42Albuquerque, United States
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My self-summary
Newly arrived in Albuquerque. Getting

Never quite know what to say in these spaces. I'm geeky by inclination and training (I minored in math in college) and I try to be friendly and good to the people around me.

I work, I enjoy watching movies and TV and learning to play guitar. I play video games, mostly on the PC these days, though I still own and use my PS4. I also helped found an anime convention when I was living in Pittsburgh, PA.

I enjoy reading a lot. Particularly fantasy and science fiction. Though I've also been reading a lot of non-fiction the past few years, expanding my literary diet, so to speak.

Beyond the basics, I enjoy talking on almost any topic, so long as there's an interesting discussion to be had. I'm not nearly so interested in exchanging dogma. I try to be open minded to discussions about views that differ from mine, but I've found that certain topics tend to breed vitriol and resentment more than discussion.
What I’m doing with my life
Getting settled in my new life in New Mexico. Learning guitar and bass. Generally trying to live a good life that I can be proud of.
I’m really good at
I like to think I can talk intelligently about almost anything. I'm good with computers. I am good at retaining a positive outlook and a certain level of optimism about life and people. I am not cynical.
The first things people usually notice about me
I smile a lot. I can say absurd things with a straight face. I am very literal-minded - sometimes I miss the joke, sometimes I just act like I did.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Let's see. Picking favorites is always hard. I like a lot of things, for a lot of reasons.

I love to read. Mostly I read fantasy and Science Fiction. Specific things to call out include Harry Potter, Kushiel's Dart and Cryptonomicon. I will read just about anything from Jacqueline Carey or Neal Stephenson, and I've really been enjoying Stephen Brust for the past few years as well.

As far as movies go, I have to admit to a weakness for comic book movies. Even some of the bad ones. I am happy to live in an age where there are so many good ones to choose from, as well! Put Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp or Willem Dafoe on the screen and I'll be there just to listen to their voices.

Music, music and more music. I have a strange relationship with music. It's either totally involving, or it's background that I barely pay attention to. I don't tend to hear or understand lyrics on the first listen of a song, and sometimes not even the tenth. I will listen to the sound of a voice without hearing what it says. I deeply love Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Faith and the Muse among others. I have also picked up a taste for Morcheeba, not least because of Skye Edwards, and I'm sad she's no longer a part of that.

Ah, food. I love to eat, I love to cook. I have the gut to show for it! Sushi is a long time favorite. I try to be vegetarian, but I don't usually do a very good job of it. I love spicy foods, though they don't always love me back. I have found few things that I don't like. Ginger is one. Beer is another. Both have their place, but that place is often not in my meals.
Six things I could never do without
Well, assuming biological necessities are covered...
things to read, games to play, people to talk to, satisfying work to do, my cats and a comfy bed.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about computer games, reading, writing, stories, music theory, games, sex, physics, religion, politics, mysticism and the value of optimism in a mechanical universe. Sometimes I get hung up on useless things like being bitter or angry. When I catch myself doing that, I dive into an activity that requires my full concentration. Usually reading.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am a boring house ape. My typical Friday evening is spent practicing guitar, watching a bit of TV, chatting online, and maybe going out to dinner and a movie if I'm feeling adventurous.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Honestly, I'm a quiet and reserved person until you get to know me. I'm recently divorced, and taking the opportunity to evaluate my life and explore my options.
I'm exploring my kinky side and experimenting with polyamory.
You should message me if
You should message me if you want to engage in conversation. Or if you want to meet me. If you want to play games, practice music, or need someone for your tabletop RPG. You should message me if you would enjoy going on a nice walk around the neighborhood (mine or yours) or if you live nearby and need a workout partner to keep you honest. There are lots of good reasons to message me, so feel free.
The two of us