28Lynnwood, United States
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My self-summary
Enjoying and exploring personal connections to people, places or things. Looking for someone like-minded who just wants to have fun, inspire, learn, grow and have fun. Studied as a musician, graduated as a Sociologist and working for the State to help those less fortunate in my local community. Pffffft you're so jealous, I can hear your caterwauling already.

What I’m doing with my life
I just got back from Israel Summer 2016 and fell in love with the people and place and have decided to go back to live in the next couple of years. Recently stepped down from a GM position in the Service Industry in order to better facilitate my ambition of helping people. I work for the Department of Social & Health Services in their Economic Service Administration division, helping lesser fortunate Washingtonians sign up for financial assistance through multiple programs.
I’m really good at
asking questions about things I don't understand. Additionally? Making people feel comfortable or extremely awkward, meeting a complete stranger and making a new friend, singing, dad dancing, being a friend, being empathetic, eating Asian or Mexican food, quoting Doctor Who, being able to phonetically see a word or a name and knowing how to say it aloud and talking about doing keto while I finish off a piece of chocolate cake.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I won't hesitate to be the first one to talk. To anyone. And my laugh, it's more of a hearty guffaw.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I refused to fill this out for a long time but with effort comes the fruits of one's hard work, so here goes:

Books: I'm pretty big into Stephen King, Whitley Streiber, Classics like Robin Hood and King Arthur or anything by Jules Verne, SOME Dickens but not all, Christina Applegate because #Animorphs, Rowling, Tolkien. I'm fond of historical non-fiction, especially about past Presidents and how they shaped America. I also love comics and graphic novels (though I don't own that many, admittedly.) Trying, desperately, to finish A Song of Fire and Ice.

Movies: Across the Universe, anything by Tim Burton, Studio Ghibli movies, or movies based on history--even ones that go boom like Saving Private Ryan and Pearl Harbor. I'm a sucker for a documentary about anything really, especially if it's about the macabre or a youtube conspiracy theory. Star Wars is an obvious like and I desperately want to get into Star Trek but I have no idea whatsoever where to start. Help?

TV: Rick & Morty, Archer, Family Guy & South Park and pretty much everything that's animated--I think it's the ADHD kid in me; Parks and Rec, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broad City, 30 Rock, GoT, I'm partial to playing drinking games with friends while watching new episodes of Are You the One on MTV, Doctor Who, Always Sunny, Key & Peele, The Goldbergs and the news. Yep, I watch the news and it's a priority so I listed it.

Music: the Eagles, Queen, Styx, Boston, Foreigner, REO, David Coverdale/Whitesnake, Scorpions, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Doobie Brothers, Joe Walsh, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, George Benson, Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, P-Funk, The Brothers Johnson, Sly & the Family Stone, BB King, Starship, Uriah Heep, 10cc, Cream, Cheap Trick, Dre, Ludacris, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Journey, Jethro Tull, OneRepublic, Thin Lizzy, Orleans, Simon & Garfunkel, Electric Dylan, the Who, Toto...etc

Food: I'm all about various noms, in no particular order: Teriyaki, Chinese, Thai, sushi, American BBQ, Korean BBQ, Americana, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean. I was in The Middle East last summer so I'm still going through a pretty intense hummus phase.
Six things I could never do without
Empathy and Compassion
Friends to hold you accountable
Video Juegos
The Internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People. And technology. And how as time goes on, the two really have trouble mixing. Why racism is still even remotely ok nowadays and why people think its ok to defend bigotry and misogyny as "free speech" when the 1st Amendment only protects against speech that doesn't instill a violent rhetoric. Why people are more prone to believe lame Facebook stories than factual evidence, readily available at a couple of clicks. Peanut Butter, I love Peanut Butter.

Also, I want to go back in time and be in an Old Time Radio Detective drama on the radio.
On a typical Friday night I am
Not Working!
Being musical
Justifying another bad pun
Getting home really late or saying "fuhgetaboutit" to going out
Or a lurid combination of all 5
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When movies or tv shows provide intense levels of feels, I can't help but cry sometimes. Tellme season 3 of AYTO didn't leave you a little weepy.

Note: this is sarcasm
You should message me if
You are positive, funny, kindhearted, shy, cute, smile a lot, and are drama free. I'm an outgoing guy so I like the quiet type. Or Jewish, that's a big plus. You're empathetic, you care about people, and you want to challenge yourself to grow with someone else who longs for life's challenges. Also, if you don't mind that I tend to randomly break out into complex and catchy songs about a potential topic just to be non-sequitur.

Do NOT message me if:
-You call yourself a feminist "because it's cool"
-You have an intensely shitty attitude in general, orherwise known as a "Negative Nancy"
-You're incredibly vain and proud of it. That's not hot, that makes you a vapid.
-You define yourself by your relationship with the Jesus.
The two of us