63 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
Happy woman, with some wisdom and a lot of heart... Looking to share love and mischief, to connect deeply and passionately, to enjoy each other's company and have many adventures... to co-create a strong and true friendship where each person's authentic self is seen and welcome and honored, including the raggedy edges... where the relationship is valued and nurtured, and so is each person's individual self.

I've been a teacher and tutor for many years, working with older kids and teens in a variety of settings, from suburban public schools to juvenile hall, including several years in a gang-dominated, low-income urban area with mostly immigrant families... Recently I've begun something new, teaching adults who are incarcerated in San Francisco County Jail. It's challenging (in good ways) and engages me as an educator and as a human being.

Personal growth and spiritual unfolding are extremely important to me - life experienced as an ongoing journey toward increasing wholeness, toward deepening connections with self, with others, and with Life itself (or whatever you like to call that which is bigger than just us).

Music is a particular delight for me. I love to sing, alone and with others, and am an advanced beginner at the piano. I play pretty much every day; it's fun, even the simple beginners' pieces. I enjoy going to concerts and, over the last several years, have been learning about music theory and history.

I don't own a television and only occasionally watch selected shows online... I love to take NIA dance classes and yoga classes... I often go walking outdoors, in almost any weather, listening to a recorded book, enjoying how it feels to move.

I like exploring new places and re-visiting old favorites, taking day-trips and longer ones... enjoy hiking, camping, music festivals... I love exploring ideas, too, and am always learning, about long-standing interests as well as new ones... Quiet time is important to me, too, and I'd welcome a relationship where sometimes we have oh-so-much to talk about, and other times we are at ease in silence together.
The six things I could never do without
Lots of fresh air & light in my home

Time with friends & family

Books, books, & more books (on my kindle and on mp3's for listening)

Music, for listening & dancing, for playing on my piano, and for singing

Conversations that range wide & delve deep

Trails for walking, hills for hiking

Solitary time

(Seven things, I know... I'm a bit of a rebel...)