59 Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
I wonder sometimes if I should just put "Loves to laugh" or "good sense of humour" or some such generic drivel and dump my profile.Surely there is a psychopath who doesn't like to laugh..Psychopaths love laughing.
I had some fun pics which represented me and my thought processes but the OKC admin took them off so here is one of my ugly old mug and some swimming pics.
It is interesting how the people here who claim to be creative have dull pictures and profiles.This must be the reason. OKC doesn't do creative.
Religious people and smokers LOOK AWAY NOW!
Kierkegaard said..."Be that self which one truly is."
Yep doing that.
I love lolling about in the sea.
I love my bike.
I have a need for gentle kink in my life.
Comedy is for those who think,tragedy is for those who feel.
Someone told me that cows were able to send information via an implant to the farmer. Emails? Emoos? He then told me that birds were able to send tweets...who saw that coming?
What I’m doing with my life
Reading/writing/consuming cultural capital for pleasure.Yum
getting into fetlife
Loving it,but the big bed is so empty these days with little old me rattling around down there.
I seek a silky sea to slip,slither and slide.
Avidly avoiding the vapid and vacuous
Looking for the quintessential fork.

A bloke needs a good fork now and again,
a lack of a fork is the real reason why.
Women will never know
and I'm not telling either.

The Spanish version of Dantes Inferno had a special place in hell for those girls who couldn't hold a fork.
Not my fault Dante lived before hook ups.don't blame me...
Everyone needs a good fork it seems.
Dante had a grasp on forking.
The Fork on The Shelf in The Shed. (make sense of that if you can)
Vinnies had forks,fine manly ones so I bought them.I am much happier now.
Maslow doesn't have a spot on his hierarchy of needs for forks,maybe HE is being cryptic.
I’m really good at
Nothing defines me except my physicality, height,1.85, weight 84 kgs. I weighed myself again and will continue to search for a machine which tells me my real weight of 85kilos. It has been a while now,maybe i should just accept my newweight of 95 kilos.They can't all be wrong.
Gemini sun, scary Scorpio moon.Don't hold it against me.
I'm good in bed and can sleep for AGES.
I'm good at my job, singing in the car,I love "Dig Lazerus Dig" (Nick Cave) to sing to.
I'm the guy doing the hand jive at the lights to Bo Diddely.
eclectic tastes? I'll show you eclectic tastes.
The first things people usually notice about me
Whimsical, I like to pick up small sparkly or interesting things and keep them. This has resulted in me having a collection of shells,earrings,old watches and small sticks which look like things from one direction and a little stick from another.
I come from another planet and have an accent which sounds Scottish.The Scots don't tend to lose their accents. Why would they?
I would like to sound like Sean Connery or Ewan McGregor but no... Glaswegians sound like Billy Connolly I'm afraid.
Nihilist and why not?
We get the best out of every single day.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What about jokes? Books, movies etc but no jokes...okc has no sense of humour.
I played Punk in the seventies, jumped up and down to Slade, The Sweet, Suzy Quatro, always loved archaic music forms. Sinatra, Elvis Presley, early rock and roll.
Anything on the j's.Except bad rapping and swearing (the radio goes off) I have to say that rapping as a music form has something going for it and a good lyricist with a good melody can get me going, listen to RZA or at a stretch Eminem.
There is a point to youth culture and it is not to please us oldies.
It is about separation, defining, refining and leaving the mark of a generation.
I had punk and ska/skinhead.
Now they have rapping and hip hop.
Now they also have swearing.
I seem to have read thousands of books, just not recently.
I now have the internet.
I have discovered that I can read by osmosis.
Movies, I just love the movies,everything from whimsical stuff like the work of Miranda July to big daft blockbusters like "Battleship" and "Transformers"
I found "Let the right one in" unexpectedly beautiful.
The six things I could never do without
Politics,I am an irretrievable lefty
Phone. Where did mobile phones come from and how did they suddenly become indispensible?
Tuba/bagpipes.The neighbours complain a bit but hey live and let live. I don't say anything about their noisy lovemaking,all the creaking noises although the farmyard noises have me intrigued...How DO they get that cathedral resonance?
Beer,Pizza footy (all five food groups,one item,essential for life)
Car. I got rid of my beloved Donc and got a newer model of the same car and it is an old blokes car.
I'm sorry now.
When I parked the old one it sounded like a helicopter crashing into a wall. When i drove away I often had a bumper stuck to the towball. It woke babies in the next suburb and gave sleeping dogs nightmares for weeks but I loved it.
My beloved bed.
Art,I like the style of the Preraphaelites and good art generally.
I know,I know. Define "good" art. Ok ok I get it.
Is that five or six?
Trampoline,how could anyone play tuba without a trampoline?
I just counted and it seems "I can't do without" more than ten things and that doesn't include air.dogs,cats,friends blah blah
I spend a lot of time thinking about
someone thinks that "beditating" is funny. It is some thing like levitating except that you lie down instead of lying up.
Why I sleep so much these days. I love sleeping.
A very fine red is just so nice.
Bonobo life.
Living life vicariously through Bonobos.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home,doing this..
Not much happens on a friday night though.
I didn't write "edited"
It just came after I er...
It's amazing. My neighbours are up at three in the morning and came round,lucky I was up playing my bagpipes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I gave O'Farrell a go He turned out to as dodgy as any labor right winger. Conservatives just can't run a country.
I'm all traveled out. I have spent long periods of my life in other countries and have seen great canyons. Slept on the edge of a great escarpment and experienced the eagles soaring in the morning warmth coming up the cliff face. I have ridden my bike through a valley more magnificent than Death Valley in Texas in 50 degree heat. No surprise that i was the only one there.

Among thousands of people I have taken through rehabilitation were children who were blown up by landmines and deliberately targeted by state sponsored terror and have given them back their lives.
No great surprises for me now in the mundane and prosaic.
I like the sky and the sea.

There is nothing here for the vague,the lumpen or the half hearted, eccentrics come forward,mutant out and proud.
Lumpen seems to annoy some people. Clearly the meaning is not well understood- look up lumpenproletariat and it will all be made clear. It isn't an insult.
A mouse once stole my soap.More details on application.
I wrote this profile when I was a bit grumpy so I did another one when I was happier.
It really is quite interesting to see the contrast in women who look at them.
I have stained glass windows at my place.You can thank the pigeons for that.

A poem:
I Iike dogs who can stott and lollop,
who frolic and gambol and loll,
who meander and squasm at the drop of a hat
and bark for the trill of it all.
You should message me if
Don't even come near my profile if you considered voting liberal.
You know who you are.
Your character has beauty and your beauty has character
Your spirit and intuition are important to you.
You are on the red end of the political spectrum.
You like hot, soapy baths with red wine,
Find food sexy sometimes,
You like sleeps in the daytime
You know that sensuality isn't always to do with sex
I reply to everyone.
Nature favours the brave I do too.
Email me just for fun,be cryptic,creative or weird,
anything,no boundaries.
Please be truthful.
Or alternatively if you don't want to be truthful be fantastic, just don't be ordinary, I can't stand ordinary liars although I do love fantastic liars.
DON"T contact me if you are sticking your tongue out in one or more of your pictures or could clinically be diagnosed as bogon.