43Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Alrighty then... About moi,
I sing and play guitar, bass and drums.
If you can play bass and/or drums or ever wanted to, I could use you...

I shoot videos and shows for unsigned indie musicians, short films, I love photography and I'm slowly getting back into charcoal and canvas.

Was in the chefhood for 12 years, bartending/serving as well. If you're coming over then I'll make us a feast, if not I might just eat a box of muesli... Lately I've been packing crazy antipastos for lunch at work, meats, cheeses, grapes, olives, Breton's, hummus, I like it...

Now, I paint higher end residential reno's and commercial/retail spaces and want to do something else soon. I do like it and sometimes I believe I am the best painter on the whole flat world, but I think it's wearing white pants to work that's turning me off... I'm thinking set design or figure how to get on a storm chasing crew.

I haven't left the continent yet and Ireland is the first stop to find out where I came from, taking my time to plan in case I don't come back.

I don't care to watch or play sports but I will kick your ass at pool, euchre and air hockey..

I love earl grey, neg champa, my beta fish Juliette, patios, loud live music, romance, people watching, Venus flytraps, spontaneous getaways and things to look forward to...

I'm allergic to line ups, ice in my drink, girls that shave their eyebrows off and draw them back on, starfish, gold diggers, chronics and television (I stream some shit but I don't have a teeevee).
What I’m doing with my life
Thinking, breathing, feeling, working, playing, eating, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, realizing and relaxing. Everything in between is indulgence.
And trying to make my guitar go grey before I do, or at least catch it up...
I’m really good at
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-Emily Dickenson, Chuck Palahniuk, FinalCutPro for dummies, Metro, Now magazine, Google, Wikipedia...

-The Adjustment bural, American Pop, Idiots & Angels, Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Hillary and Jackie, Life in a day, True Romance, and recently watched every Irish movie on netfix. anything action.

-American Horror Story, Weeds, Supernatural, Party Down, Californication, Northern exposure, Inside the actors Studio, tuts and docs..

-A Perfect Circle, The Dead Weather, Soundgarden, the Kills, Sigur Ros, The Rival Sons, Amy Winehouse, Metric, burzum, Radiohead, Deftones, some Dubstep, Portland cello project, and a million more, especially all my friends that jam.
But lately it's been Euphoria morning and Nightmares on Wax-smokers delight (my favorite dinner rush record on the floor)

I try to spend more time writing, shooting and playing then I do reading, watching or listening...
Six things I could never do without
me Ma
Drum & Rizla
Old souls...
...the order changes everytime I blink.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-No more rhymes now I mean it! Anybody wanna peanit...
-Did Gad know what he was doing when he made cats perfect for practicing your Mitch Hedburg on...??
-...and what I would have to do to get GoPro to give me 5 cameras.
On a typical Friday night I am
One Friday was all about bourbon sours, couldn't help but film it...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
-I've tried to read on the bus, but I miss my stop everytime...
-and I've never turned down a montycristo sandwich on a menu, true love I swear...
-I make pots of tea in the coffee maker. Update, finally got me a tea pot.
- I have an EMF app on my iPhone and part of thinks it works.
-I've had dreams that I'm Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
*...this section is starting to feel like a confession booth, thanks if ya read all that crap.
You should message me if
-I get a lot of "hello" or "hi there" messages which I guess is the way it goes, but a little more would be nice. I don't write many first messages...
But I'm nice, I promise. Hello will do...
-You can explain what 'down to earth' means, most of you have it on your profile, sometimes two or three times, kinda funny really...
-You read the part that I'm a smoker.
The two of us