53Miami, United States
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My self-summary
1 - Writing about myself is not one of my favorite activities.
2 - I joke around (a lot), so it is hard for me to write anything without trying to work humor into it (you may now consider yourself to have been warned).
3 - I don't know, maybe I'll come up with something to write here.
OH, OH, I thought of something. I am a bit of a smart-ass. Maybe that is included in #2, I don't know.
4 - I like to exercise and for the last 3 years that has taken the form of a lot of full-court basketball. It does come at a certain price. I had injuries to both legs starting in september and endind (hopefully) in June. Unfortunately I continued to play in pain, which was probably not the wisest actions of my life.
(I have a high tolerance for pain. Further evidence of this is that I was married for 20 years). I play basketball with men of different age groups. This includes college age men during the summer. It has really helped with my conditioning and other health related things. (Choletseral, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) I also work out on the road with P90X. I also play in a softball league during the summers. Injury update - ankle is healed (re-injured in June, but healing quickly), right leg healed, left leg almost 100%. Alles gut
5 - I love being outdoors. I own a convertible and a motorcycle. Lately, I have been exploring the new city parks with Apollo the Wonder Beagle.
6 - I have played several musical instruments, but don't really play them often now.

I have 3 daughters and love them very much. The youngest just turned 15 this month.
I have a wonderful 3 year old beagle and 16 year old cat. Both are very affectionate except the cat doesn't really care for the dog. Unfortunately, the 17 year old's cat went into severe decline and we had to euthanize her a couple of weeks ago.

I have a great deal of "formal education" and also, a great deal of airline training. I split my undergrad between a small baptist university out of state and "THE" Ohio State University. (It didn't have the "THE" when I started -- actually, I guess it did. It just wasn't stressed until Jennings was President.) I did all of my grad school at TOSU. I also taught Math, Marketing, and Flying there.

I have worked in several career fields, but settled into being an airline pilot. I work for an airline located outside of the US and I fly all over the world. I have been exposed to several languages and they all float around in my head like the flakes in a snow globe.

OK, none of that was funny. I will try to do better. I'm tired and am also not really a fan of filling out stuff like this.
What I’m doing with my life
Filling in this thing. Drinking coffee. Trying to decide whether to keep cleaning out and organizing the house and garage or to take the dog to the parts of Darby Park that we haven't seen yet.
UPDATE: OUT OF COFFEE!!!! off to big bird to get some more!
I’m really good at
Actually, many things but I don't feel like writing about them right now. Maybe later.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. I am taller than average. Maybe its my third nipple that is located on my forehead. (Yes Virgina, men have nipples, too. Why, I haven't a clue). Okay, I don't really have a third nipple on my forehead. Its somewhere else. You'll have to find it on your own.
I smile a lot. Maybe that is it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I was a voracious reader as a child. Unfortunately, all of the reading that I did in college / grad school kind of burnt me out on reading for fun for a while. I read a lot of other things. Back then I had lots of subscriptions to lots of different magazines. Now I do a lot of reading on the internet.

I love music and have a lot of it on my computer. I like all different kinds of music, but the majority of what I have is more pop rock (silly little love songs as Paul McCartney would say).

I own a lot of DVD's. I watch a lot of movies.

Naming favorites is tough and also can lead people to jump to conclusions which may not be accurate.

Favorite musical group of all time for me - probably the beatles.
Movies - different ones for different Genres:
Lawrence of Arabia
Gone With The Wind
The Sting
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Sound of Music
The Princess Bride
etc., etc., etc -- which is from The King and I.

TV Shows -
The Daily Report
The Colbert Report
Air Disasters - (The Smithsonian Channel)

Food - I love Italian cuisine.
I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.
I like the caveman diet, but am having trouble finding enough cave women to eat.
Six things I could never do without
Loved ones
Giving oral sex. OK - Michael Douglas says that he got throat cancer from giving oral sex to women - (you know the word). Well that kind of puts a damper on things. However, he says that continuing to "perform" it works to keep it from reoccurring. Now I am totally confused. Well if I have a choice of how I am going to get cancer, this certainly beats smoking!

(That was 7. Is anybody policing this? Maybe I could list 100 things)
I guess I should define a couple of terms:
Oral Sex - for my ex-wife and me this consisted of standing in a hall and shouting "F-You" at each other. (not really).
Foreplay - for me, it consisted of 4 hours of begging.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what to write here. Actually, I have put almost no thought into this.

Also, I just added some photos and they said no nudity, but they have questions on here about how often people masturbate. Very curious. I actually find the question and answers to be quite interesting. Its amazing to see the differences in attitudes and experiences among so many different women. Also, I would have never asked most of these questions to anyone, so the answers are enlightening.
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends. I might be anywhere in the world on a Friday night. At midnight (local time) on Dec 31, 2011, I was in Dakar. No, really I was. I have pictures and everything. At midnight in Ohio, I was somewhere over the South Atlantic on my way to Argentina. So, Friday nights when I am in Ohio, probably at home with my youngest daughter.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that Soylent Green is people and that I'm Sparticus. Please don't tell this to anybody. Its a secret!
You should message me if
Guess you could add formal sex to the above - as in dressed in Prom outfits. My senior prom night was a disaster. I wrote a paper about it in college and the teacher found it to be hysterical. Unfortunately, living it wasn't all that funny.

you like to have fun.
Oh, I'm also well endowed and great in bed, but that probably doesn't interest most of you. Some of you are looking for sole-mates (I don't know what that is - people who like the same kind of shoes perhaps? Yes, I have actually seen women write sole-mate).
OK, just kidding about the endowed/great in bed comment (actually, I wasn't), but being serious for a few seconds:
I'm laid back.
I look for the good in people.
Women have always seemed to like me, so there must be some redeeming qualities in my character.
I have a lot of varied interests and that makes answering a lot of questions in that question bank hard because they give a lot of false choices.
As ABBA sang: Take a chance on me. i don't bite -- hard, but I do lick -- a lot.
The two of us