30 Troy, United States
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My self-summary
ok so i dont think i can really explain my self in four sentences, plus whats the point of typing down who you are, if you want to know who i am, send me a message, i would be glad to talk to you. communication is key! Was a little down when I wrote this but i figured id post it here anyways..So after sitting alone in my room for a while tonight thinking I figured I’d put this down to post later though it will be quite a few hours later by the time I’m able to post it it still seems like I should put it down so here it goes… have you ever noticed that u meet some people and your drawn to them like a moth to a flame but to them your only another face in the crowd you’re the friend who’s cool to chill with and you just think in your mind they don’t have a clue how I feel were friends what do you do, do you let yourself settle with the thought that hey at least they know I exist? this world seems so mono tone and lifeless sometimes when will I find the person who brings meaning and color into my life?( I’m going to prob go on here for a while so if you want you should stop now lol) I feel that love is that spark of happiness you feel when your with that person it’s like they make the whole room brighter and any problems that existed disappear with the darkness. Before you get any ideas I’m not depressed I just wonder why it seems like finding that is so impossible for some of us to find. I know the person who’s fingers will fit perfect between mine is out there damn I prob know the person ill hold in my arms one day is out there but for some of us it feels like we just fade away as just another face in the crowd. I know that some people who read this will be like o you’ll find someone one day or stop ****in… it would just be nice to know others feel the same way sometimes or finally have some notice your more but until that day I’ll continue with my black and white rerun of a life .So I didn’t go on for as long as I thought I would for those of you who actually read all of this and there first thought isn’t sap or queer it’s nice to know some people out there actually have a useful brain and aren’t cold as ice well this is the end of my first actual post I’m sure now I’ll make more so stay tuned –Brandon-
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to get it back on track if you want to know more just ask ill explain I'm an open book
I’m really good at
Enjoying the small things in life
Talking lol
And so on a jack of all trades
The first things people usually notice about me
My baby blue eyes or the time I died my hair blue for a j-rock concert in NYC
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As corny as it may sound Harry Potter and Twilight
The neverending story
The dark crystal
Fight club
A clock work orange