below this paragraph for a much more detailed summary. I'm into Live Theater, movies, books, (sci-fi being my favorite of movies and books,) some video gaming (but I'm not glued to the computer 24/7). I love to take my son out to play, parks in good weather, indoor places like Charlie's Safari, Hands on Children's museum, etc. otherwise. Love to go out to special events: fairs, parades, etc. Anything where my son and I can both have fun together. Things I don't like: Smoking. Country and rap "music." Dogs. Bars. Things I do like: Family activities. Musicals. Cats. Singing. Dancing. If you're a single mother looking for a man that will accept that you have kids, I'm the guy for you. I'm not specifically looking for a single mother, but I figure that if you are one we'd have a lot in common and a lot to do together with the kids.

I've made a pretty lengthy profile description because I've worked on it several times over a long period of time and constantly added to and updated it. (Last update: 03/02/13, although I need to add some more recent pictures.) I know who I am and what I want, so why not be detailed. I like knowing what I'm getting into so I've tried to let those looking here know a lot in return. If you have time, please read on and see if we're a good match.

I'm recently mostly divorced. We have not gone through the legal process yet, so I guess you could technically say we're separated, but she moved out, lived with a boyfriend for a couple years, and is now living in Kentucky. I know this will probably scare away some people, but we are through and we just don't see the need to deal with the paperwork unless it's necessary. It's a tax break, after all. If someone wants to be with me and wants me free I would not hesitate to complete the process. Also, I say this so you know I'm not the kind of person to keep big nasty secrets. You can be in a relationship for years and start talking about marriage and suddenly the guy says, "Uh, yeah, about that...Technically I'm still kinda...married." What?! I'm not going to do that to you. All honest and out in the open.

I want a new try at love. This time, I want someone I can really relate to. I truly am a romantic soul and I need someone that wants me as much as I want her. I want a balanced relationship, equal giving and taking. I want someone who I can spend time with and go out with and enjoy the same things with.

I have a wonderful 8yr old boy, and I care about him more than anything else. So I guess you could say we come as a package deal. I'm still looking for a woman I can really relate to.
I'm just going to come out and say it: I'm a nerd. I'm into the so-called nerd culture with games and shows and literature that is commonly considered "nerdy" or "geeky" or whatever term you want to use. You have been warned.
My main interests are Live Theater, especially Musicals, I was also really into Shakespeare and still like a little now and then), Movies, Sci-fi (both books and movies), computers (computer games, and nifty electronic gadgets), Music, Singing especially live performances. I was in marching band in high school, playing the trumpet, and several choirs in both high school and college including jazz choir.
Also, I've recently become interested in Steampunk. I discovered it through a friend who took me to an Abney Park concert, and introduced me to a local Steampunk group. It really fits with my interests in technology, sci-fi, and fancy-dress. (I loved getting all spiffed up in nice clothes, like a Tux or a dress shirt, vest, and bow tie.)
Also also, recently getting more involved with Table Top games, which is a nerd version of a board games. They are usually more complicated though, and unfortunately more expensive at times, but can be really fun and a really great gaming experience. A couple games I like: Munchkin, Fluxx, Castle Panic, and a few others I've seen but haven't tried yet. I have only played D&D once, and that was years ago, but I like it and may get involved again when I have more free time.

I am a good friend, a good and compassionate listener, a romantic deep down, and a generally good-moral person. I can speak my feelings and believe in things like true love and deep connections.

Ok, here's the thing about dogs: I know dogs are quite popular and there are lots of people that like dogs out there. Well, when I grew up my mom was (still is) allergic to dogs, and the only dogs in the neighborhood were mean and always barking and scaring us at the fence and chasing our cats if they got out. (I also had a friend who actually owned some sheep and there was this incident where some really vicious rottweilers got into his pen and killed a bunch.) So as you can see, not very good experience with dogs. So the fact is, I'm simply not comfortable around dogs. I could never feel at home in a house with dogs in it. So as silly as it may seem to base a relationship on pet preference, someday a relationship might end up in moving in or marriage; If you dislike dogs too, great. If you like dogs but could live fine without them, great. If you couldn't imagine living without dogs, then it probably wouldn't work.

A note about the following note about questions: It seems since I've been away from OK Cupid a bit and come back, they've added a feature where you can add comments to your answers. So now I'll have to go through all my questions and update them with comments, because I remember wanting to say something on a lot of them. Once I'm done I can get rid of both disclaimers, but until then, please read the following disclaimer:
A note on the questions: After answering 100 questions, and skipping over about 10-20, I'm annoyed by a few and refuse to answer them. I don't believe in a black and white answer, so I usually don't answer the just Yes or No questions. For example: Do you believe in God? I have a rather unique view on religion (see below) so I don't want to answer Yes and have someone think I'm a religious fanatic, or answer No and have them think I'm a complete atheist. Finally, some questions just seem to me to have absolutely nothing to do with relationships. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is if I've skipped over a question that's important to you and you'd like to know my answer, just message me and I'll be glad to answer it in a more detailed fashion.

I am Patient, Empathetic, and Resilient
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently a student at SPSCC working toward a degree in Computer Network Administration. After working a crappy low-paying job with lousy hours, dropping it and going to school has really invigorated and motivated me. I have a much more positive and hopeful attitude. I really like the field I'm in and am optimistic about the future.
I’m really good at
I've been told on many occasions I'm a good listener. I am also very patient and don't lose my temper very easily. I have always had a knack for computers, even though I've never had any training so I don't know any of the technical terms, but I can usually get it to do what I want.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my curly hair. Then people ask me if I curl it. No, it's natural. Then people ask if I'm Jewish. This is a complicated question because there is a Jewish religion and a Jewish gene line, so I usually answer: I don't practice the religion, but I'm of a Hebrew descent.
Also, I'm usually pretty quiet when I first meet someone. Sort of a natural built in shyness, but a little time and I can open up.
One girl said the first thing she noticed was how good of a dad I am. I love my son and it shows, and my patience helps.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Doctor Who!!! I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. Mostly seen the newer stuff, trying to watch some of the classic series here and there.

I'm also into other commonly nerdy sci-fi things. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Farscape etc. You get the idea.

Favorite authors: Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury

Favorite books or book series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Discworld series, Stranger in a Strange Land, Harry Potter (The books only, not the movies. Don't even get me started on the movies!), The Princess Bride

Favorite Movies: There are a lot I like. Some of the most recent ones I watched and liked are: Across the Universe, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (After watching this one I want to work in a toy store!), Stardust, Enchanted
Here are some older ones I like (just to name a few): The Hudsucker Proxy (..O.. Y'know, for kids!), Office Space, Airplane, Moulin Rouge, Love Actually, Big Fish, Pirates of the Caribbean

I'm a theater fan, especially musicals, so here are some of my favorites: Phantom of the Opera (and most everything by Andrew Lloyd Webber), Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, Chicago, Wicked

I'm open to most kinds of music, except I don't like Country and Rap. Of course any soundtracks to musicals. I really like jazz and swing music. Some from my CD collection are Cake, Dave Matthews Band, Michael Bublé, Smashmouth, Goo Goo Dolls. There are a lot of bands I'll listen to at least 1 or 2 songs from. I can't list them all here. I even like some classical now and then. I have a good Mozart CD that I got for my son to listen to at bedtime, but I usually find myself listening to it, too.

I'm open to most kinds of food, though I'm picky, so there's a lot I don't like. The foods I don't like the most are Seafood and Melons. I also have a sensitivity to acidic things (acid reflux). So (even though I love it) I can't drink orange juice, and I usually have to have white sauce on my pizza. (Though sometimes I cheat. That's what tums are for.)
The six things I could never do without
My son, love, books, the internet, chocolate, a towel
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why they put braille on drive-up ATMs, why we drive on parkways and park on driveways, why packages delivered by land are called shipment while things delivered by sea are called cargo.
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking for something fun to do with my son. First Friday of every month is free night at Hand On Children's Museum! What's so important about Friday anyway? You can go out and have fun any night of the week you have off. If I can get babysitting, I like to go to a comedy improv show on Saturday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't believe in organized religion. This doesn't mean I don't believe in God or some sort of greater power, but you'll never get me to attend church and I don't talk about religion much. I can't stand people who are always talking about God or always trying to convert people.

I like to be open and honest. I hate it when you're many months or even years into a relationship and suddenly a secret slips out that's shocking and unexpected and could change everything. So if you ask me about my past I'll be fully open about it, though I really don't have "skeletons in my closet."
You should message me if
You are open minded. You are romantic. You like to go to live theatre. You are ok with the fact that I have a son, and have him most of the time.
If you don't see any relationship possibilities, but you see we have some things in common, things we could talk about and get along well with, them I'm open to friends-only messages. I would be ok if this "dating" site only turned out with a few good new friendships.
However, I am on this site looking for a relationship, so if that's what you want, and you see potential, please do message me.